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Harvard settles with ex-student over drug royalties

28 June 2016 Business

Student claimed university forced him to accept unfair cut in patent deal

Global R&D trends challenge traditional science powerhouses

27 June 2016 News and Analysis

As more nations fund science and global R&D investments shift east, traditional science leaders like the US and UK are under pressure

EU poised to legislate endocrine disruptor definition

23 June 2016 Business

The European Commission’s newly proposed standards to identify endocrine disruptors face industry opposition

Obama signs law to revamp US chemical rules

23 June 2016 News and Analysis

A long-awaited overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act that governs America’s regulation of chemicals has been enacted

US biotech director accused of insider trading

22 June 2016 Business

Biostatistics chief at Akebia charged with securities fraud

Metals boss admits illegal export plot

21 June 2016 Business

Global Metallurgy chief conspired to export restricted metals to Iran

Judge voids Merck & Co’s $200m patent claim

21 June 2016 Business

‘Serious misconduct’ kills case over Gilead’s hepatitis C drugs

Canada to review support for science

16 June 2016 News and Analysis

The Canadian government has launched a review of how it funds basic research

California’s Prop 65 controversy

16 June 2016 News and Analysis

The 30-year old law that made manufacturers list harmful chemicals is under attack

Westlake Chemical to buy rival Axiall

14 June 2016 Business

US chemical manufacturer Axiall acquired by Westlake Chemical for $3.8 billion, after its earlier bid was rejected

Scotland appoints new scientific adviser 

13 June 2016 News and Analysis

Physicist Sheila Rowan will be the Scottish government’s first chief scientific adviser since December 2014

Explainer: Toxic Substances Control Act

10 June 2016 News and Analysis

Can US chemical regulation be fixed? Chemistry World helps you to make sense of the new law controlling America’s chemicals

US chemical regulations finally updated

10 June 2016 News and Analysis

The much-anticipated overhaul of outdated chemicals legislation has cleared Congress and is about to be signed into law

Nitrogen fertiliser can minimise biofuel benefits

9 June 2016 Research

Using nitrogen fertiliser on switchgrass boosts nitrous oxide emissions and negates biofuel climate advantage

Priority pollutants identified in the Great Lakes

8 June 2016 News and Analysis

The US and Canada are targeting eight chemicals in the Great Lakes deemed dangerous to health or the environment

Unreported sources of sulfur dioxide emissions found

7 June 2016 News and Analysis

Satellite data highlights 39 ‘unreported and major’ man-made sources of sulfur dioxide

Vertellus enters bankruptcy

3 June 2016 Business

Chemical maker files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for its US operations and plans to auction the business

New biobank supports Obama’s personalised medicine initiative

2 June 2016 News and Analysis

Mayo Clinic receives $142 million to shed light on individual differences in health and disease

Argentina’s science surge

2 June 2016 News and Analysis

Science budgets in Argentina have jumped 10-fold since the country’s first science minister was appointed in 2007

US chemical regulation reform delayed yet again

27 May 2016 News and Analysis

Senator is blocking update to 40-year-old chemicals law and calling for more time to examine the bill

US tax relief law benefits chemical makers

26 May 2016 Business

Bill provides mechanism to waive import tariffs on materials not available from domestic suppliers

Monsanto turns down Bayer offer

25 May 2016 Business

As global agrochemical companies consolidate, Monsanto rejects ‘inadequate’ $62bn offer from Bayer

Postdocs in the US poised for overtime windfall

25 May 2016 News and Analysis

Changes to US fair labour rule mean that up to 40,000 junior scientists eligible for pay rise

Large HIV vaccine trial to launch in South Africa

24 May 2016 News and Analysis

US funding agency will enlist 5400 people for HIV vaccine study in South Africa in November

WHO clarifies glyphosate risks

23 May 2016 Business

UN and WHO panel conclude the herbicide glyphosate is ‘unlikely’ to cause cancer at realistic exposure levels