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New US ozone standard under fire

5 October 2015 News and Analysis

The Environmental Protection Agency’s stricter air quality standard for ground-level ozone are opposed by industry, lawmakers and environmental groups

Regulatory burden undermining US science

30 September 2015 News and Analysis

Duplicative and contradictory research rules need to be streamlined, the National Academies warns

Forensic crime lab malpractice surfaces in Oregon

29 September 2015 News and Analysis

Criminal investigation launched as more than a thousand drug cases may need to be re-examined

Bayer CropScience pays $5.6m to settle 2008 accident charges

25 September 2015 Business

Fine will fund environmental projects, fire department upgrades and wastewater treatment facilities

Pepsi sets limit on caramel colouring chemical

23 September 2015 News and Analysis

Firm establishes legal threshold for the caramel food colouring by-product 4-MEI that California lists as a carcinogen

US chemical distribution threatened by rail safety crisis

23 September 2015 News and Analysis

Looming shutdown of America’s rail network puts chemical transportation at risk

Amgen expands cardiovascular portfolio with Dezima acquisition

18 September 2015 Business

Amgen’s $300 million purchase of Dutch biotech gives the company the potential to offer more varied treatment options to lower cholesterol

Court rejects US approval of sulfoxaflor pesticide

16 September 2015 News and Analysis

Environmental Protection Agency's approval of an insecticide that shares similarities with neonicotinoids revoked

NIH backs natural products research

14 September 2015 News and Analysis

The US National Institutes of Health will fund new research centres investigating botanical supplements to the tune of $35M

Moulting seals bring mercury contamination to coast

11 September 2015 Research

Elephant seals are thought to be responsible for unusually high concentrations of toxic mercury in some coastal waters

Glyphosate to be labelled a carcinogen in California

10 September 2015 News and Analysis

California’s EPA intends to list glyphosate as a carcinogenic chemical

FDA takes action to remove biosimilars roadblock

1 September 2015 Business

The US Food and Drug Administration proposes system to name biosimilar drugs

Neonicotinoids present in many US streams

28 August 2015 News and Analysis

Persistent but low-level contamination prompts calls for further research on aquatic impact of pesticides

Sandia contractor to pay $4.8m to settle illegal lobbying charges

26 August 2015 News and Analysis

Lockheed Martin subsidiary allegedly misappropriated public funds to lobby Congress for a contract extension

Chemists wage war on designer drugs

25 August 2015 News and Analysis

Analytical tools that could help stop the proliferation of new psychoactive substances are being discussed

New drug treatment for alcoholism shows promise in animal studies

24 August 2015 Research

Compounds that target a receptor in the brain appear less addictive with fewer negative side-effects than existing drugs

Tie funding to lab safety, urges Sheri Sangji's sister

19 August 2015 News and Analysis

Funding from US research agencies should be linked to a PI’s safety record, says the sister of UCLA lab accident victim

Cuban and US chemists hopeful amid warming relations

18 August 2015 News and Analysis

Optimism reigns as researchers from the two nations discuss exchanges and collaboration

Deadly chemical blast at Chinese port

14 August 2015 Business

Explosion at warehouse in Tianjin kills at least 50 and injures hundreds, while ammonia leak sparks mass evacuations in Nanchong

Environment agency accident releases toxic mine waste into US rivers

13 August 2015 News and Analysis

More than 11 million litres of metal-contaminated water from defunct Colorado mine enters major US waterways

Shire makes hostile bid for Baxalta

10 August 2015 Business

Recently spun-out from Baxter, Baxalta is resisting the deal, saying it wants time to prove its true value

US research agencies accused of stifling communication of science

7 August 2015 News and Analysis

Survey findings suggest that government agencies are blocking interactions between journalists and government scientists

Obama's clean power plan stirs controversy

6 August 2015 News and Analysis

Carbon dioxide emissions from power plants to fall by 32% by 2030, but the legislation faces opposition from the chemical industry

Grabbing slices of the immuno-oncology pie

5 August 2015 Business

Another spate of immuno-oncology dealmaking adds to fervour in pharma’s ‘hottest space’

US government science institute's one time police chief linked to campus meth lab

31 July 2015 News and Analysis

Explosion injuring a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's security force uncovered methamphetamine production