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Scientist imprisoned over fraudulent HIV vaccine research

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

Former Iowa State University researcher gets four-and-a-half years in prison for faking vaccine research funded by the NIH

BP emerges from Deepwater with $18.7bn settlement

3 July 2015 News and Analysis

BP has agreed to pay an $18.7 billion settlement to five states damaged by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

New Horizons detects methane on Pluto

3 July 2015 Research

Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft makes its first detection of methane on Pluto

Employment prospects improving for US chemistry graduates

2 July 2015 News and Analysis

ACS survey shows a drop in unemployment and a bump in starting salaries

Failed terror attack raises alarms about chemical plant security

2 July 2015 News and Analysis

An apparent attempt to blow up a chemical facility in France highlights security concerns

Ex-Navy man cleared of chemical threat charges in Canada

30 June 2015 News and Analysis

An American arrested in Canada for stockpiling chemical weapons has been acquitted

US Chemical Safety Board controversy continues

29 June 2015 News and Analysis

The CSB is facing more tumult, with staff shake-ups and new revelations about its top lawyer

Chemical reform bill advances in US Congress

26 June 2015 News and Analysis

Bipartisan legislation to finally overhaul the Toxic Substances Control Act has overwhelmingly passed the House and soon heads to the Senate

EPA under pressure over Enlist Duo herbicide

26 June 2015 News and Analysis

WHO has designated Enlist Duo’s two ingredients as a probable and possible human carcinogens

NIH plan to get drug development unit back online

25 June 2015 News and Analysis

The US National Institutes of Health to address deficiencies in unit that makes drugs for research studies

US may have tested mustard gas on troops by race

24 June 2015 News and Analysis

Pentagon accused of race-based chemical weapons experiments on US troops during second world war

Safer substitutes show growth potential

22 June 2015 Business

The global market for alternative products based on ‘green’ chemistry is growing fast, fuelled by regulation and consumer demand

Alnylam accuses Dicerna of stealing trade secrets

19 June 2015 Business

Firm claims rights to GalNAc conjugated siRNA technology acquired from Merck & Co

Political bickering may block key US environmental appointments

17 June 2015 News and Analysis

Republicans threaten to hold up confirmation of new science head for Environmental Protection Agency

Synthetic cannabinoid poisonings surge in US

12 June 2015 News and Analysis

Poison control centers saw a 229% jump in calls related to synthetic cannabinoid use this year

Suspect suicide won’t end trade secret theft probe

11 June 2015 Business

An ex-PPG chemist who was arrested for selling trade secrets to a Chinese firm has killed himself, but the Justice Department will continue its investigation

US spends billions annually on unreproducible preclinical research

11 June 2015 News and Analysis

Study estimates $28 billion spent yearly on preclinical research that can’t be replicated

Chemical sciences literature dominated by five publishing houses

11 June 2015 News and Analysis

Big five control publishing of more than 50% of global academic papers, rising to over 70% in chemistry

NIH drug manufacturing unit shut down

8 June 2015 News and Analysis

The US National Institutes of Health suspends operations at its pharmaceutical development section after FDA inspectors uncover serious manufacturing issues

BMS sues executive for joining rival company

5 June 2015 Business

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s lawsuit against its former immuno-oncology chief who left to work for AstraZeneca has implications for biopharma industry

Call to embed science in US foreign policy

4 June 2015 News and Analysis

National Research Council tells US to take science and technology more seriously on the diplomatic stage

Biosafety blunder as US sends live anthrax to labs around world

3 June 2015 News and Analysis

Key government committee demands answers after Department of Defense inadvertently sends out live pathogen

NIH-funded principal investigators fell sharply in 2010

2 June 2015 News and Analysis

New analysis finds PIs funded by US National Institutes of Health grew steadily from 1985 to around 2010, but has since dropped steeply

Chemical regulation reform gains momentum in both chambers of US Congress

1 June 2015 News and Analysis

Bipartisan bill to revamp outdated legislation is advancing in the Senate and the House, but the window to enact reform could be narrow

Fallout from rogue US drug lab chemist could lead to thousands of retrials

28 May 2015 News and Analysis

Ruling by Massachusetts court means defendants in drug cases can pursue retrials without fear of harsher sentences