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Investigators find cause of West Virginia chemical spill

24 July 2014 Business

Holes in uninspected storage tanks led to leak that contaminated water supplies

UCLA chemist avoids prison time for lethal lab accident

26 June 2014 News and Analysis

Out-of-court agreement resolves ongoing lab safety case

US agencies report back on safeguarding chemical plants

12 June 2014 News and Analysis

Rules for handling ammonium nitrate revisited in wake of West disaster, but industry groups are worried by increasing complexity

Attempted poisoning wasn't chemical warfare, court rules

10 June 2014 News and Analysis

US supreme court throws out microbiologist’s conviction under international chemical weapons treaty

US plans 30% emissions cuts for power plants

5 June 2014 News and Analysis

The Obama administration’s proposed Clean Power Plan has been well-received by environmental groups, but attacked by industry

To lecture or not to lecture?

21 May 2014 News and Analysis

Active learning could substantially cut university students failing science with some claiming continuing lectures is 'unethical'

EPA improves embattled chemical assessment programme

13 May 2014 News and Analysis

Report applauds US environment agency's efforts to improve chemical risk management system, but says reforms are still needed

US safety body says deadly West explosion 'preventable'

25 April 2014 News and Analysis

One year after ammonium nitrate explosion in Texas, Chemical Safety Board calls for new regulations to avert another incident

Fears free trade agreements will hamstring chemical legislation

10 April 2014 News and Analysis

Corporate watchdogs worry accords being prepared by Europe and North America will impede environmental protection efforts

Obama’s proposed science budget disappoints

7 March 2014 News and Analysis

Funding requests for 2015 for major US science agencies fail to keep pace with inflation

Politicians accuse US food agency of illegally monitoring employees

6 March 2014 News and Analysis

Republican staff report calls the Food and Drug Administration's surveillance of whistleblowers unlawful

California and Chemtura clash over fire safety

28 January 2014 Business

New rules eliminate the need for flame retardants in furniture

Mixed US budget news for research

17 January 2014 News and Analysis

Congress comes together to produce a budget that rolls back dreaded across-the-board cuts, but doesn’t keep up with inflation

FDA wants the dirt on antibacterial soaps

24 December 2013 News and Analysis

US manufacturers will have to prove their products are safe and more effective than ordinary soap, under a proposed rule

Stolen radiotherapy unit sparks soul-searching on nuclear security

19 December 2013 News and Analysis

Recovery of cobalt-60 in Mexico greeted with relief and awkward questions on keeping radioactive materials safe

Mercury levels falls in US women

27 November 2013 News and Analysis

Environmental Protection Agency believes women's fish choices are responsible for the reduction

Forensic chemist imprisoned for falsifying tests

27 November 2013 News and Analysis

US crime lab analyst sentenced to three to five years for tampering with narcotics evidence, obstructing justice

Reach is a big trade barrier, say US manufacturers

27 November 2013 Business

Europe says requirements for US companies are the same as for EU competitors

Pacific Coast climate alignment

4 November 2013 News and Analysis

Leaders of California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia sign climate pact to harmonise greenhouse gas emissions, account for carbon pollution

Critical isotope threat to two-thirds of US nuclear reactors

25 October 2013 News and Analysis

Congress’ watchdog says US government needs to do more to secure America’s supply of lithium-7

West Fertilizer plant cited for 24 ‘serious’ safety violations

14 October 2013 News and Analysis

Safety body says chemical plant exposed workers to fire and explosion hazards

US government shutdown hits science, chemical industry

4 October 2013 News and Analysis

Agency closures caused by political impasse on Capitol Hill sees scientists sent home and industry irritated

US employment picture brightens for chemists

2 October 2013 News and Analysis

American Chemical Society salary data shows unemployment dropped for chemists and chemical engineers in 2013

Oak Ridge lab plans voluntary layoffs for 10% of workers

1 October 2013 News and Analysis

Budgetary pressure leads to offer of voluntary separation packages to as many as 475 of its 4500 employees

Canadians rally for science

20 September 2013 News and Analysis

Cuts to Canada’s S&T programmes and concerns about restrictions on government scientists spark pro-science protests