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Caramel colour in soft drinks linked to cancer

26 February 2015 News and Analysis

Regulatory bodies and researchers sceptical of study on 4-MEI found in food colour

US opens up home DNA screening

25 February 2015 Business

FDA approves single disease genetic test and clears pathway for similar devices

Open records laws used to bully, harass academics

25 February 2015 News and Analysis

Most US universities unprepared to deal with a deluge of freedom of information requests, report finds

US expands pollution monitoring to its embassies

23 February 2015 News and Analysis

International air quality programme will provide real-time data from US diplomatic posts around the world

White House appoints first chief data scientist

23 February 2015 News and Analysis

Industry veteran D J Patil, who formerly worked at the Pentagon, will take up the new post

Clinical trials high on list for medical marijuana community

17 February 2015 News and Analysis

Cannabis compounds hold therapeutic promise but a lack of data and regulatory obstacles are slowing progress

US National Academies to revisit scientific misconduct

15 February 2015 News and Analysis

New report will move beyond old definitions and promote better working practices

Hospira buyout is a shot in the arm for Pfizer’s biosimilars

12 February 2015 Business

$17bn deal, intended to bolster sterile injectable and biologics capabilities, will be financed with existing cash and new debt

WR Grace to split in half

9 February 2015 Business

Two daughter companies will focus on catalysts and speciality construction chemicals

US on track to phase out most long-chain perfluorinated chemicals this year

9 February 2015 News and Analysis

Discontinuation deadline likely to be met, with measures in place to prevent these chemicals re-entering the US market

Tronox to buy FMC’s alkali chemicals

6 February 2015 Business

$1.6bn deal helps Tronox strengthen its inorganics portfolio as FMC shifts towards agrochemicals

US funder mulls new emeritus award

6 February 2015 News and Analysis

NIH considers creating a transition award for senior investigators to help sustain the US scientific workforce

Obama wants to boost R&D funding 6% in 2016

4 February 2015 News and Analysis

Chemistry funding through the National Science Foundation would grow 3% under new White House budget proposal

EU regulator calls for generic drug suspensions

2 February 2015 Business

The EMA wants hundreds of formulations off the market after identifying systematic fraud in a major Indian contract clinical research organisation

Myriad calls a ceasefire in court battle over cancer gene tests

30 January 2015 News and Analysis

US biotech firm settles patent lawsuits involving BRCA gene tests, agrees to dismiss claims against several labs

Billion dollar package unveiled to fight antibiotic resistance

30 January 2015 News and Analysis

President Obama wants to almost double US funding to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria in 2016

Roche chases bolt-on acquisitions as it pushes into genomics

28 January 2015 Business

Company’s recent shopping spree aims to harness genome sequencing to advance personalised treatments

Ex-US Navy weapons specialist arrested over chemical stockpile

28 January 2015 News and Analysis

Arrest made in Canada over osmium tetroxide stores and other chemicals that triggered evacuation of nearby homes

‘Research bank’ idea floated to support US science agencies

23 January 2015 News and Analysis

Establishment of a public–private bank mooted to smooth out fluctuations in America’s government support for research

Obama talks up research, announces personalised medicine initiative

23 January 2015 News and Analysis

US president proposes ‘precision medicine’ initiative in State of the Union speech

US methane emissions reduction effort generates sparks

22 January 2015 Business

White House targets oil and gas sector but gets a chilly reception from Republican lawmakers and industry

BP Deepwater oil spill fines set to fall dramatically

22 January 2015 News and Analysis

Louisiana judge rules that disaster released a million fewer barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico than the US government estimated

NIH institute looks to end funding monopolies

19 January 2015 News and Analysis

New guidelines aim to spread grant money more evenly to avoid it accumulating in the hands of research superstars

MFG Chemical fined after worker dies

16 January 2015 Business

Company cited for multiple safety failings before the fatal incident

Ansun settles fraud case for $2m

13 January 2015 Business

Executives fiddled timesheets to overcharge US funding agency on grants and research contracts