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An energetic chemist

9 February 2016 Research

University of Waterloo’s Linda Nazar has spent the last two decades moving beyond lithium-ion batteries to cheaper, higher energy density storage

Sexual harassment prompts research funders and government to act in US

4 February 2016 News and Analysis

Funding agencies take a stand against harassment in academic research, amid congressional pressure

Seed secrets thief jailed

3 February 2016 Business

Chinese born US citizen pleads guilty to conspiring to steal trade secrets from DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto

China’s science enterprise challenging US leadership

26 January 2016 News and Analysis

40% of the world’s R&D is now carried out in south-east, south and east Asia 

GSK scientists indicted for trade secret theft

25 January 2016 Business

Two researchers accused of passing research data and manufacturing details to Chinese firm

Green chemistry hindered by lack of toxicology training

21 January 2016 News and Analysis

Leaders in the field condemn the lack of toxicology education for chemistry undergraduate and PhD students  

Obama kicks off new initiative to cure cancer

14 January 2016 News and Analysis

White House launches ‘moonshot’ effort to fight cancer and break down ‘silos’

Boron nitride nanotube composites outperform their carbon cousins

14 January 2016 Research

Binding strengths of polymer–boron nitride nanotubes are higher than those reported for carbon nanotubes

ChemChina buys German machinery maker

13 January 2016 Business

Plastics and rubber equipment manufacturer KraussMaffei Group will retain German headquarters after €1bn deal

Global mercury treaty benefits US more than domestic action

12 January 2016 News and Analysis

Minamata Convention would lower mercury exposure 91% by 2050, compared to 32% for US’s own policies

Monsanto adds 1000 to job cut tally

11 January 2016 Business

Cost reduction plan brings cuts up to 16% of global workforce by the end of 2018

DuPont cuts go deep in Delaware

8 January 2016 Business

Following its merger with Dow, DuPont will terminate 1700 positions in Delaware, US, as part of a cost-cutting drive

US bans three food packaging chemicals

7 January 2016 News and Analysis

Food agency prohibits the use of three perfluorinated compounds linked to cancers in food-contact materials

Shale feeds US methanol boom

7 January 2016 Business

US will become a net exporter as new plants come online, with extra production absorbed by growth in China

US bans microbeads from personal care products

6 January 2016 News and Analysis

Plastic particles added to cosmetics and some drugs will also be phased out by 2019

US research agencies finally get their new budgets

24 December 2015 News and Analysis

Not all US science agencies are treated equally in the final 2016 appropriations

AAAS’s controversial chemist nomination withdrawn

23 December 2015 News and Analysis

Society reverses nomination of UCLA’s Harran as fellow after reviewing committee alerted to Sangji case

US chemical safety law poised for reform in early 2016

23 December 2015 News and Analysis

Bill updating the US Toxic Substances Control Act has finally passed both chambers of Congress

AAAS poised to reconsider Harran’s election to fellow

15 December 2015 News and Analysis

Review requested for honour for controversial UCLA chemist charged over lab assistant's death

Indian chemical factory accident kills four

8 December 2015 Business

Fatal explosion at private aluminium powder factory

Dow ditches older herbicides

4 December 2015 Business

Gowan will acquire Dow’s entire dinitroaniline herbicide portfolio

US biotech industry attacks delays on renewable fuels

4 December 2015 News and Analysis

Slow passage of just released renewable fuel standards cost biofuel sector $13.7 billion, biotechnology industry claims

EPA acts to halt approval of Dow’s Enlist Duo herbicide

2 December 2015 Business

US environmental agency wants registration of controversial herbicide halted, pending review of new toxicity data

Paris climate summit yields push for clean energy

2 December 2015 News and Analysis

Several major initiatives were launched by government and industry leaders on the first day of the talks

US agencies test less than 1% of chemicals

1 December 2015 News and Analysis

Only 250 of the 84,000 chemicals registered for commercial use in the US have been tested by government agencies