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Plant molecule could create ‘greener’ roads

30 March 2015 Research

Lignin could be turned into a more environmentally friendly and sustainable tarmac by replacing some bitumen

Sewage offers attractive source of precious metals

27 March 2015 Research

US Geological Survey team finds valuable metals in treated sewage and is working on the difficult problem of extraction

Chemists in demand as cannabis industry experiences explosive growth

24 March 2015 News and Analysis

Legalisation of marijuana in some US states is fuelling demand for analytical specialists

Opossum peptide antivenom could take on snake bites

24 March 2015 Research

An opossum serum protein that neutralises snake venom could offer a cheaper treatment for poisonous snake bites worldwide

Reform of US chemical safety rules back on

24 March 2015 News and Analysis

Bipartisan bill to revamp the US Toxic Substances Control Act is backed by the chemical industry and even a major environmental group

Bacterium altered to suppress hunger faces long road to clinic

24 March 2015 Research

Engineered microbes produce anti-obesity molecule in mice, but moving to humans poses challenges

Split opens up on Capitol Hill over science funding

19 March 2015 News and Analysis

Criticism of research grants and a power shift in Congress spark concern that budgets and independence will be cut

Drug firms warned to be honest with investors

16 March 2015 Business

Official warns of ‘significant consequences’ if companies aren’t forthcoming about their FDA interactions

Amgen to axe 300 Onyx employees

13 March 2015 Business

Amgen will close its Onyx facility in South San Francisco in December

Titanium dioxide removed from Dunkin' Donuts sugar

13 March 2015 News and Analysis

Parent company agrees to remove whitener from icing sugar used on its doughnuts after public campaign

Mergers and moves trigger pharma layoffs

11 March 2015 Business

Shire expects to sack 500 or more employees, while Merck and GSK also wield the axe

US approves biosimilar filgrastim

10 March 2015 Business

Sandoz’s version of Amgen’s Neupogen is ‘biosimilar’ but not ‘interchangeable’

US chemical safety board in turmoil

10 March 2015 News and Analysis

The US agency that investigates chemical accidents faces heavy criticism, and its chairman is under pressure to resign

US universities back new bill to curb patent trolls

6 March 2015 News and Analysis

Academic research community endorses competing legislation as harmless to university tech transfer

US health agencies expands open access policy

6 March 2015 News and Analysis

Move will add 110,000 new papers to PubMed every year

Butterfly population collapse prompts lawsuit against EPA

5 March 2015 News and Analysis

US agency criticised for failing to investigate link between glyphosate and the dwindling monarch butterfly population

Proposed ozone rule could cut US GDP by $1.7 trillion

3 March 2015 News and Analysis

US manufacturing association report claims tighter ozone standard would carry $1.1 trillion in compliance costs

US universities warn against patent reform proposals

3 March 2015 News and Analysis

Congress is considering legislation that would devastate university technology transfer, more than 140 universities caution

Caramel colour in soft drinks linked to cancer

26 February 2015 News and Analysis

Regulatory bodies and researchers sceptical of study on 4-MEI found in food colour

US opens up home DNA screening

25 February 2015 Business

FDA approves single disease genetic test and clears pathway for similar devices

Open records laws used to bully, harass academics

25 February 2015 News and Analysis

Most US universities unprepared to deal with a deluge of freedom of information requests, report finds

US expands pollution monitoring to its embassies

23 February 2015 News and Analysis

International air quality programme will provide real-time data from US diplomatic posts around the world

White House appoints first chief data scientist

23 February 2015 News and Analysis

Industry veteran D J Patil, who formerly worked at the Pentagon, will take up the new post

Clinical trials high on list for medical marijuana community

17 February 2015 News and Analysis

Cannabis compounds hold therapeutic promise but a lack of data and regulatory obstacles are slowing progress

US National Academies to revisit scientific misconduct

15 February 2015 News and Analysis

New report will move beyond old definitions and promote better working practices