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Mystery of why ‘structural red’ colours are not found in nature is solved

6 January 2015 Research

Discovery may help scientists to produce e-readers with colour screens

Flexible solar cell woven into fabric

2 September 2014 Research

Solar cell textiles could one day power wearable electronics

‘Solar’ jet fuel made out of thin air

2 May 2014 Research

European scientists produce kerosene from water and carbon dioxide using concentrated sunlight

Computer memory made from sugar cube

19 March 2014 Research

Edible, biodegradable metal–organic framework can form resistive random-access memory

Vibrations couple light to graphene

11 December 2013 Research

Independent teams realise that graphene rippled by sound waves is better at converting light to surface plasmons

Micromotors clean polluted water

9 December 2013 Research

Researchers invent self-propelled devices that degrade organic pollutants

Quasicrystals discovered in oxides

10 October 2013 Research

Discovery in perovskite suggests many more quasicrystals are just waiting to be found

Graphene targets water treatment and carbon capture

3 October 2013 Research

Researchers demonstrate membranes that filter gases, including carbon dioxide

Maxwell’s demon gets scribbling

30 July 2013 Research

Demon can transfer energy from cold to hot reservoir if it simultaneously generates information, researchers claim

Will nanorods be the next big male contraceptive idea?

5 June 2013 Research

Successful experiments on mice bode well for a future human contraceptive - if men can stomach the injections

3D printer churns out bionic ear

17 May 2013 Research

Seamless integration of electronics and tissue could be used with other artificial implants and synthetic organs

Exoplanet spectrum hints at ‘core accretion’

14 March 2013 Research

Direct imaging reveals unprecedented levels of detail including the presence of water and carbon monoxide

Crystals of polystyrene

25 February 2013 Research

Highly ordered materials made by crosslinking are super strong, say chemists, and could find use in engineering applications

Synthetic ultramarine's recipe revealed

21 February 2013 Research

180 years on, chemists unravel the recipe of a prized blue pigment

Pico-gold clusters break catalysis record

14 December 2012 Research

Clusters of just three to 10 gold atoms offer exceptional catalytic turnover rates of up to 10 million

Magnesium oxide might go metallic in super-Earths

22 November 2012 Research

Discovery suggests more exoplanets could generate life-preserving magnetic fields

An ultralight graphene structure for all seasons

12 October 2012 Research

Super material is fire resistant and can absorb a record breaking 600 times its own weight in oil

Thermoelectrics ‘pass new milestone’

19 September 2012 Research

Material converts heat to electricity more efficiently than ever before, say US scientists

‘Genetic code’ guides nanoparticle growth

9 August 2012 Research

DNA can be programmed to create nanoparticles of various shapes

Curiosity – searching in vain?

2 August 2012 News and Analysis

NASA’s latest Mars probe is set to land this weekend, but the question remains of whether it is able to detect the signatures of life

Electrode dip to freshen up saltwater

10 June 2012 Research

Desalination technique could treat brackish water in a cheaper 'merry-go-round' process

DVD player burns graphene to disc

15 March 2012 News Archive

Technique can produce high-performance, flexible capacitors using a simple fabrication process


7 March 2012 News Archive

Powdered pyroelectric crystals that catalyse the formation of reactive oxygen species could be harnessed to kill bacteria

Nanorobots seek and destroy disease

17 February 2012 News Archive

DNA-based robots can perform simple computation to detect cell type, then offload cargo, say US researchers

Shortages spur race for helium-3 alternatives

12 January 2012 News Archive

A dearth of helium-3 is holding up research projects around the world