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3D printed graphene aerogels take shape

25 February 2016 Research

Technique holds potential to fabricate ultra-light structures with architectures tailored for specific applications

Back to the bench

31 August 2015 Managing Change

Returning to research after a career break is never easy. Manisha Lalloo investigates the trust helping to bridge the gap

'Smart patch' set to deliver for diabetes patients

22 June 2015 Research

Stick-on patch with glucose responsive microneedles releases insulin automatically whenever it is needed

Plant material aligns to make tough aerogels

11 July 2014 Research

Nanocellulose fibres help aerogels overcome their brittle nature

Art imitating life

19 June 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Briony Marshall’s sculptures find form in her biochemical background, she tells Manisha Lalloo

Thinking small

29 April 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Developing tiny catalysts for miniature devices in a compact company, Daniele Leonarduzzi tells Manisha Lalloo why small is beautiful

Chasing the sun

19 March 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

It took some time, and a lot of jobs, but Matt Carnie eventually found a role he loves in materials research. Manisha Lalloo asks for his career analysis

Synthetic strategy targets ‘undruggable’ small RNAs

12 February 2014 Research

Chemists turn drug discovery process on its head to create small molecules that could treat diseases like cancer

Generation next

29 January 2014 Educated Chemist

AstraZeneca is investing in the future of drug discovery with its new graduate training scheme in pharma. Manisha Lalloo finds out more

NMR thermometer takes reactor's temperature

23 October 2013 Research

Non-invasive technique can tease out hot and cold spots in reactors to help chemical engineers improve them

Biofuel cell tattoo turns perspiration to power generation

10 June 2013 Research

Device produces electricity from lactate and could run sensors to monitor patients' health

Starting out in academia

10 April 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Serena Corr talks to Manisha Lalloo about her life as a young academic

Elusive water dimer detected at last

7 March 2013 Research

Scientists in Russia have observed water dimers in atmospheric conditions for the first time, following 40 years of research

An inspired idea

13 November 2012 Educated Chemist

Manisha Lalloo looks at a course that’s turning researchers into teachers

'Artificial leaf' under the microscope

16 July 2012 Research

The structure of Dan Nocera's oxygen evolving complex has been elucidated giving researchers the chance to improve upon it

Athletic analysis

5 July 2012 The Insider

Manisha Lalloo finds out how chemistry helps sportspeople listen to their bodies and perform at their best

Profile: To ECHA his own

24 February 2012 Jobs Profile (Personal)

The EU's Reach regulation involves a huge data gathering operation and Kaihsu Tai is working right at its heart. Manisha Lalloo finds out how he got there

Oxygen isotopes help scientists probe water's structure

6 October 2011 News Archive

Quantum effects in water are revealed by substituting its oxygen with isotopes

Unravelling cell membranes to understand drugs

12 August 2011 News Archive

Researchers have created more accurate models of cell membranes containing transmembrane proteins

Making smell-o-vision a reality using a polymer matrix

21 June 2011 News Archive

A polymer matrix that can release odours on command could enhance the cinematic or virtual reality experience

Company Profile: What women want

31 May 2011 Jobs Profile (Company)

Beauty is in the eye of Procter and Gamble's skincare team, reports Manisha Lalloo

Hard x-rays to watch chemical reactions

31 May 2011 News Archive

Chemists can now peer deeper into a material to follow chemical reactions thanks to a new x-ray technique

Nanodiamond aerogel hammered out on anvil

10 May 2011 News Archive

An amorphous carbon aerogel can be transformed into a nanodiamond aerogel at pressures of 20GPa

Pnicogens link up as new bond is discovered

26 April 2011 News Archive

A new intramolecular bond has been discovered between group 15 compounds that is as strong as hydrogen bonds

Catalyst cleans up C-C bond formation

27 February 2011 News Archive

Iridium compound makes carbon-carbon bonds using methanol