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Colour-changing polymer adapts camouflage to vegetation and desert

6 April 2016 Research

Fabric flips from green to brown when a voltage is applied

Cleaning solution test doesn’t move contact lens wearers to tears

25 February 2016 Research

Microfluidic device personalises contact lens care

Raman keeps blood in the bag

19 February 2016 Research

Technique checks blood but does not risk contaminating it

Antibiotics pit against bacterial biofilms

24 September 2015 Research

Simple electrochemical device to more realistically assess antibiotic performance

Paper device tracks fracking pollution

21 August 2015 Research

Cheap and simple bromide sensor warns if water has been contaminated with fracking fluid

Disrupting graphene

24 April 2015 Research

Scientists hope their comprehensive roadmap will help tease out graphene’s potential

Higher levels of some metals in e-cigarette smoke

8 September 2014 Research

Scientists call for regulators to help clear smoke and mirrors surrounding vaping safety

Printed sensors kick up a stink

22 August 2014 Research

The signal comes to the user with smell tell paper

Aaron Wheeler: Algae-on-a-chip

22 July 2014 Research

Aaron Wheeler talks to Harriet Brewerton about bringing the energy and microfluidics communities together

Pumping gone soft

9 April 2014 Research

Combustion drives silicone device with heart-like chambers

Saliva information

7 February 2014 Research

Mouthguard that tracks fitness biomarkers could help athletes monitor their progress

Mid-air monitoring of migrating birds

3 January 2014 Research

Preliminary model for a sensor that could aid study of metabolic changes in birds as they fly

Paper device spots antibiotic-resistant bacteria

29 October 2013 Research

Testing kit is easy to make and easy to use

Discoloured detection of sarin

2 September 2013 Research

Compound changes from red to colourless on contact with chemical warfare agent

Accelerating stereochemical analysis

16 July 2013 Research

Metal complex will help alleviate bottleneck in asymmetric catalyst screening

Misdiagnosed manganism near Mount Etna?

5 June 2013 Research

Surface analysis of lava stones could explain apparent high levels of Parkinson’s in Sicily

Early malaria diagnosis

13 May 2013 Research

Raman spectroscopy identifies malarial infection by looking for parasite by-products

Period heat source gives thermoelectric power a boost

20 March 2013 Research

‘Pulsed’ heat sources can increase the efficiency of thermal power generators by up to 80%, bringing their commercial application ever closer

Co-factoring on a chip makes biocatalysis easy

4 March 2013 Research

A microfluidic device could reduce the cost of using co-factors in enzyme-catalysed redox reactions

Diagnosing bacterial growth

6 February 2013 Research

Scientists have designed a device for the rapid determination of the effect antibiotics on bacteria

Is organic food more nutritious than non-organic food?

12 December 2012 Research

Organic foods do not seem to be better than conventional foods with regard to intake and absorption of selected minerals, say scientists

Prescription nanoreactors

29 October 2012 Research

A nanoreactor that synthesises and releases an antibiotic that is commonly used to treat bacterial infections

Colourful metal detection

18 September 2012 Research

A sensor that can indicate the presence of heavy metal ion pollutants with a simple colour change

Pinning down cancer

17 July 2012 Research

Nanopins with better Raman scattering and photothermal properties than current gold nanorods for medical imaging

Back to carbon black

17 June 2012 Research

Amorphous carbon could be a cheap replacement for expensive graphene in applications such as sensing and energy applications