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Catching up with legal highs

8 February 2016 Research

How do you test for drugs when you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Seeing glucose through the skin

26 November 2014 Research

Technique could one day allow diabetics to manage their condition without drawing blood

Hair elements distinguish ethnicity and gender

14 May 2014 Research

Paint analysis technique adapted to help find criminals

Geological technique adapted to analyse Aboriginal Australian objects

4 March 2014 Research

Cultural heritage questions answered by mining equipment

Therapeutic screening for Alzheimer’s disease

20 November 2013 Research

Sensor can see how drug candidates alter amyloid-β peptide aggregation

Frank Vanhaecke: Analytical rock star

11 October 2013 Research

Frank Vanhaecke tells Rebecca Brodie that when it comes to chemistry he is better at pushing buttons than cooking

The private lives of plants

9 October 2013 Research

New microfluidic assay could aid understanding of plant reproduction

A fantastic voyage

9 August 2013 Research

Joseph Wang talks to Rebecca Brodie about nanoshuttles and the beauty of electrochemical devices

Measuring indoor air pollution

29 May 2013 Research

New zeolite-based passive sampler for monitoring the air we breathe

DNA, Russian opera and blue suede shoes

24 April 2013 Research

Duncan Graham talks to Rebecca Brodie about smart nanoprobes and his appearance on a UK fashion show

Quicker checks for safer water

22 April 2013 Research

Raman test can discriminate between different strains of Escherichia coli and Legionella

Finding asbestos in soil

25 February 2013 Research

A new soil analysis technique could allow the detection of very low levels of asbestos, which could be harmful to health

Reassessing the health effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident

25 January 2013 Research

Scientists in the US believe the health consequences from the Japanese nuclear accident may have been underestimated

Energy harvesting from your phone display

25 October 2012 Research

A display device recycles the light from the screen back into the battery

Moving microrobots with bubbles

31 August 2012 Research

Bubble-driven robots could be used to manipulate cells to make artificial tissue

Better security with through-barrier detection using SORS

11 July 2012 Research

A non-invasive method to identify contraband in sealed containers for forensic applications

Faster removal of cigarette filters from the environment

20 June 2012 Research

A catalyst can be added to cigarette filters to speed up their degradation after the cigarette has been discarded

Enhancing fingerprints with electrochromism

17 May 2012 Research

A method to detect latent fingerprints on metal surfaces with a high level of detail

Two in one technique for biological imaging

24 April 2012 Research

Combining scanning ion and fluorescence microscopy can give chemical and topological data about the same sample

Efficiently harvesting the power of the sun

19 January 2012 News Archive

A dye-sensitised solar cell with the highest recorded efficiency

Devices to help miners breathe easier

8 December 2011 News Archive

Portable devices to test silica levels in coal dust on-site could lead to reduced silica exposure in mines

A celebration of chemists

18 November 2011 Review

The case of the poisonous socks: Tales from chemistry

New power for smart garments

20 October 2011 News Archive

Batteries could now be integrated into cotton or polyester to power smart textiles

Using eggshells to remove toxic water pollutants

6 October 2011 News Archive

Eggshell membranes can remove toxic hexavalent chromium from contaminated water

A torch to fit in your back pocket

8 August 2011 News Archive

Scientists have developed a solar powered torch that looks like a credit card