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3D printing cuts fuel cell component costs

4 July 2014 Research

Hardware hackers encouraged to exploit new manufacturing approach in open source schemes

SERS tubing makes intravenous drug delivery safer

7 April 2014 Research

Detection system gives a detailed picture of patient medication in real time

Crystal structure highlights buckycatcher’s flexibility

30 January 2014 Research

Pincer molecule will readily open wider to accommodate its guest

Hydrogen breaks strong bonds with brute force

9 December 2013 Research

Scientists liken their new method to the scalpel of a skilful surgeon, but on the molecular scale

Banned pollutants bite back

15 October 2013 Research

Trapped organochlorine pesticides released as sea ice melts

Plant protein regulates diabetes treatment

23 August 2013 Research

Nanogel mimics the pancreas by releasing insulin in response to glucose fluctuations

Could wasp venom peptide keep catheters sterile?

14 August 2013 Research

Immobilised antimicrobial peptides damage E. coli cell membranes but leave human cells intact

Protein analysis unlocks museum mysteries

5 July 2013 Research

Peptide mass fingerprinting identifies animal species used to make 19th century kayaks from Coastal Alaska

Taking the shine off

20 May 2013 Research

Safe and efficient art conservation using ionic liquids

Origami electronics

7 May 2013 Research

Nanopaper and silver nanowire inks used to make foldable antennas

Mesoporous materials from macroalgae

5 April 2013 Research

A cheap and sustainable route to mesoporous materials – from seaweed

Raman spectroscopy for bedside cancer diagnosis

20 February 2013 Research

A new way of looking at cancer promises a faster, less invasive diagnosis

Helping the fight against flu

17 December 2012 Research

A new synthesis leads to a more potent flu drug than current drugs

Killing three parasites with one stone

18 October 2012 Research

The development of a hybrid drug that is active against three parasites simultaneously

Biological fate of nanoparticles in the body

20 September 2012 Research

A new labelling strategy for tracking nanoparticles in vivo without altering the nanoparticle

Colour changing paper sensor

9 July 2012 Research

Paper that responds to changes in its environment

From ink wells to solar cells

5 April 2012 Research

Using everyday ink as a replacement for platinum in solar cells