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Uncovering the hidden nanoparticle dangers on dusty streets

4 July 2016 Research

Nanoparticles from street dust contribute to potentially hazardous air pollution in mega-cities

Dissolving bone to ease pain

11 May 2016 Research

Using chemistry to treat and prevent abnormal bone growths in military amputees

Mirror peptides hitch a lift into the cell

30 September 2014 Research

Hijacking nature’s tricks to smuggle drugs across the cell membrane

Immunocamouflage lets donor blood cells go undetected

21 May 2014 Research

A bio-inspired approach to creating universal red blood cells

Zinc ruled out as biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease

31 March 2014 Research

Study says decreasing serum zinc levels are a sign of ageing

Co-localisation sheds light on mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease

4 February 2014 Research

First direct evidence of iron–dopamine interaction in Parkinson’s disease

Biomarkers leave gender clues at crime scene

15 January 2014 Research

New assay could help build a bigger picture of a suspect’s identity

Circulating cancer cells spiral towards separation

22 July 2013 Research

Microfluidic isolation of tumour cells for analysis

An end to chasing molecules that were never there?

12 June 2013 Research

Simple method for identifying incorrect structures of organic molecules due to NMR misassignments