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Jellyfish skin perfect mould to cast complex nanoparticles

18 May 2015 Research

Hierarchical silver hybrid particles are cheap to make and have good catalytic activity

Earth’s earliest continent formed like Iceland

28 May 2014 Research

Newly discovered rocks shed light on the geology of Earth’s first continental crust

Shifting fluids with fuel-free enzyme pumps

31 March 2014 Research

Enzymes that move their substrate around could find applications in drug delivery and defence

Polymer puts a new twist on soft robotics

10 February 2014 Research

Clever photochemical switching system lets coiled molecular architecture power a piston

Early start for plate tectonics

14 January 2014 Research

Geochemical analysis suggests subduction zones may have formed more than 1 billion years before some estimates

Picosecond 'kettle' to probe chemical reactions

2 January 2014 Research

Theory shows terahertz radiation could superheat water in a fraction of a second to precisely track experiments

Mass extinction the result of acid rain and ozone loss

2 December 2013 Research

Climate model links sulfur and halogen emissions to The Great Dying when 90% of Earth's life died

Synthetic drug found in nature

17 September 2013 Research

Tramadol, first marketed in 1977, has been in plants all along

Molecular transistor for cheaper, greener electronics

27 June 2013 Research

Reduced graphene oxide electrode enables photoswitchable layer to be employed