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Festive fuels

27 November 2014 Last Retort

Combustive chemistry to light up the holiday season

The elements: the new guide to the building blocks of our universe

18 November 2014 Review

A stroll through the periodic table

Human growth hormone

29 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Marketed as a path to eternal youth but banned in professional sports, Hayley Simon introduces human growth hormone


9 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

The drug that fuelled rave culture may yet be a treatment for PTSD. Hayley Simon introduces MDMA

Breakup reaction hints at handedness of nature

25 September 2014 Research

Dissociation of 3-bromocamphor provides clues on why nature favours one mirror image of a molecule over another

Water provides new angle on single molecule imaging

24 September 2014 Research

Spatial orientation of two organic dye molecules has been determined by looking at the surrounding water molecules

Molecular knot shaped like a Star of David

22 September 2014 Research

Entwined molecular knot made from catenane crosses at six points

Dragonfly crystals on a silicon wafer

19 September 2014 Research

Electron microscope captures dragonfly-shaped film growth on silicon surface

Coated nanoparticles show Alzheimer's promise

12 September 2014 Research

Gold nanoparticles functionalised with amino acid polymer inhibit the growth of amyloid fibres associated with neurodegenerative disease

Lead 'soaps' behind iconic artwork damage uncovered

4 September 2014 Research

Analysis of yellow paint pigment reveals ion source responsible for lead carboxylate formation

Noble treatment for PTSD

3 September 2014 Research

Fearful memories found to be less scary in mice after inhaling xenon gas

Ionic liquids join battle against antibiotic resistance

27 August 2014 Research

Organic salts disrupt biofilms to leave resistant bacteria at the mercy of antibiotics

Supermarket scales for the microscopic world

11 August 2014 Research

New technique can weigh red blood cells, pollen grains and cancer cells