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Comet 67P’s carbon blanket promises solar system birth insights

22 January 2015 Research

Rosetta probe suggests comet contains complex organic compounds similar to those found in nebula that spawned the sun and planets

New ion continues perovskite solar’s flat-out progress

7 January 2015 Research

Changing most of the hybrid material’s organic component delivers efficiency record in small-scale devices

Chemistry from the skies promises low-emission nylon raw material

22 December 2014 Research

Cyclohexane activated using ozone and UV to make adipic acid could slash industrial emissions of ozone-depleting greenhouse gas nitrous oxide

Fermenting ideas

10 December 2014 Feature

21st century cider owes a lot to modern knowhow in managing fermentation and balancing flavour. Andy Extance immerses himself in the science of scrumpy

GSK cuts US jobs in push for savings

5 December 2014 Business

Research Triangle Park site bears the brunt as drugmaker consolidates research in Philadelphia and Stevenage, UK

Actavis rescues Allergan with $66 billion deal

24 November 2014 Business

Deal ends takeover fight with Valeant – but Actavis must still be ‘fairly ruthless’ to justify the high price

Good vibrations brighten superconductor outlook

13 November 2014 Research

By coupling to phonons in their selenium titanate substrate’s lattice, electrons in iron selenide become superconductive below 65K

Hydrogen bond pictures come under close scrutiny

10 November 2014 Research

For atomic force microscopy images claiming to show intermolecular interactions, appearances may be deceiving

Acid choice flips enantioselectivity

31 October 2014 Research

Changing proton source in asymmetric decarboxylation unexpectedly delivers opposite configuration

Agilent to exit NMR

23 October 2014 Business

Closure of loss-making ex-Varian business gives users investment dilemma

Fluorescent DNA becomes versatile metal detector

15 October 2014 Research

Colour changes of oligodeoxyfluorosides produces unique 'fingerprints' to distinguish up to 57 different metals

Tea tonic peps up tumour treatment

5 October 2014 Research

Green tea polyphenol makes ‘magic bullet’ cancer drug delivery even more powerful

Tiny tips reveal cells’ chemical secrets

30 September 2014 Research

Penetrating microprobe enables rapid mass spectrometry of single cells’ contents

Pepping up antibiotics

29 September 2014  Premium contentFeature

Industry and academia are turning to antimicrobial peptides to find new antibiotics, Andy Extance discovers

Bayer to sever polymer arm

23 September 2014 Business

German chemical giant’s exit from the materials world will help fund its crop and healthcare ambitions

‘Assembly line’ sculpts carbon chains

10 September 2014 Research

Precise addition of methyl group-bearing links is set to improve molecular shape control

Environmental priorities stymie hunt for stubborn ozone depleter

3 September 2014 News and Analysis

Scientists are struggling for resources to explain why carbon tetrachloride levels in the air are higher than expected

No-frills coats set a trend for designer viruses

26 August 2014 Research

An artificial protein that self-assembles around and protects DNA could be ideal for gene therapy, nanomachines and synthetic biology

The power of perovskites

22 August 2014  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance finds out how the efficiency of perovskite solar cells has risen so quickly

Photon pinball identifies chemicals from afar

13 August 2014 Research

Samples turned into random Raman lasers beam their secrets from over a kilometre away

Low-emission ammonia offers food and climate solution

7 August 2014 Research

Electrolytic approach eliminates CO2 emissions and cuts energy consumption by a third

Next Mars rover will make oxygen from CO2

4 August 2014 News and Analysis

Mars 2020 will set Nasa’s space exploration on a self-sufficiency course

Turing patterns show their hand in finger formation

31 July 2014 Research

After 62 years, scientists clinch the identification of molecules that confirm codebreaker’s ideas in a different ‘digital’ area

Takeover battle pushes Allergan to cut R&D jobs

28 July 2014 Business

Besieged by serially acquisitive Valeant, the Botox maker will lay off 1500 staff to propel earnings growth

Bubble wrap could send lab costs packing

23 July 2014 Research

Potential bubbles up across wide range of uses as storage and test vessels, especially for poor countries