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‘Fire fountain’ data illuminate lunar history

28 August 2015 Research

Volatile element details promise to ignite research into Moon’s origin and evolution

Porous pills could be largest industrial 3D printing use

20 August 2015 Business

US grants first-of-a-kind approval for Aprecia’s epilepsy tablets exploiting porous structure

Philae poses comet chemistry conundrum

30 July 2015 Research

Historic mass spectra find 67P carries precursors to key biomolecules, but instruments detect different ones

Chemical firms seek better grasp of biomanufacturing

23 July 2015 Business

The search is on for better alternatives to the ‘broken’ way companies harness compound-making organisms

Pharma queues up for checkpoint inhibitor collaborations

3 July 2015 Business

Combinations of different firms’ drugs seek to reap immuno-oncology’s benefits

Copper catalysis overcomes double bond trouble

3 July 2015 Research

Stubbornly stable unactivated internal alkenes become chiral tertiary amine precursors

Getting the measure of Mars

3 July 2015 Feature

Sophisticated analytical chemistry is studying our neighbouring planet, as Andy Extance discovers

Organic odysseys

29 June 2015 Feature

Andy Extance looks at two drugs that cranked the synthetic challenge all the way up to Halaven

X-rays capture super-fast nanoscale film

9 June 2015 Research

Chance finding underlines nanodiffraction technique’s power and potential

Noble gas joins σ-hole interaction crowd

29 May 2015 Research

Surprising ‘aerogen bonding’ completes set of p-block groups exhibiting the phenomenon

Capturing carbon

22 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance finds uncertainty over efforts to capture and store CO2 from power generation

Malaria drug could cash in on green chemistry

20 May 2015 Research

Minimising acid and solvent toxicity brings surprising benefits in artemisinin production

$13.8bn Danaher bid wins Pall auction

18 May 2015 Business

Mega-merger follows consolidation trend in lab equipment supply sector, but analysts suggest this is yet to impact pricing competition

Espresso maker brews up tasty extraction

13 May 2015 Research

Household appliance isolates flu drug raw material from star anise while minimising pigment contamination

Longer-lived oxides offer silicon synthesis boost

20 April 2015 Research

Touted as ‘soluble sand’, stabilised small silicon oxides present new synthetic worlds

A web of possibilities

24 March 2015 Educated Chemist

Andy Extance logs on to learn how massive open online courses could attract new students, improve education and help fill the global education gap

Reaction map suggests meteorite chemistry route to life

17 March 2015 Research

Scientists propose that key biomolecules appeared simultaneously from a hellish cyanide and sulfide mix

Data falsification hits polymer mechanochemistry papers

16 March 2015 News and Analysis

Misconduct by member of Christopher Bielawski’s group has led to several retractions

A whiff of contention

12 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Efforts to predict a molecule’s scent and to build artificial noses are progressing despite a lack of knowledge and disagreements within the olfactory community, finds Andy Extance

Chemists zinc up ‘aromatic’ metal cubes

2 March 2015 Research

Metal-organic clusters share electrons between eight covalently linked metal atoms

X-ray laser snaps first bond-forming transition state

13 February 2015 Research

Study of femtosecond-timescale carbon monoxide oxidation highlights technique’s potential in catalysis

Radical observation lights up combustion

9 February 2015 Research

First sight of hydroperoxyalkyl radical provides reaction kinetics data that will contribute to engine design

Endocrine disruptors linked to early menopause

3 February 2015 Research

Biomarkers for human exposure to the plasticiser DEHP show the strongest connection in US women

DNA gets with the program

27 January 2015  Premium contentFeature

Molecular computing systems could improve disease diagnosis – and even hack living cells, finds Andy Extance

A new ERA for European science?

26 January 2015 The Insider

The European Research Area has made scientists more mobile, but the picture isn’t entirely rosy, finds Andy Extance