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Nanotubes zip into bundle of solar energy

14 April 2014 Research

Closely packing photoisomerisable groups together boosts energy storage density of versatile solar thermal fuels

Missing safety risk emails draw $9bn Actos fine

11 April 2014 Business

Judge finds absence of Takeda documentation in bladder cancer case ‘disturbing’

Sun set on Ranbaxy rescue

9 April 2014 Business

Acquiring beleaguered firm will create India’s biggest pharmaceutical company

Rotaxanes make symmetry history

5 March 2014 Research

Synthesis and separation of mechanically chiral rotaxanes after more than 40 years is ‘a major breakthrough’

Molecular motors aim to pass water

24 February 2014 Research

Compounds that shift shape of droplets resting on them are a key step towards light-driven water motion

Cheap polymers twist into superhuman muscles

20 February 2014 Research

Do try this at home, urge researchers who have given nylon and polyethylene thread a similar power-to-weight ratio to a jet engine

Plants bear palladium catalyst fruit

5 February 2014 Research

Thale cress could turn mine waste into nanoparticles that deliver high Suzuki coupling yields

J&J puts trial data in independent hands

4 February 2014 Business

Yale University’s YODA seeks to help pharma avoid the dark side by acting as gatekeeper for patient records

Phosphorene discovery positively impacts 2D electronics

23 January 2014 Research

Phosphorus is the latest element to enter flatland, where it becomes a p-type semiconductor

What can U do?

21 January 2014  Premium contentFeature

Actinide chemistry is reaching beyond nuclear and revealing surprising behaviour, finds Andy Extance

Rocket reactor forces space hydrogen rethink

12 January 2014 Research

Pioneering low temperature studies suggest interstellar clouds could hold double the hydrogen previously thought

New sodium chlorides assault chemical rules

19 December 2013 Research

Calculations accurately predict uncommon salt with structures never seen before

Subjectivity may curb false findings

5 December 2013 Research

Behaviour model hints at how peer review can stop scientists adopting the wrong hypotheses

Blessed are the cheesemakers

29 November 2013 Feature

Andy Extance gets his teeth into the craft and chemistry of his favourite taste-laced smell gel

Base metal catalysts strike hydrogenation gold

28 November 2013 Research

Iron and cobalt enable asymmetric hydrogenations of alkenes, imines, ketones and selective reduction of nitroarenes

Europe's manufacturing edge not leaking away

13 November 2013 News and Analysis

Permits to emit carbon dioxide are a minor concern for fossil-fuel reliant manufacturers, including chemicals – so far

Ineos reprieves Grangemouth petrochemicals

25 October 2013 Business

Closure reversed after labour reforms and government backing for ethane terminal agreed

Ineos raises axe over Grangemouth petrochemicals

14 October 2013 Business

Facility set to close without pension reforms and government help to fund ethane shipping terminal

‘Tetrel bonding’ emerges from σ-hole

11 October 2013 Research

Non-covalent bonds between electron donors and silicon, tin or germanium are strong but overlooked

Amid huge cuts, Merck vows research focus

4 October 2013 Business

8500 more jobs to be axed, but the drugmaker ‘remains committed to innovation’

Alloy rewrites phase-change rules

2 October 2013 Research

Zinc-gold-copper alloy experiences unprecedentedly low stress during transition, boosting time to failure

Light-switch antibiotics could undermine resistance

15 September 2013 Research

UV-triggered trans-cis isomerisation of a diazo group turns microbe-killer on, before reverse process that would avoid environmental build-up

Sulfur difluoride dimer exposes bonding strangeness

12 September 2013 Research

Recoupled pair bond dyads help molecule break the rules

High unemployment in Europe drives brain drain

5 September 2013 The Insider

Andy Extance finds out how economic woes in southern European countries’ are affecting young chemists

Decays and x-rays build case for element 115

30 August 2013 Research

Added ‘fingerprint’ measurements could provide evidence needed for formal recognition