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Synthesis by sunlight

23 October 2013 Research

Solar-powered electrochemistry teams up with organic chemistry to reduce reagent waste

Atheroprotective pathway of superfood spirulina

19 September 2013 Research

Compound in blue–green algae is thought to help prevent heart disease by activating haem oxygenase

Next-generation vascular stents

22 August 2013 Research

New alloy that balances durability and degradation is ideal material for medical devices that alleviate atherosclerosis

Sustainable iron catalyst for clean hydrogenation

27 June 2013 Research

Precious metal catalysts replaced with polymer-supported iron

New method to target malaria

18 January 2013 Research

By modifying an atomic force microscope tip with heparin, blood cells infected with the malaria parasite can be targeted

Bacterial growth is inhibited by broccoli

4 October 2012 Research

Isothiocyanates found in broccoli and other vegetables affect the way that bacteria communicate

Improved drugs to treat malarial liver infection

7 August 2012 Research

New antimalarials are more effective than their clinical counterparts in in vitro tests

Luminescent carbon nanodots from coffee

6 March 2012 News Archive

A greener and less toxic way to make carbon nanomaterials using waste coffee grounds

Intelligent packaging to detect spoiled food

11 November 2011 News Archive

Smart oxygen sensor to let consumers know if food is safe to eat or ready for the bin