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Graphene sandwich turns water square

27 March 2015 Research

Water trapped between graphene sheets transformed into new type of ice

Mystery of coloured water droplets that chase and repel each other solved

19 March 2015 Research

Discovery could herald sprays that hoover up dirt and keep solar panels clean

MOF sensor sniffs out ammonia

12 February 2015 News and Analysis

First chemical sensor made from a 2D metal organic framework unveiled

‘Early RNA’ reactions characterised

11 February 2015 Research

Enzyme-free linking of nucleotides suggests possible route for the synthesis of ancient RNA

Fish sperm spawns rare earth metal recycling idea

13 January 2015 Research

Technique could provide a cheap, green way of recovering scarce metals from electronic waste

Asteroid bombardment of early Earth may have created building blocks of life

8 December 2014 Research

Simulated asteroid impacts turn simple chemical into DNA bases

Nanomolar chemistry enables 1500 experiments in a single day

25 November 2014 Research

High throughput method could speed drug discovery and cut down use of costly compounds

Beetle behind breath test for bank notes

17 November 2014 Research

Photonic crystal inks inspired by longhorn beetle could help to fight counterfeiting

Good vibrations for electron microscopy

14 October 2014 Research

Vibrational spectroscopy performed on the nanoscale, opening up investigations into bonding structure

Designer nanoparticles cast in DNA moulds

9 October 2014 Research

Moulds will be able to produce a vast array of different inorganic nanoparticle shapes for nanoelectronics and catalysis

Blaze destroys Nottingham sustainable chemistry lab

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

The cause of the fire that destroyed the £20 million centre that was still under construction is unknown

Ozone layer no longer thinning

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

UN Environment Programme's latest research finds ozone layer is thickening in places

First ionic liquid made from plant waste

27 August 2014 Research

Closed loop recycling could see ionic liquids made from biofuel by-products used to make more biofuel

History of King Richard III written in his teeth

18 August 2014 Research

Chemical analysis of isotope signatures in monarch's remains provide insight into his life

Underwater self-healing polymer mimics mussels

30 July 2014 Research

Temporary hydrogen bonding network stitches damage as the material fuses together

Nanosilver fears come out in the wash

9 July 2014 Research

Swiss team finds fabrics treated with non-nano silver actually release more nanoparticles than nanosilver fabrics

Smell of malaria attracts mosquitoes

30 June 2014 Research

The malaria parasite changes the odour of infected mice, making them smell tastier to mosquitoes

Handshake assembles new emulsions

16 June 2014 Research

Chance discovery to let scientists use peptides to tune the properties of emulsions for foods, cosmetics and even drug delivery

'Heavy' mouse helps out tissue engineers

19 May 2014 Research

Mouse fed an isotope-enriched diet lets researchers spot difference between natural and lab-grown tissues

Ancient oceans’ metals mimicked metabolism

1 May 2014 Research

Precursors to molecules essential for life can be produced without enzymes

Synthetic yeast chromosome is fully functional

27 March 2014 Research

‘Cleaned up’ sequence gives a more stable platform for genetic research and biotechnology

Nanoparticle composites make colourful magnetic crystals

20 March 2014 Research

Gel crystallisation loads gold and iron into normally colourless calcite to give it new properties

Agar gives Milan’s cathedral a sponge down

18 March 2014 Research

Stonework avoids damage while soot and salt deposits are soaked up

Materials break into snow business

7 February 2014 News and Analysis

The Winter Olympics will be showcasing new technologies to help athletes put in a personal best in Sochi

Graphene ribbons exceed theoretical conduction limit

6 February 2014 Research

Smooth-edged nanoribbons could supersede copper in nanoelectronics