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Synthetic yeast chromosome is fully functional

27 March 2014 Research

‘Cleaned up’ sequence gives a more stable platform for genetic research and biotechnology

Nanoparticle composites make colourful magnetic crystals

20 March 2014 Research

Gel crystallisation loads gold and iron into normally colourless calcite to give it new properties

Agar gives Milan’s cathedral a sponge down

18 March 2014 Research

Stonework avoids damage while soot and salt deposits are soaked up

Materials break into snow business

7 February 2014 News and Analysis

The Winter Olympics will be showcasing new technologies to help athletes put in a personal best in Sochi

Graphene ribbons exceed theoretical conduction limit

6 February 2014 Research

Smooth-edged nanoribbons could supersede copper in nanoelectronics

Tracing paper boost for solar cells

20 January 2014 Research

A piece of paper that is both transparent and scatters light well can as a photon concentrator

Simple route to add nitrogen to drugs

9 January 2014 Research

US chemists synthesise aziridines under mild conditions abolishing the need for protecting groups

Controversial sweetener declared safe

17 December 2013 News and Analysis

European food safety panel concludes once more that aspartame is safe after a comprehensive review of the evidence

Drug fix for misfolded proteins promises hope for incurable diseases

9 December 2013 Research

Small molecules could target proteins involved in Alzheimer's disease and cystic fibrosis

Diamonds’ redox reaction origins revealed

4 December 2013 Research

Russian researchers follow how diamond forms under the Earth's crust

Earliest use of chilli sauce put back hundreds of years

22 November 2013 Research

Ancient pottery reveals Mesoamericans were using chillis in rituals 2400 years ago

Mysterious selectivity of nature's blowtorches solved

14 November 2013 Research

P450 enzymes C-H activation down to thiolate ligand

Jingle cells are rocking on sunshine

6 November 2013 Research

Good vibrations from pop music boost piezoelectric solar cells' efficiency by 50%

Water droplets warped into weird shapes

25 October 2013 Research

Network of nanoparticles can stabilise unusual structures such as ellipses and tube

Night of the nearly dead steroid

26 September 2013 Research

Cattle growth hormone that breaks down during the day can regenerate at night with consequences for monitoring endocrine disruptors

Microscopy and spectroscopy combined

20 September 2013 Research

New imaging technique combines scanning tunneling microscopy and infrared spectroscopy to probe how molecules interact with surfaces

Tea stains find new use as antibacterial coating

9 September 2013 Research

Plant polyphenols used to create a thin layer that sticks to even Teflon

Ball lightning captured in the lab

21 August 2013 Research

Scientists hope that prolonging the lifetime of glowing orbs of plasma will help them understand this mysterious and rare natural phenomenon

Wealth of undiscovered volatiles found drifting above orange groves

8 August 2013 Research

Study hints at the complex nature of the interactions between a huge range of chemicals and air pollution

Total synthesis outshines biotech route to anticancer drug

1 August 2013 Research

First efficient chemical production of diterpenoid is being scaled up by Danish pharma firm

Synthetic antenna mimics plants' light harvesting abilities

29 July 2013 Research

Chemical array would enable solar cells to run off of photons across the spectrum of light

Antibiotic research hits a sweet spot

1 July 2013 Research

Sugar can strip bacteria of its protective armour to let the immune system deliver the coup de grâce

Gooey secret of naked mole rat's cancer resistance revealed

19 June 2013 Research

Scientists hopeful that strategy can be 'borrowed' to help keep humans tumour-free

Hairy proteins survive stomach trip

9 June 2013 Research

Polymer modification protects enzymes from digestive track opening up oral route for biological drugs

Understanding sulfa drugs' side effects

23 May 2013 Research

Over 70 years since their first use, scientists discover how sulfanonamide drugs cause their neurological side effects