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Microporous copper silicate sucks up carbon dioxide

16 October 2015 Research

Humid flue gases from fossil fuel power stations are no problem for this new material

Antibacterial soap has poor killing power

21 September 2015 Research

Soaps containing triclosan perform no better against bacteria than ordinary soap

Purple bacteria signal zinc deficiency

9 September 2015 Research

Low-cost bacterial ‘litmus test’ could help identify nutrient-deficient populations

Sweetening imaging of sugars to study disease

11 August 2015 Research

Whole body labelling of zebrafish sugars will provide new insight into cancer, infection and inflammation

Zeolite packaging to fight durian fruit stench

28 July 2015 Research

Cheap odour-eating films can capture nasty smells and could soon find their way into clothing as well as food wrapping

Solar hydrogen production on a roll with 2D films

7 July 2015 Research

Liquid 'rolling pins' could produce materials for solar to hydrogen conversion more cheaply

Promising compound offers single dose knock-out for malaria

17 June 2015 Research

Candidate antimalarial drug halt parasite protein synthesis and will enter human trials in a year

Injectable electronics unfold to monitor brain activity

8 June 2015 Research

Electronics a million times more flexible than the best currently available could transform patient monitoring

Complex amines made easy (and cheap)

22 May 2015 Research

Iron-catalysed cross-coupling brings together nitroarenes and olefins in a single step in boon for drug makers

Ancient RNA enzymes formed from freeze-thaw cycles

5 May 2015 Research

Temperature cycles help small pieces of RNA assemble into complex ribozymes

Micromotor catalyst powers up hydrogen production

29 April 2015 Research

Catalytic particles offer new cheaper and safer way of storing hydrogen for vehicles

Plant-inspired plastics take shape

21 April 2015 Research

Polymer that responds to multiple stimuli could bring shape-shifting plastics a step closer

Graphene sandwich turns water square

27 March 2015 Research

Water trapped between graphene sheets transformed into new type of ice

Mystery of coloured water droplets that chase and repel each other solved

19 March 2015 Research

Discovery could herald sprays that hoover up dirt and keep solar panels clean

MOF sensor sniffs out ammonia

12 February 2015 News and Analysis

First chemical sensor made from a 2D metal organic framework unveiled

‘Early RNA’ reactions characterised

11 February 2015 Research

Enzyme-free linking of nucleotides suggests possible route for the synthesis of ancient RNA

Fish sperm spawns rare earth metal recycling idea

13 January 2015 Research

Technique could provide a cheap, green way of recovering scarce metals from electronic waste

Asteroid bombardment of early Earth may have created building blocks of life

8 December 2014 Research

Simulated asteroid impacts turn simple chemical into DNA bases

Nanomolar chemistry enables 1500 experiments in a single day

25 November 2014 Research

High throughput method could speed drug discovery and cut down use of costly compounds

Beetle behind breath test for bank notes

17 November 2014 Research

Photonic crystal inks inspired by longhorn beetle could help to fight counterfeiting

Good vibrations for electron microscopy

14 October 2014 Research

Vibrational spectroscopy performed on the nanoscale, opening up investigations into bonding structure

Designer nanoparticles cast in DNA moulds

9 October 2014 Research

Moulds will be able to produce a vast array of different inorganic nanoparticle shapes for nanoelectronics and catalysis

Blaze destroys Nottingham sustainable chemistry lab

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

The cause of the fire that destroyed the £20 million centre that was still under construction is unknown

Ozone layer no longer thinning

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

UN Environment Programme's latest research finds ozone layer is thickening in places

First ionic liquid made from plant waste

27 August 2014 Research

Closed loop recycling could see ionic liquids made from biofuel by-products used to make more biofuel