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Lack of data on BPA exposure in developing countries

4 May 2016 News and Analysis

Few studies focus on developing countries where regulations around BPA use are less strict

European food safety body to review BPA safety

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

EFSA will revisit data after studies suggest low exposures affect immune health

Nobel prize winner and buckyball discoverer Harry Kroto dies

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president with a passion for science communication passes away aged 76

Zinc spark of life marks egg fertilisation

29 April 2016 Research

Human egg’s discharge of zinc into its surroundings at the moment of conception seen for the first time

Countries ink Paris climate change agreement

27 April 2016 News and Analysis

Nearly 200 countries signed the global climate treaty that aims to limit temperature rises to ‘well below’ 2°C

Crispr-edited mushroom dodges regulation

26 April 2016 News and Analysis

Anti-browning mushroom developed using Crispr-Cas9 gene editing will not be regulated as a GMO by US agricultural agency

Golden opportunity to fight blindness with bananas

25 April 2016 Research

Studies on ‘golden bananas’ may help researchers develop carotenoid-rich varieties to combat vitamin A deficiency

Chemistry Nobel laureate Walter Kohn dies aged 93

22 April 2016 News and Analysis

Kohn was awarded the 1998 chemistry Nobel prize for developing density functional theory

The fine print

21 April 2016 Last Retort

There’s nothing like having your nose in a good book 

‘Anti-lobbying’ rule will not affect scientists, UK government says

20 April 2016 News and Analysis

Science minister confirms researchers are exempt from new rules affecting government grants

Metal foam armour shatters bullets

12 April 2016 Research

Composite metal foams could form the basis for next-generation bulletproof armour

Building blocks of life made in space ice simulations

8 April 2016 Research

Complex sugars – including the ‘backbone’ of RNA – have been created in lab-made interstellar ice

EU plans tighter controls on BPA

6 April 2016 News and Analysis

Proposal would reduce the migration limit of bisphenol A in food packaging by 90%

$1 billion x-ray laser upgrade begins at SLAC

4 April 2016 News and Analysis

Construction begins on world’s brightest x-ray laser

Gilead loses to Merck & Co in hepatitis C drug dispute

31 March 2016 Business

US court upholds Merck’s claim to patents related to blockbuster drugs

University of Hawaii researcher loses arm in lab explosion

23 March 2016 News and Analysis

Accident occurred during routine preparation of cell growth medium but the cause is still unknown

Home Office unveils strategy to tackle UK forensics problems

22 March 2016 News and Analysis

Improving quality, strengthening the research base and centralising some services are among the UK government’s priorities for forensic science

New Horizon data reveals Pluto’s chemical make up

17 March 2016 Research

The latest observations from last year’s flyby provide a snapshot of the dwarf planet’s surface and atmosphere

Newton’s recipe for alchemists’ mercury rediscovered

17 March 2016 News and Analysis

Isaac Newton’s handwritten copy of a 17th century alchemy paper has been bought by US historians

Science capital investment scrutinised in UK

14 March 2016 News and Analysis

National Audit Office criticises way funding decisions are made on science infrastructure 

Chemists identify taste ‘blueprint’ for Parmesan cheese

14 March 2016 Research

The compounds that make the Italian cheese unique have been pinpointed by food scientists

Evidence for curium in early solar system found

7 March 2016 Research

Analysis of ‘Curious Marie’ meteorite sample sheds new light on how the solar system was formed

Lightest ever solar cell sits on the surface of a bubble

4 March 2016 Research

All-in-one fabrication process allows ultrathin solar cells to be built

Controls on owning hazardous chemicals come into force

3 March 2016 News and Analysis

It is now illegal in the UK to possess chemicals classed as ‘poisons’ or ‘explosives precursors’ without a licence

Concerns grow among scientists over new ‘anti-lobbying’ rules

2 March 2016 News and Analysis

Researchers petition against new regulations that could prevent them advising policymakers