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New source of hydroxyl radicals found in the clouds

31 July 2014 Research

Ozone chemistry at air–water interface may increase radical formation four-fold

The worldwide chemist

31 July 2014 Feature

Bea Perks profiles Martyn Poliakoff, the internet’s favourite ‘mad professor’

Psylloborine A

30 July 2014 Organic Matter

Late stage dimerisation is a tantalisingly elegant but risky strategy for total synthesis, says BRSM

Bruker winds down underperforming instrument lines

30 July 2014 Business

Stand-alone gas chromatographs and certain mass spectrometry products to be sold off

Isoamyl acetate

30 July 2014 Podcast | Compounds

It makes a sweet banana-flavoured treat, but can ruin home brewed beer; Jenna Bilbrey introduces isoamyl acetate

Underwater self-healing polymer mimics mussels

30 July 2014 Research

Temporary hydrogen bonding network stitches damage as the material fuses together

Searching scientific literature directly with ChemDraw v14

29 July 2014 Webinars

Spend less time at the computer, and more time at the bench. Join the experts at PerkinElmer as they showcase ChemDraw v14.

The crystal ball that can tell lies

29 July 2014 In the Pipeline

X-ray structures are not necessarily definitive, says Derek Lowe, especially when it comes to biomolecules

Nanoparticle protects protein drug cargo

29 July 2014 Research

Proteins cling to co-polymer thanks to electrostatic interactions

Spray-deposition steers perovskite solar cells towards commercialisation

29 July 2014 Research

Scientists make headway on scalability hurdles

The other carbon dioxide problem

29 July 2014  Premium contentFeature

Carbon dioxide produced by human activity is acidifying the ocean at an unprecedented and alarming rate. Nina Notman investigates

West side stories

28 July 2014 The Insider

A stint in a US chemistry lab is a rite of passage for many academics. Sarah Houlton talks to the chemists who went to the labs of opportunity

Reckitt Benckiser to spin out US pharma arm

28 July 2014 Business

Declining heroin addiction treatment sales prompt divestment as company focuses on over-the-counter and consumer products

The fascinating in the familiar

28 July 2014 The Crucible

A simple droplet shows that there are still plenty of puzzles to ponder in everyday observations, says Philip Ball

Martin's columns

28 July 2014 Classic Kit

If you can think and not make thoughts your aim

Better batteries with pure lithium anodes

28 July 2014 Research

Protective carbon nanosphere coating overcomes lithium problems, pointing the way to improved capacity

Plant plastics reach for the stars

28 July 2014 Research

Star-shaped additives transform rice starch into a useful transparent plastic

Future direction of Dutch science considered

28 July 2014 News and Analysis

Role of private industry heads a number of issues that confront how science is put to work for society

Takeover battle pushes Allergan to cut R&D jobs

28 July 2014 Business

Besieged by serially acquisitive Valeant, the Botox maker will lay off 1500 staff to propel earnings growth

Detecting chirality

28 July 2014  Premium contentFeature

Katia Moskvitch finds out about the latest techniques to determining a molecule’s chirality

Propeller-shaped molecules give 2D polymers lift-off

27 July 2014 Research

Chemists' synthetic answer to graphene – flat polymer sheets a molecule thick – could be tailored to many applications

Time for tea

25 July 2014 Last Retort

Finding a formula for the perfect brew

10 years ago: science learning centres

25 July 2014 Flashback

Plans were laid for a new network of science learning centres to be established across the UK

NGOs call for Europe's chief scientific adviser post to be scrapped

25 July 2014 News and Analysis

Environmental groups say policy advice should come from several different sources