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Maintaining marble monuments

5 February 2016 Research

Oxamate salts add to the permanency of ‘set in stone’

Sprucing up biofuel with renewable antioxidants

5 February 2016 Research

Coniferous bio-oil found to be an effective biodiesel stabiliser

DNA-coated nanoparticles take crystal engineering into the diamond league

5 February 2016 Research

Self-assembling superlattices built with DNA could usher in era of materials on demand

BP to cut 7000 jobs

4 February 2016 Business

UK oil company reduces its workforce to cut costs in response to low oil price and charges from Deepwater Horizon incident

Medical devices consolidation continues

4 February 2016 Business

Abbott to buy Alere for $5.8bn to augment its point-of-care diagnostics business

Milk could aid fight against malnutrition

4 February 2016 Research

New animal model shows milk proteins can repair intestinal damage

Sexual harassment prompts research funders and government to act in US

4 February 2016 News and Analysis

Funding agencies take a stand against harassment in academic research, amid congressional pressure

Flashback: 20 years ago

3 February 2016 Flashback

Zeneca brought puree from genetically modified tomatoes onto UK supermarket shelves

Seed secrets thief jailed

3 February 2016 Business

Chinese born US citizen pleads guilty to conspiring to steal trade secrets from DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto

Rub of the green

3 February 2016 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Rachel Brazil discovers how a chance phonecall took Paul Johnston from being a concerned researcher to Greenpeace’s principal scientist

Minsky’s microscope

3 February 2016 Classic Kit

Following the death of Marvin Minsky, Andrea Sella sheds light on how confocal microscopy transformed imaging techniques

A brief history of grime

3 February 2016 Last Retort

Investigating the dusty depths of the London Underground


3 February 2016 Podcast | Compounds

Raychelle Burks explains how the scent of cedar wood can be used to destroy pests

Boost for non-animal toxicology testing

3 February 2016 Research

Thousands of compounds have been screened in a bid to develop in vitro toxicity tests

I am a number!

2 February 2016 Editorial

Being a number can make scientists more unique

Pride comes before a fall

2 February 2016 In the Pipeline

In labs it’s important not to let familiarity breed complacency, says Derek Lowe

Thank you for smoking

2 February 2016 Comments

Smoking foods may have its roots in preservation, but its chemistry can produce a range of delicious tastes, says Ali Bouzari

Use of Crispr on human embryos approved in UK

2 February 2016 News and Analysis

The UK’s fertility regulator will allow gene-edited human embryos to be used in research

Pocket production of graphene for electronics

2 February 2016 Research

New method can produce bilayer graphene with potential applications in optics

A Nobel cause

1 February 2016 The Insider

Nina Notman talks to the scientists at the international organisation protecting humanity from the horrors of chemical warfare

Smoke in the water

1 February 2016 Comments

Yuandi Li puts our smoked vinaigrette recipe to the test

Merck & Co joins hepatitis C party

1 February 2016 Business

New drug adds new treatment options and increases competition in premium market

Funding boost offers new hope for Ukraine’s scientists

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

Reform will see academies merged and competitive bidding for research money

New law on legal highs approved in UK

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

A blanket ban on New Psychoactive Substances has been given final approval and will come into force in April

Scientists call on Iran to free jailed chemist

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

Open letter signed by chemistry Nobel laureates claims professor’s imprisonment is unlawful