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Abbot boosts heart devices with St Jude buyout

6 May 2016 Business

Medical devices consolidation continues with $25bn deal, but Abbott expresses concerns over proposed Alere merger

UK open to microbead ban if EU fails to act

6 May 2016 News and Analysis

Government may act unilaterally amid growing evidence of environmental problems

Rechargeable first for promising battery tech

6 May 2016 Research

New cathode material makes for energetic, rechargeable sodium–carbon dioxide batteries that could power Mars vehicles

Brazil joins race to commercialise graphene

6 May 2016 News and Analysis

A new graphene and nanomaterials research centre, known as MackGraphe, has officially opened in São Paulo

Image manipulation in biomedical papers is commonplace

6 May 2016 Research

Almost 4% of pictures in papers surveyed over past 20 years contain evidence of tampering


5 May 2016 Organic Matter

Sometimes improving synthesis requires a strategic re-think, says BRSM

Diplomatic community

5 May 2016 The Insider

Can scientific collaboration break through political barriers? Rachel Brazil investigates

Smallest ever molecular thermometers made from DNA

5 May 2016 Research

Tiny fragments of DNA combined with fluorescent probes can be used to take temperature at the nanoscale

Chemists tinker with chemical encryption to create molecule-size Enigma machine

5 May 2016 Research

Fluorescent sensor can be used to conceal hidden messages


4 May 2016 Podcast | Compounds

It failed as a painkiller, but Haldol rapidly became an essential medicine for schizophrenia. Raychelle Burks explains more

Lack of data on BPA exposure in developing countries

4 May 2016 News and Analysis

Few studies focus on developing countries where regulations around BPA use are less strict

Forensic science: a beginner’s guide

4 May 2016 Review

Crime scene chemistry

AFM study could prompt surface catalysis rethink

4 May 2016 Research

Intermediates predicted by theory don’t match those seen under the microscope

Iron-rich silicate plays cosmic matchmaker

4 May 2016 Research

Findings could help explain abundance of molecular hydrogen in interstellar space

Cancer deals spread

4 May 2016 Business

AbbVie nabs antibody specialist Stemcentrx, while Sanofi pursues Medivation

Sunset for perovskites?

4 May 2016 Research

Calculations cast shadow over solar cell materials

Chemours sheds disinfectants and aniline

3 May 2016 Business

Dow Chemical and Germany’s Lanxess will buy plants as Chemours restructures following its spin-off from DuPont

Towards a new plastics economy

3 May 2016 Comments

Global change is needed to avert disaster, says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Spain's largest research institution benefits from economic recovery

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

The CSIC doubles the number of permanent scientist posts that it will create this year

European food safety body to review BPA safety

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

EFSA will revisit data after studies suggest low exposures affect immune health

Nobel prize winner and buckyball discoverer Harry Kroto dies

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president with a passion for science communication passes away aged 76

Broken ribozyme comes to life

3 May 2016 Research

Low temperatures on early Earth may have helped RNA world organisms emerge

Do androids dream of electrostatics?

29 April 2016 Editorial

Artificial intelligence could be better than you think

UK graduates carry more student debt than US counterparts

29 April 2016 News and Analysis

English students’ debts may be set to increase further, charity states

Greenland ice sheet recoups subliming water vapour

29 April 2016 Research

Newly discovered part of the water cycle acts to conserve sheet mass