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Blast kills six at South Korean chemical plant

7 July 2015 Business

One further worker injured as tank explodes during welding work

Football-sized fullerene gets an electric response

7 July 2015 Research

Lead-coated ball helps researchers to understand electrical properties of fullerene

Solar hydrogen production on a roll with 2D films

7 July 2015 Research

Liquid 'rolling pins' could produce materials for solar to hydrogen conversion more cheaply

The space junky

Sending her experimental polymers into space was a career high for Lenore Rasmussen. But space is just one part of the story, Nina Notman finds

Scientist imprisoned over fraudulent HIV vaccine research

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

Former Iowa State University researcher gets four-and-a-half years in prison for faking vaccine research funded by the NIH

Committee will pick Europe’s new scientific advisers

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

Three experts in science and EU policy will help choose the European commission’s panel of seven scientific advisors

Novel compounds make light work of trapping carbon dioxide

6 July 2015 Research

Azobenzene compounds can reversibly switch between crystalline and amorphous states to capture gases

From chip fat to biofuel

6 July 2015 Research

Solvent-free synthesis converts fatty acids into diesel replacement

Complete our reader survey

3 July 2015 News and Analysis

Do you like Chemistry World? Tell us why, so we can make it even better

BP emerges from Deepwater with $18.7bn settlement

3 July 2015 News and Analysis

BP has agreed to pay an $18.7 billion settlement to five states damaged by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Job cuts at Allergan and Transgene

3 July 2015 Business

Allergan is shedding 300 staff at former Actavis site in Iceland, while Transgene is closing its French manufacturing plant with loss of 120 jobs

New Horizons detects methane on Pluto

3 July 2015 Research

Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft makes its first detection of methane on Pluto

Fluorescent protein spectrum shunted by single hydrogen bond

3 July 2015 Research

Be aware – subtle changes can drastically influence the luminescent properties of biological chromophores

Iron found in ancient rock is recycled from bacteria

3 July 2015 Research

Isotopic analysis suggests iron in banded rock formations can be traced back to ancient bacteria

Pharma queues up for checkpoint inhibitor collaborations

3 July 2015 Business

Combinations of different firms’ drugs seek to reap immuno-oncology’s benefits

Copper catalysis overcomes double bond trouble

3 July 2015 Research

Stubbornly stable unactivated internal alkenes become chiral tertiary amine precursors

Getting the measure of Mars

3 July 2015 Feature

Sophisticated analytical chemistry is studying our neighbouring planet, as Andy Extance discovers

20 years ago: The chemist collector

2 July 2015 Flashback

Sigma-Aldrich founder Alfred Bader published his autobiography

Pop culture

2 July 2015 Last Retort

Fizzy drinks were an instant hit, but could their tongue-tingling success be captured in solid form?

Employment prospects improving for US chemistry graduates

2 July 2015 News and Analysis

ACS survey shows a drop in unemployment and a bump in starting salaries

Fracking prohibited in New York state and Lancashire

2 July 2015 Business

Local US and UK rulings prohibit shale oil drilling and exploration

Tattoo removers donate laser to the Vatican

2 July 2015 Research

A UK tattoo removal company is donating one of its lasers to help clean up sculptures in the Vatican

Failed terror attack raises alarms about chemical plant security

2 July 2015 News and Analysis

An apparent attempt to blow up a chemical facility in France highlights security concerns

Points of view

1 July 2015 Editorial

A survey of public attitudes to chemistry reveals misconceptions on both sides

What are you worth?

1 July 2015 Careers Clinic

Ask and you may receive. Don’t and you definitely won’t. Robert Bowles discusses how to get an increase in salary