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Chemistry in close-up

23 April 2014 The Insider

Nina Notman talks to IBM’s atomic manipulation group, and the scientists who snapped the first molecular mug shots

GSK corruption investigation widens

23 April 2014 Business

BBC investigation airs allegations of misconduct in Poland


23 April 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Anna Lewcock finds out how pigeons played a major role in discovering an important pituitary hormone, prolactin

Lead piping 'unlikely' to have poisoned Romans

23 April 2014 Research

Lead pipes did contaminate water supplies, but not enough to cause severe poisoning

New solution to missing xenon paradox

23 April 2014 Research

The exceptional heat and pressure at the Earth's centre may have locked xenon up in iron and nickel compounds

Molecules mimic mesmerising mathematics

22 April 2014 Research

Computer modelling predicts formation of molecular quasicrystals

Graphene: fundamentals and emergent applications

22 April 2014 Review

Flatland’s fertile fields

Graphene made in a kitchen blender

22 April 2014 Research

High quality flakes of two-dimensional material exfoliated from graphite points way to bulk production

Family values

17 April 2014 The Crucible

Do larger research groups mean mentorship and ethics will inevitably suffer?

Up from generality

17 April 2014 Review

Growing inorganically

How to print a crystal in 3D

17 April 2014 Research

Rather than looking at a crystal on a screen, print it out and hold it in your hand

Para-xylene plants face uphill struggle for acceptance in China

17 April 2014 News and Analysis

Chemistry students come to defence of latest project's safety but government and industry are failing to talk to the public about risk


16 April 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Amongst the fictional forensic equipment shown on television, Brian Clegg notices one distinctly non-fiction stalwart: Luminol

Starfish glue secrets under the microscope

16 April 2014 Research

Temporary adhesive holds promise for surgery and tissue engineering applications

DNA cube programmed for an exclusive reveal

16 April 2014 Research

Hydrogen bonds keeping the cube’s shape only unzip in the presence of a very specific trigger

Changing phases

15 April 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

John Goodby has discovered new forms of matter and invented new materials. Helen Carmichael speaks to him about his career

Toilet flushes could help power homes

15 April 2014 Research

Transducer converts water motion into energy

Life beyond Earth

15 April 2014 Review

The chemical cradle of life

Raman bites into tooth decay

14 April 2014 Research

Mineral distribution signals help discriminate healthy enamel from cavities

Nanotubes zip into bundle of solar energy

14 April 2014 Research

Closely packing photoisomerisable groups together boosts energy storage density of versatile solar thermal fuels

Former chief executive of Royal Society of Chemistry dies

11 April 2014 News and Analysis

John Ruck Keene, whose career at the society spanned more than three decades, has passed away aged 97

Redefining moisturiser

11 April 2014 Research

The secret to soft skin is not necessarily increasing its water content but retaining molecular fluidity

Missing safety risk emails draw $9bn Actos fine

11 April 2014 Business

Judge finds absence of Takeda documentation in bladder cancer case ‘disturbing’

The sultan of synthesis

11 April 2014 Feature

Phil Baran is spurring organic chemists to rethink how they make complex compounds, as Mark Peplow discovers

Nanocrystalline copper turns CO into fuel

10 April 2014 Research

New electrode converts carbon monoxide into alcohols and may be a route to storing renewable energy