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Synthesising the midnight oil

28 November 2014 Organic Matter

A chemical plant on a night shift is just as lively as through the day, says Chemjobber, but for different reasons

DNA survives extreme heat of rocket re-entry

28 November 2014 Research

Discovery might spell trouble for extraterrestrial life hunters faced with terrestrial contamination problems

Graphene’s showdown with the man with the golden gun

28 November 2014 Research

Tests with supersonic micro-bullets show that multilayer graphene could make first-rate body armour

It's time to speak up for Europe

27 November 2014 Critical Point

Researchers in the UK benefit enormously from their country’s membership of the EU. They need to say so, argues Mark Peplow

10 years ago: periodic poster purchased

27 November 2014 Flashback

An RSC poster of the periodic table from Damien Hirst's restaurant sold for £6000

Chemistry by the tun

27 November 2014 Managing Change

Emma Davies talks to the chemists using their science skills to set up stills and brew up beverages

Festive fuels

27 November 2014 Last Retort

Combustive chemistry to light up the holiday season

Obama acts to attract non-US scientists and engineers

27 November 2014 News and Analysis

President takes action to make it easier for scientists and engineers born abroad to work and stay in the US

Femtofluidic droplet manipulation now possible

27 November 2014 Research

Modular toolbox turns droplets into microreactors with volumes one billion times smaller than microtitre plate wells

Conductive clay rolled out to store energy

27 November 2014 Research

Simplified synthesis of a known supercapacitor produces a dough-like material with surprising energy-storing abilities

Cool idea for zero-carbon air conditioning that requires no power source

27 November 2014 Research

Surface reflects sunlight and emits heat so well that in midday heat it's 5°C cooler than its surroundings

Cleaning up after Fukushima

27 November 2014  Premium contentFeature

Chemistry is playing a vital role in helping remove radioactive material from the environment after the 2011 disaster. Clare Sansom reports

COSHH for chemists

26 November 2014  Premium contentWebinars

Understand the principles of COSHH without over-complicating the process

Syngenta to cut or relocate 1800 jobs in 2015

26 November 2014 Business

Global reorganisation plan will involve ‘consolidation’ of R&D facilities

UCB sells speciality generics subsidiary

26 November 2014 Business

Firm will use $1.5bn proceeds to reduce debt and concentrate on developing new drugs in neurology and immunology

Gates Foundation champions open access

26 November 2014 News and Analysis

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will require research it funds to be published open access from next year


26 November 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton introduces the painkiller tramadol – could this be the next banned drug in competitive cycling?

Seeing glucose through the skin

26 November 2014 Research

Technique could one day allow diabetics to manage their condition without drawing blood

US approves low acrylamide spud

25 November 2014 News and Analysis

The first genetically modified potato that produces less acrylamide has been granted approval in the US

Benchtop NMR gives feedback in flow

25 November 2014 Research

Another step closer to dial-a-molecule reactors

Nanomolar chemistry enables 1500 experiments in a single day

25 November 2014 Research

High throughput method could speed drug discovery and cut down use of costly compounds

Crustacean culprit turns lakes to jelly

24 November 2014 Research

Acid rain leaching calcium from Canadian water courses leads to a surge in jelly-covered organisms

Boron and beryllium finally shake hands

24 November 2014 Research

Never-before-seen bond observed between periodic table neighbours

China looks to alternative hydrocarbons to fuel its future

24 November 2014 News and Analysis

Ambitious plans to exploit shale and gas hydrates are in the works but technical and environmental challenges remain

Actavis rescues Allergan with $66 billion deal

24 November 2014 Business

Deal ends takeover fight with Valeant – but Actavis must still be ‘fairly ruthless’ to justify the high price