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Plea for EU to act on GM from plant scientists

31 October 2014 News and Analysis

Open letter from top researchers decries politicisation of the approval process for genetically modified crops

Square planar iron complex breaks inorganic dogma

31 October 2014 Research

Unusual spin state could open the door to new and exciting chemistry

Acid choice flips enantioselectivity

31 October 2014 Research

Changing proton source in asymmetric decarboxylation unexpectedly delivers opposite configuration

X marks the structure

31 October 2014 Review

Elisabeth Jeffries discovers there’s a diffractometer for everything from crystals to proteins

Fool's gold

30 October 2014 Last Retort

Metal coatings can be useful for protection – or disguise

10 years ago: Manchester merger

30 October 2014 Flashback

UMIST and the Victoria University of Manchester merged to form the University of Manchester

Daniell's cell

30 October 2014 Classic Kit

Powerful connections

Spheres of influence

30 October 2014 The Crucible

Philip Ball savours the chemistry of avant-garde gastronomy

A new way to convert light to electricity

30 October 2014 Research

Discovery could lead to novel photovoltaics made from just metals

Mirror mirror on the ocean

30 October 2014 Research

Persistent foams stabilise the possibility of oceanic mirrors that boost planetary albedo

DNA 'barcodes' used to track food

30 October 2014 Research

Milk has been successfully tracked as it is turned into cheese and yogurt in an advance that could fight food fraud

Lycopodium alkaloids

29 October 2014 Organic Matter

Not all natural products are created equal. BRSM looks at a flexible route to some perennial favourites

Platform to expand in agrochemicals by buying Arysta

29 October 2014 Business

Business will be integrated with previous acquisitions for a broad crop protection portfolio

EU warns DuPont and Honeywell over green refrigerants

29 October 2014 Business

Commission thinks cooperation may have been anti-competitive

Judge slashes fines in drug safety case

29 October 2014 Business

Takeda and Eli Lilly’s $9 billion damages in diabetes trial reduced to $38 million

CHF3bn redevelopment for Roche’s Basel site

29 October 2014 Business

New buildings will move employees out of rented office space

Building a city of knowledge

29 October 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Fernando Albericio left a comfortable position in Spain to help found Ecuador’s newest university. Michele Catanzaro finds out why

Financial hurdles prevent women returning to STEM

29 October 2014 News and Analysis

Survey suggests women in science and engineering careers find it hard to return to work following a break

Human growth hormone

29 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Marketed as a path to eternal youth but banned in professional sports, Hayley Simon introduces human growth hormone

From oil to chemicals

29 October 2014  Premium contentFeature

After decades of exporting oil, Saudi Arabia is looking to increase its capacity to produce chemicals. Emma Davies reports

Review finds nanosafety is no small issue

29 October 2014 Research

Audit of safety studies reveals shortcomings that distort our understanding of nanomaterial toxicity

Amgen stacks up additional job cuts

28 October 2014 Business

Up to 1100 more staff face redundancy in ongoing restructuring plan

Chemical space is big. Really big.

28 October 2014 In the Pipeline

You think it’s a long way to the back of your screening libraries? That’s peanuts to chemical space, says Derek Lowe

Molecular magnet goes ultracool

28 October 2014 Research

Magnetic refrigeration taken to below 1K for the first time

2D arsenic allotrope predicted

28 October 2014 Research

Graphene-like monolayer could be made by exfoliating grey arsenic