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AstraZeneca sells off drugs to streamline portfolio

3 August 2015 Business

Crohn’s disease and rare thyroid cancer drugs lie outside firm’s renewed strategic focus

Human universe

3 August 2015 Review

Rock stars

First isolation of stable solid-state bismuth radical

3 August 2015 Research

Elusive paramagnetic species has been characterised by both EPR and x-ray crystallography

Lightweight composites drive Solvay to buy Cytec

31 July 2015 Business

$5.5bn deal launches Solvay into aerospace materials business

Living on credit

31 July 2015 Editorial

News leader: Greece should be wary of short-changing its universities to balance the budget or it could mortgage its future

US government science institute's one time police chief linked to campus meth lab

31 July 2015 News and Analysis

Explosion injuring a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's security force uncovered methamphetamine production

Stone 'blueprinting' to tackle heritage thefts

31 July 2015 Research

Technique could provide a means of tracing stolen, unmarked stones

More than dirty snowballs?

31 July 2015  Premium contentFeature

Comets are thought to represent leftover building blocks of the solar system; Jennifer Newton finds more questions than answers

Writing a skill-based CV

30 July 2015 Careers Clinic

Julie Franklin explains how to present yourself when your traditional CV starts to overflow

A precision instrument?

30 July 2015 In the Pipeline

Chemists and biologists have different expectations when it comes to data, says Derek Lowe

Hungry Ghost festival behind annual air quality decline in Singapore

30 July 2015 Research

Findings suggest that regulatory monitoring may be required

Big business backs White House on climate change

30 July 2015 News and Analysis

Top US companies including Google, Apple and Coca-Cola pledge at least $140 billion in new low-carbon investments

Philae poses comet chemistry conundrum

30 July 2015 Research

Historic mass spectra find 67P carries precursors to key biomolecules, but instruments detect different ones

Kirigami graphene makes microscale devices

30 July 2015 Research

Ancient Japanese folding and cutting art form used to create functional springs and hinges

Reserving room on the rocket

29 July 2015 The Insider

Emma Davies and Katharine Sanderson report on the administrative challenges involved for those who want to run experiments in space

Biogen to develop gene therapies with AGTC

29 July 2015 Business

$1bn deal gives Biogen rights to one clinical candidate and several earlier-stage programmes for rare eye diseases

Hikma boosts generics with Roxane buyout

29 July 2015 Business

Acquiring the Boehringer Ingelheim subsidiary expands Hikma’s presence in US generics market

Celgene to buy immune-inflammatory specialist Receptos

29 July 2015 Business

$7.2bn deal further strengthens Celgene’s position in immunology

Chemistry World podcast – June 2015

29 July 2015 Podcast | Monthly

What makes food sweet? How do we protect against food alteration? New e-paper, and possible treatment for ebola

Switzerland R&D spending falls after Horizon 2020 cash freeze

29 July 2015 News and Analysis

Referendum vote to limit EU immigration has led to national research spending being cuts of 7%

Allergan steps away from generics with sale to Teva

29 July 2015 Business

$40.5 billion deal gives Allergan cash to clear debt and fund further acquisitions, and catapults Teva into global pharma top 10

Malaria vaccine approval first marred by efficacy question mark

29 July 2015 News and Analysis

Low protection rates in trials and uncertainty over cost-effectiveness leave vaccine's future up in the air

Antifreeze polymer protects cells as they thaw

29 July 2015 Research

Simple synthetic polymer found to enhance cryopreservation of red blood cells by inhibiting ice crystal growth

Down to business

28 July 2015 Critical Point

To make the economic case for research, scientists need to understand how commercialisation works, says Mark Peplow

New Horizons sees red over Pluto’s atmosphere

28 July 2015 News and Analysis

Reaction of methane breakdown products are responsible for the dwarf planet’s rosy hue