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Teva sells off products in preparation for Allergan merger

27 June 2016 Business

Generics deals with Impax, Dr Reddy’s and Sagent aimed at satisfying competition authorities

Global R&D trends challenge traditional science powerhouses

27 June 2016 News and Analysis

As more nations fund science and global R&D investments shift east, traditional science leaders like the US and UK are under pressure

Drawing designer COFs

24 June 2016 Research

Microfluidics pave way for making unique covalent organic framework materials

Dismay and uncertainty in scientific circles after UK votes to leave EU

24 June 2016 News and Analysis

Brexit vote prompts fears over freedom of movement and funding

The next generation

24 June 2016  Premium contentFeature

Elinor Hughes catches up with some of the latest materials and processes in photovoltaics research

Women’s safety clothing not fit for purpose

23 June 2016 News and Analysis

Union report finds ill-fitting clothing can harm research and safety

EU poised to legislate endocrine disruptor definition

23 June 2016 Business

The European Commission’s newly proposed standards to identify endocrine disruptors face industry opposition

Obama signs law to revamp US chemical rules

23 June 2016 News and Analysis

A long-awaited overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act that governs America’s regulation of chemicals has been enacted

Miniature carbon bottles hold promise as nano-reactors

23 June 2016 Research

Nanobubbles with hydrophobic interiors also have potential as drug delivery agents

Millions of metal nanoparticles hot off the printing press

23 June 2016 Research

Polymer ink printing opens up vast library of alloy nanoparticles

Chemistry World Book Club podcast – Sorting the beef from the bull

22 June 2016 Podcast | Monthly

This month we discuss the ubiquitous nature of food fraud and its detection

BASF boosts coatings with Chemetall buyout

22 June 2016 Business

$3.2bn purchase from Albemarle continues BASF’s efforts to expand and refocus its coatings division

US biotech director accused of insider trading

22 June 2016 Business

Biostatistics chief at Akebia charged with securities fraud

EU referendum

22 June 2016 News and Analysis

What will the consequences be for science?


22 June 2016 Podcast | Compounds

With a name that literally means rotten resin, asafoetida is a surprising food additive and deodorant

Electric choc treatment promises lower fat chocolate

22 June 2016 Research

Problem of reduced fat chocolate gumming up factories’ pipelines overcome

Licence to drill

21 June 2016 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Catriona Gebbie talks to Nina Notman about life as the only analytical chemist on board a North Sea oil production platform

Metals boss admits illegal export plot

21 June 2016 Business

Global Metallurgy chief conspired to export restricted metals to Iran

Judge voids Merck & Co’s $200m patent claim

21 June 2016 Business

‘Serious misconduct’ kills case over Gilead’s hepatitis C drugs

Opening the gated membrane floodgates

21 June 2016 News and Analysis

A layer of liquid creates switchable, anti-fouling membranes for water purification, biofuel processing and lab-on-chip applications

Computer program pins down carbon capturing ionic liquids

21 June 2016 Research

Simulations take guesswork out of finding optimal conditions for CO2 capture

New German excellence strategy gets political go-ahead

21 June 2016 News and Analysis

Scheme will provide €500 million to bolster country’s best universities and fund best research

Better windows with aerogels

20 June 2016 News and Analysis

Researchers have developed ways of making improved, cheaper transparent silica aerogel composites that could revolutionise windows

Carbon dioxide reduction put under the spotlight

20 June 2016 Research

Rhenium catalyst that responds to visible light can effectively reduce carbon dioxide