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New kid on the block

29 May 2015 Careers Clinic

The transition to a new organisation can be made smoother by following a few simple guidelines, says Laura Woodward

UK launches universal ban on legal highs

29 May 2015 News and Analysis

The government will make it illegal to sell any psychoactive substance in a bid to crack down on designer drugs

Magic molecule modifiers

29 May 2015 In the Pipeline

Late stage functionalisation can seem supernaturally powerful, says Derek Lowe – if you’ve got the nerve to try it

Achillion partners with Janssen to boost hepatitis C pipeline

29 May 2015 Business

Development deal worth up to $1.1bn includes three investigational drugs aiming to extend treatment options in fast-moving market

Majority of global chemical weapons stockpiles destroyed

29 May 2015 News and Analysis

End to chemical weapons in sight as 90% of world's declared stockpiles dismantled

Noble gas joins σ-hole interaction crowd

29 May 2015 Research

Surprising ‘aerogen bonding’ completes set of p-block groups exhibiting the phenomenon

Fighting food fraud

29 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

After recent food scandals, analytical chemistry is more in demand than ever to reassure consumers, as Sarah Houlton discovers

A perfect cure

28 May 2015 Last Retort

Finding a recipe for road-friendly rubber

45 years ago: A medal for Atkins

28 May 2015 Flashback

Peter Atkins was awarded the 1969 Meldola medal for his work in theoretical chemistry

How research organisations can ensure compliance with the GHS CLP chemical regulation

28 May 2015 Webinars

Learn about the latest revisions of the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures regulation

Fallout from rogue US drug lab chemist could lead to thousands of retrials

28 May 2015 News and Analysis

Ruling by Massachusetts court means defendants in drug cases can pursue retrials without fear of harsher sentences

Purely inorganic aromatic ion synthesised

28 May 2015 Research

Aromatic anion made from nitrogen and phosphorus synthesised

Gecko-inspired adhesives for microfluidics

28 May 2015 Research

Technical innovation in reversible bonding allows for strong and affordable devices

Label laundry

27 May 2015 Editorial

Business leader: It's been an interesting month in the world of off-label pharmaceuticals

Actavis plan to thwart generics blocked

27 May 2015 Business

Company prevented from withdrawing original formulation of Alzheimer’s drug to force patients onto extended release version and extend patent exclusivity

US targets neonicotinoid use in pollinator plan

27 May 2015 News and Analysis

Obama’s new strategy to promote pollinator health includes re-evaluating neonicotinoid pesticides

Calcium hydroxide

27 May 2015 Podcast | Compounds

It rendered walls of pyramids and helps remove unwanted hair - Brian Clegg introduces a compound with many names - Calcium hydroxide

Isotope geochemistry

27 May 2015 Review

A matter of decay

ZIF-8 disrupts ionic liquid deep freeze

27 May 2015 Research

Unusual ionic conducting framework retains conductivity at −20°C to open up a promising class of electrolytes

Touch lights up supercooled material

27 May 2015 Research

Weight of a single cell is enough to induce crystallisation in amorphous organic material

Collaboration reduces barriers to rare earth separation

27 May 2015 Research

Photochemistry selectively removes europium from red lamp phosphor

Catching the runaways

26 May 2015 Organic Matter

Exotherms in a plant require more than ice to avoid disaster, says Chemjobber

DuPont fined over fatal leak

26 May 2015 Business

Company lacked proper safety procedures to prevent deaths of four workers in methyl mercaptan leak

Endo to buy Par as generics consolidation continues

26 May 2015 Business

$8bn deal follows trend as drugmakers aim for economies of scale

Pockels' trough

26 May 2015 Classic Kit

Investigating interfaces