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The big experiment

23 January 2015 Critical Point

Plans to stop assessing school pupils’ practical work are the wrong solution to a genuine problem, says Mark Peplow

‘Research bank’ idea floated to support US science agencies

23 January 2015 News and Analysis

Establishment of a public–private bank mooted to smooth out fluctuations in America’s government support for research

Self-cleaning sensors see the light

23 January 2015 Research

Overcoming electrode fouling in biomedical and environmental detectors

Obama talks up research, announces personalised medicine initiative

23 January 2015 News and Analysis

US president proposes ‘precision medicine’ initiative in State of the Union speech

The right CV for me

22 January 2015 Careers Clinic

It may only be read for a few seconds, so your CV needs to make an impact. Charlotte Ashley-Roberts explains how best to show off your skills

US methane emissions reduction effort generates sparks

22 January 2015 Business

White House targets oil and gas sector but gets a chilly reception from Republican lawmakers and industry

Switching desalination plants from carbon dioxide source to sink

22 January 2015 Research

Thermal decomposition of reject brine could help combat carbon dioxide emissions and ocean acidification

Diamond sensor atom scale imaging proposed

22 January 2015 Research

Technique could, in theory, be used to build up a detailed picture of protein binding sites and other complex structures using NMR

BP Deepwater oil spill fines set to fall dramatically

22 January 2015 News and Analysis

Louisiana judge rules that disaster released a million fewer barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico than the US government estimated

Comet 67P’s carbon blanket promises solar system birth insights

22 January 2015 Research

Rosetta probe suggests comet contains complex organic compounds similar to those found in nebula that spawned the sun and planets

Succour for India's struggling scientists

21 January 2015 Managing Change

The Right to Research foundation is helping Indian researchers to work their way into a job, as Rajesh Parishwad finds out

€2.7bn research cuts to fund Europe's stimulus package unveiled

21 January 2015 News and Analysis

Big losers from Horizon 2020 science programme include Europe's technology institute and the European Research Council

Titanium nitride

21 January 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg explains how titanium nitride could protect artificial joints and pimp out your ride

Confusion over Europe's chief scientific adviser post

20 January 2015 News and Analysis

Commission says adviser role will still be scrapped despite UK MEP claims

Tomography allows ancient texts to rise from the ashes

20 January 2015 Research

Scroll from town destroyed in Vesuvius eruption over 2000 years ago deciphered

NIH institute looks to end funding monopolies

19 January 2015 News and Analysis

New guidelines aim to spread grant money more evenly to avoid it accumulating in the hands of research superstars

Chitosan bioelectrode sustains metabolic power to medical implants

19 January 2015 Research

Shrimp shell and fruit extracts improve lifespan of glucose biofuel cells

Roadmap to fast track Ebola vaccine development

19 January 2015 News and Analysis

Expert panel recommends developing multiple vaccines and targeting at risk groups

Open access journal to pay peer reviewers

16 January 2015 News and Analysis

A portion of the article processing charge will be put aside to create a fund to reward referees

January 2015

16 January 2015 Letters

Neonicotinoids in the crossfire

MFG Chemical fined after worker dies

16 January 2015 Business

Company cited for multiple safety failings before the fatal incident

Fred Sanger – double Nobel laureate: a biography

16 January 2015 Review

A biochemical life

Caddisfly silk gets shocked into self-recovery

16 January 2015 Research

Discovery may help scientists design new underwater adhesives

Le Blanc's electrode

15 January 2015 Classic Kit

Raising standards in electrochemistry

New EU law set to open door to GM crops

15 January 2015 News and Analysis

Legislation that will let member states ban GMOs expected to ease approval of GM crops by Europe