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Call for US national laboratories to publish demographic data

29 July 2016 News and Analysis

Transparency key to improving diversity among STEM workforce, says congresswoman

Pigeons used to map lead pollution in cities

29 July 2016 Research

Researchers find lead levels in pigeons mirror those of children in New York City

Key metabolites controlling stem cell fate identified

29 July 2016 Research

Researchers may have found a cheaper way to get cells to differentiate into bone or cartilage on demand

Bringing 2D materials to market

29 July 2016 News and Analysis

Thomas Swan will supply Manchester institutes at bulk scale to speed application development

Chemistry under pressure

29 July 2016  Premium contentFeature

Bizarre and exciting findings are emerging at high pressures even as researchers struggle to explain them, finds Andy Extance

Ghosts in the literature

28 July 2016 Comments

Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky warn of the dangers when citing retracted papers

‘Nanotube-optimised chains’ may boost chances of Olympic cycling success

28 July 2016 News and Analysis

Team GB is using a chain treatment that reportedly leads to significant power savings

Venus flytrap inspired smart material snaps back

28 July 2016 Research

Smart material inspired by carnivorous plant rapidly changes shape in response to temperature and pH changes

Mineral hydrogel may usher in new class of recyclable plastics

28 July 2016 Research

Calcium carbonate hydrogel can be moulded, hardened and recycled – just add water

New antibiotic picked from nose bacteria

27 July 2016 Research

Discovery suggests human microbiome may be an untapped source of antimicrobial compounds

Fluorescent MOF gets billion-fold boost in conductivity

27 July 2016 Research

Filling framework with a conductive polymer paves the way for electronic applications

Chemistry World Book Club podcast – Herding Hemingway's Cats

26 July 2016 Podcast | Monthly

Six-toed cats and misconceptions in genetics are discussed in this months podcast

The coolest show on Earth

26 July 2016 Jobs Profile (Company)

Clouds of liquid nitrogen and flamethrowers are a usual sight at the offices of Russian science and art show Artnauka, Chris Chapman finds

Fibrant to quit US operations

26 July 2016 Business

Caprolactam supplier will shed hundreds of jobs, while operations in Europe and China continue

Arkema boosts Bostik adhesives

26 July 2016 Business

New adhesives plant in Sweden and acquisition of Dutch firm Den Braven

Celgene and Jounce team up against cancer

26 July 2016 Business

Firms promise next-generation immuno-oncology as existing drugs rack up successes


26 July 2016 Podcast | Compounds

Kat Arney tells us about the active ingredient in energy drinks

Molecules built from supersized atoms

26 July 2016 Research

Superatomic structures could find applications in catalysis, energy conversion and storage

Herding Hemingway’s cats: understanding how our genes work

26 July 2016 Review

Snow White and the six-toed paws

Homo citans and carbon allotropes

25 July 2016 Comments

Roald Hoffmann and Davide Proserpio ask why citation is so important to chemistry

HPLC-free synthesis slashes protein production time

25 July 2016 Research

Tagging system may make building biologically relevant proteins faster, cheaper and greener

Hydrogel fulfils burning desire for dissolvable bandage

25 July 2016 Research

Burn dressing created that simply washes off, rather than having to be cut away could mean less pain for patients

Quantum computer simulates hydrogen molecule

25 July 2016 Research

Prototype shows potential for more complex electronic structure calculations 

Flashback: 40 years ago

22 July 2016 Flashback

Jeremy Sanders received the Meldola Medal for his work in organic chemistry

Former Lotte Chemical chief under fire

22 July 2016 Business

Ex-head of South Korean firm grilled by prosecutors over alleged fake accounting records