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Abbot boosts heart devices with St Jude buyout

6 May 2016 Business

Medical devices consolidation continues with $25bn deal, but Abbott expresses concerns over proposed Alere merger

Cancer deals spread

4 May 2016 Business

AbbVie nabs antibody specialist Stemcentrx, while Sanofi pursues Medivation

Chemours sheds disinfectants and aniline

3 May 2016 Business

Dow Chemical and Germany’s Lanxess will buy plants as Chemours restructures following its spin-off from DuPont

Pumping up industrial wasted heat

26 April 2016 Business

Company profile: Qpinch reclaims wasted energy by mimicking nature

FDA moves to withdraw swine drug carbadox

13 April 2016 Business

Carcinogenic antibiotic has been banned in EU, Canada and Australia for years

Surge in US industry investment linked to shale gas

12 April 2016 Business

264 expansion or construction projects announced, of which 40% have commenced or completed

Brazilian recession hits chemical industry

11 April 2016 Business

Demand for chemical products has fallen 7.9% in the last year, as production hits all-time low

Dow settles remaining polyurethane price-fixing suits

11 April 2016 Business

$400m proposal covers claims of customers not involved in previous class action lawsuit

DuPont shutters US plant where leak killed four workers

8 April 2016 Business

La Porte plant will not reopen after fatal methyl mercaptan leak in 2014

Californian hazard warning website criticised

8 April 2016 Business

Site providing information related to state’s Proposition 65 law is ‘inaccurate’ says industry association

US treasury rules scupper Pfizer–Allergan merger

8 April 2016 Business

Government aims to crack down on corporate tax avoidance through ‘inversion’ deals

Two dead in explosion at Chinese chemical plant

5 April 2016 Business

Five others injured when wastewater treatment device detonated

Gilead loses to Merck & Co in hepatitis C drug dispute

31 March 2016 Business

US court upholds Merck’s claim to patents related to blockbuster drugs

MEGlobal to build $1bn US petrochemical plant

30 March 2016 Business

Ethylene glycol company announces plans for first US facility

Indian whistleblower pushes for regulatory reform

29 March 2016 Business

Although denied a hearing by India’s supreme court, Dinesh Thakur wants to shake up pharmaceutical safety laws

Roche sketches out Blueprint collaboration

18 March 2016 Business

Drug discovery startup will contribute to cancer immunotherapy projects aimed at kinase enzymes

India bans 344 combination drugs

17 March 2016 Business

Manufacturers appeal to courts to allow continued sales of products the government deems risky

Sanction lift triggers investment in Iran

16 March 2016 Business

Ambitious state plans and openness to foreign companies could combine to revive Iran’s chemical industry

Sanofi and Merck & Co end vaccines partnership

14 March 2016 Business

Two-decade-long alliance will split by end of 2016

ExxonMobil sued for Clean Air Act violations

10 March 2016 Business

Environmental campaigners claim ExxonMobil’s plant emissions harm local residents

Dow to settle polyurethane price-fixing case

4 March 2016 Business

Chemical giant cancels Supreme Court appeal of damages and agrees $835m settlement

EPA aims to remove flubendiamide pesticide from market

3 March 2016 Business

After reassessing environmental impact, the agency wants to withdraw Bayer and Nichino America insecticides

Quotient ups carbon-14 quota with recycling plant

1 March 2016 Business

Plant may provide a solution to the supply shortage of the radiolabel barium [C-14] carbonate

BASF to cut 350 jobs in plant science research

26 February 2016 Business

Company will also close field trial sites in Hawaii, India and Puerto Rico

Illumina to sue Oxford Nanopore over patent infringement

26 February 2016 Business

UK firm’s use of pore proteins in DNA sequencing alleged to contravene two Illumina patents