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Merger creates new gases giant

27 November 2015 Business

Air Liquide will buy Airgas in a $13 billion deal to become the world’s biggest industrial gases supplier

Pfizer and Allergan agree mega-merger

27 November 2015 Business

$160 billion deal allows Pfizer to escape US tax system by re-homing in Ireland

Drug firms to share chemical compound libraries

26 November 2015 Business

AstraZeneca and Sanofi aim to facilitate drug discovery by swapping 210,000 proprietary chemical compounds

Advancing animal testing alternatives

18 November 2015 Business

Animal rights groups are engaging with researchers and regulators to develop replacement tests and ensure they’re adopted

Carbon dioxide leak at US coffee plant prompts federal probe

17 November 2015 Business

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is investigating a fatal incident at a Texas decaffeination plant

Building better bottles

17 November 2015 Business

Catalytic Technologies wants to replace antimony catalysts in polyester production with safer, more active titanium

Viral cancer therapy approved in the US

11 November 2015 Business

T-Vec is the first approved oncolytic virus, but its limited treatment scope means it is unlikely to become a blockbuster

AstraZeneca to buy ZS Pharma for ion-balance drugs

9 November 2015 Business

$2.7 billion deal anticipates regulatory success for drug candidate under review

Pharma kickback claims lead to individual prosecutions

9 November 2015 Business

Warner Chilcott and Novartis face large fines for paying doctors to prescribe their drugs

Samsung to sell chemicals businesses to Lotte

6 November 2015 Business

Korean conglomerate Lotte will pay £1.7 billion for stake in Samsung's chemicals businesses

Dow backs off of Kuwaiti joint ventures

5 November 2015 Business

EQUATE will acquire MEGlobal as part of Dow’s restructuring of its Kuwaiti joint ventures

Shire to buy rare disease specialist Dyax

4 November 2015 Business

Deal includes an already-approved drug for angioedema and an experimental antibody treatment

Bristol-Myers Squibb to buy Cardioxyl for heart drug

3 November 2015 Business

Deal worth up to $2bn gives BMS full rights to Phase II clinical candidate

Job cuts at Daiichi, Perrigo and Cabot

28 October 2015 Business

Staff reductions aimed at cutting costs or, in Perrigo’s case, fending off a takeover bid

Biogen to cut 800 jobs worldwide

23 October 2015 Business

US biotech is reducing its workforce by 11% and cancelling several R&D programmes to cut costs

Nine dead in China plant blast

22 October 2015 Business

Explosion in Shandong province latest of several incidents in Chinese chemical plants

BMS agrees $1.7bn immuno-oncology collaboration

19 October 2015 Business

Deal strengthens cancer antibody alliance with Five Prime Therapeutics

Raising industry’s voice

16 October 2015 Business

Canadian companies need to engage more with government to safeguard competitiveness while improving sustainability

DuPont found liable for cancer case

13 October 2015 Business

US court orders firm to pay $1.6m in damages for disease linked to contaminated water supply

Monsanto plans 2600 layoffs

12 October 2015 Business

Sales losses prompt agrochemical giant to slash workforce by 12% over the next two years

EPA fines Mosaic Fertilizer over hazardous waste handling

8 October 2015 Business

US Environmental Protection Agency agrees settlement contract including $8m penalty and $800m in investments

Controversial new trade deal finalised

8 October 2015 Business

The Trans-Pacific Partnership could raise the price of medicines, especially in developing nations

Bristol-Myers Squibb fined for alleged Chinese bribes

7 October 2015 Business

US Securities and Exchange Commission accepts $14m settlement for charges covering the last five years

Safety board fills in details of deadly DuPont leak

5 October 2015 Business

In interim investigation has outlined the events and safety failings leading to a methyl mercaptan release that killed four workers

Drax pulls out of carbon capture power station plans

28 September 2015 Business

Energy giant says government policies have slashed income and made carbon capture project too costly