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Achillion partners with Janssen to boost hepatitis C pipeline

29 May 2015 Business

Development deal worth up to $1.1bn includes three investigational drugs aiming to extend treatment options in fast-moving market

Actavis plan to thwart generics blocked

27 May 2015 Business

Company prevented from withdrawing original formulation of Alzheimer’s drug to force patients onto extended release version and extend patent exclusivity

DuPont fined over fatal leak

26 May 2015 Business

Company lacked proper safety procedures to prevent deaths of four workers in methyl mercaptan leak

Endo to buy Par as generics consolidation continues

26 May 2015 Business

$8bn deal follows trend as drugmakers aim for economies of scale

Canada sets climate target

21 May 2015 Business

Canada aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from energy-intensive sectors by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030

GSK commits to HIV research

19 May 2015 Business

Firm will partner with US university and cancels plan to sell its share of ViiV Healthcare joint venture

Judge refuses Freedom Industries’ bankruptcy plan

18 May 2015 Business

Court says $6.7m proposal from the company responsible for huge West Virginia chemical spill is inadequate

$13.8bn Danaher bid wins Pall auction

18 May 2015 Business

Mega-merger follows consolidation trend in lab equipment supply sector, but analysts suggest this is yet to impact pricing competition

Dupont overcomes investor challenge

15 May 2015 Business

Shareholders decline to elect activist board nominees in a show of support for the current management’s strategy

Trade agreement could limit access to medicines

15 May 2015 Business

If approved in its leaked form, the Trans-Pacific Partnership would pose barriers for generic drugs to enter the market and keep drug prices high, warns the Foundation for Aids Research

Injunction blocks first US biosimilar

14 May 2015 Business

Despite regulatory approval, Amgen is delaying sales of Sandoz’s version of filgrastim

FDA accused of violating drug company’s freedom of speech

14 May 2015 Business

Amarin says the regulator is stopping it from giving ‘truthful, not misleading’ information to doctors about its fatty acid drug

Alexion to buy Synageva for rare disease drugs

12 May 2015 Business

$8.4bn deal gives firm access to enzyme drug currently under review with US and EU regulators

Zoetis to sell or close 10 plants in cost-cutting drive

11 May 2015 Business

Animal health firm will slash product portfolio in a bid to save $300m annually

Takeda offers $2.4bn to settle diabetes litigation

11 May 2015 Business

Aims to settle multiple outstanding lawsuits relating to Actos (pioglitazone) and bladder cancer

Kolon and Dupont settle trade secrets case

8 May 2015 Business

Korean firm admits stealing Kevlar technology and will pay $360m in fines and restitution

Dow to shed up to 1750 jobs by 2017

7 May 2015 Business

Chemical giant will lay off about 3% of its global workforce in the next two yearsChemical giant will lay off about 3% of its global workforce in the next two years

Merger creates biggest supplier of unlicensed drugs

5 May 2015 Business

Clinigen will buy Idis to consolidate different routes by which doctors can access medicines that are unavailable locally

Generics firms in three-way takeover battle

1 May 2015 Business

Mylan is chasing Perrigo, while fending off advances from Teva

Daiichi Sankyo steps out after Sun-Ranbaxy merger

22 April 2015 Business

Ranbaxy’s Japanese owner has sold off its stake in the merged company, but will retain its business partnership

Generics giant Mylan offers $30 billion for Perrigo

13 April 2015 Business

Mylan makes ambitious takeover offer just weeks after Abbott aquisition closes

BMS invests in gene therapy

9 April 2015 Business

Bristol-Myers Squibb makes $100 million deal with biotech uniQure

Leak causes explosion at para-xylene plant in China

8 April 2015 Business

Twelve injured by explosion and fire caused by a leaking xylene tank at chemical plant

Horizon to acquire orphan drugs in $1.1bn Hyperion takeover

2 April 2015 Business

Horizon will buy Hyperion and add new drugs to its rare disease portfolio

Novartis accused of ‘derailing’ trials for cheap eye disease drug

2 April 2015 Business

BMJ says pharma giant is trying to block access to a drug that would save the NHS millions