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Switching mindsets

27 May 2016  Premium contentFeature

The promise of molecules that photoswitch is increasingly rich, especially in biomedical applications, Andy Extance finds

Building better bones

20 May 2016  Premium contentFeature

Can we make biodegradable materials strong enough to support the human body yet porous enough to allow real bone tissue to regenerate? Hayley Birch finds out 

Searching for complexity

13 May 2016 Feature

Lee Cronin’s research ranges from inorganic clusters to robot reactors driven by algorithms. Anthony King finds out what makes him tick

Harry Kroto 1939–2016

10 May 2016 Feature

Neil Withers pays tribute to Harry Kroto, the co-discoverer of buckminsterfullerene, who died recently

The fleeting frontier 

29 April 2016  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance finds out how chemists are studying processes lasting trillionths of a second – and even less – using laser-based pump–probe experiments

Plastic problems

22 April 2016  Premium contentFeature

Tiny pieces of plastic may be doing as much harm in our oceans and waterways as the big stuff, finds Nina Notman

TOC-L analyser

21 April 2016 Feature

User review - total organic carbon analyser

Going up in vapour

15 April 2016  Premium contentFeature

As research suggests that e-cigarettes may expose vapers to harmful chemicals, Rebecca Trager finds that governments are catching up with regulations 

Living colour

8 April 2016  Premium contentFeature

Fluorescent proteins can illuminate cells’ inner workings, but making them takes effort – and luck, as Andy Extance discovers

Enzymes for everyone

24 March 2016  Premium contentFeature

Can scientists overcome enzymes’ fragility and exploit their speed and specificity? Fiona Case investigates

Soft robots get a grip

18 March 2016 Feature

Rachel Brazil looks at how chemists are helping make robots with a more gentle touch

Potash on a megascale

11 March 2016  Premium contentFeature

A new mine could produce up to 20 million tonnes of potash each year and provide 1000 jobs – but it’s in a national park. Michael Freemantle reports

When is an enzyme not a protein?

29 February 2016  Premium contentFeature

When it’s a ribozyme. Clare Sansom reports

The white stuff

22 February 2016  Premium contentFeature

With potential health concerns raised over nanosize forms of TiO2, Emma Davies explores the ubiquitous white pigment’s past, present and future

Molecular machines

16 February 2016 Feature

Victoria Richards investigates the world of artificial molecular machines – where have they come from and where are they headed?

Age of the phage

8 February 2016  Premium contentFeature

Hayley Birch discovers how researchers are using proteins from viruses to create new antimicrobial drugs

A volatile question

29 January 2016  Premium contentFeature

VOCs are more than just a man-made problem. Anthony King looks through the wood to the trees

The cutting edge of gene editing

22 January 2016 Feature

The new gene-editing tool Crispr is taking the scientific world by storm, reports Katrina Megget

Raiders of the lost steel

15 January 2016  Premium contentFeature

The skills behind the legendary sharpness of wootz steel were once forgotten, but Andy Extance talks to the researchers unsheathing its secrets

The natural food dye revolution

8 January 2016  Premium contentFeature

As consumers turn their backs on artificial food colorants, food scientists learn how to work with natural alternatives. Sarah Houlton investigates

Bones of contention

23 December 2015 Feature

Can protein in dinosaur bones survive for millions of years? Rachel Brazil explores the evidence

The bonds that bind

21 December 2015  Premium contentFeature

Mike Sutton plots the journey of the scientists who solved the riddle of chemical bonding

Sers and the rise of the Raman empire

16 December 2015  Premium contentFeature

Dermot Martin looks at how Sers was invented and how it is expanding its sphere of influence

Going for gold

11 December 2015  Premium contentFeature

Nina Notman looks at attempts to reduce the environmental impacts of small-scale gold mining

Well-tempered chocolate

1 December 2015 Feature

Nina Notman discovers that controlling crystal structures and emulsions is the key to good chocolate