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Chemists at war

24 July 2014  Premium contentFeature

The first world war saw chemistry play a vital role – and in more than just poison gas. Mike Sutton looks back

The art detectives

27 June 2014  Premium contentFeature

Spectroscopic techniques allow scientists to look over the shoulders of old masters. Emma Stoye reports

Beyond wonder

26 June 2014  Premium contentFeature

Five artists show Andy Extance why science and art need not be mutually exclusive

Unwitting artists?

24 June 2014  Premium contentFeature

Is there art in chemical structures and diagrams? Jennifer Newton looks at the aesthetics all around us

Conservative innovations

23 June 2014 Feature

Rachel Brazil finds out how chemists can restore art to its former glory

The colourful science

19 June 2014 Feature

Philip Ball traces how chemists and artists have been inspiring each other for centuries

Triple-stranded success story

2 June 2014 Feature

Tom Brown is our Entrepreneur of the Year. He tells Sarah Houlton the secrets of his success

Safety first?

29 May 2014 Feature

Just how safe is working in a laboratory? Jon Evans discovers that it depends on where you are

The chemistry of inaction

27 May 2014  Premium contentFeature

Philip Ball delves into the suspended animation of cells

Reaching out

22 May 2014  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance surveys how pharma uses outsourcing in a variety of different ways

Eliminating Syria's chemical weapons

21 May 2014 Feature

Nina Notman reports on the international efforts to destroy Syria’s stockpiles of chemical agents

Green packaging blues

9 May 2014  Premium contentFeature

Plastic packaging is ubiquitous, but uses precious resources and goes straight to waste. Bea Perks takes a look

A fat lot of good

2 May 2014  Premium contentFeature

Lipids have been the the poor relations of DNA and proteins for some time, but Philip Ball discovers that they are ready to take centre stage

It's even cheaper being green

30 April 2014  Premium contentFeature

Reducing the environmental impact of your lab can save money as well as water and fuel. Phillip Broadwith reports

The sultan of synthesis

11 April 2014 Feature

Phil Baran is spurring organic chemists to rethink how they make complex compounds, as Mark Peplow discovers

Targeting breast cancer

28 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Tamoxifen has been treating breast cancer for 40 years, but few would have predicted how much this drug would contribute to saving lives, writes John Mann

Digging deep for safer water

27 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Arsenic-laced water is still poisoning millions of people in Asia. Nina Notman looks to see if an end is in sight

Preserving the Mary Rose

21 March 2014 Feature

Jon Evans explores the chemistry stabilising the Tudor battleship for display

Chemistry on the front line

20 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Philip Robinson reports from the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down

Science at your fingertips

27 February 2014  Premium contentFeature

Will the rise of smartphones revolutionise chemistry? Sarah Houlton finds out

On stranger nucleotides

25 February 2014 Feature

Chemists have been making artificial DNA base pairs for 20 years. Josh Howgego investigates

Chemists on a mission

21 February 2014 Feature

The dramatic footage from a humanitarian crisis rarely features chemists, but they can play a vital role. Fiona Case is inspired by some examples

Chemistry redux

19 February 2014  Premium contentFeature

At least six UK universities have recently opened a chemistry department. Kathryn Roberts reports

The hunt for innovation

31 January 2014  Premium contentFeature

Big pharma companies are embracing a more open and collaborative approach. Nuala Moran discovers who’s working with whom

What is a bond?

30 January 2014  Premium contentFeature

There’s more to bonding than covalent, ionic and the lines we draw between atoms on paper. Philip Ball takes on the expanding list of chemical connections