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Capturing carbon

22 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance finds uncertainty over efforts to capture and store CO2 from power generation

All set for chemistry

15 May 2015 Feature

Chemistry sets through the years have both weathered and reflected many changes in science and society, as Philip Ball discovers

Natural non-caloric sweeteners

8 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

Food companies are starting to switch from synthetic to natural sugar substitutes, Rachel Brazil reports

Imaging the future

24 April 2015  Premium contentFeature

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to open their eyes to the power of mass spectrometry imaging, finds Nina Notman

Crossing the valley of death

17 April 2015  Premium contentFeature

Katrina Krämer examines efforts to bridge the gap between university research and commercial products

Big problems with little particles?

9 April 2015 Feature

There is a risk that poor toxicology studies could start undermining the success of nanomaterials, reports Elinor Hughes

Is all matter made of just one element?

2 April 2015  Premium contentFeature

William Prout’s answer to this perennial question launched two centuries of controversy. Mike Sutton reports

Combating rare diseases

26 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Developing drugs for treating rare diseases isn’t always financially viable. Clare Sansom looks at some recent success stories

It's a bloody business

19 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Determining the role drugs and poisons may have played in death is the responsibility of forensic toxicologists. Nina Notman reports

A whiff of contention

12 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Efforts to predict a molecule’s scent and to build artificial noses are progressing despite a lack of knowledge and disagreements within the olfactory community, finds Andy Extance

Alchemy on the page

5 March 2015 Feature

Books used by alchemists offer insights into the relationship between these early chemists and their texts. Philip Ball investigates

Learning from the masters

2 March 2015 Feature

By unpicking how cephalopods change their looks to match their environment, researchers are aiming to reverse-engineer a host of novel materials. Emma Davies reports

The enzyme hunters

27 February 2015  Premium contentFeature

Novozymes is scouring the world for enzymes that make industrial processes more sustainable, as Mark Peplow discovers

From screen to cell

24 February 2015  Premium contentFeature

Nina Notman finds out how liquid crystals are moving into the biotechnology and pharmaceutical toolbox

Conduct and misconduct

19 February 2015  Premium contentFeature

After high profile hoaxes, the scientific community is looking to ensure that researchers maintain high standards of research integrity. Bea Perks reports

High hopes

3 February 2015 Feature

Cannabinoids are finally coming out of the shadows and onto the shelves of pharmacies around the globe. Rachel Brazil reports

India’s chemistry challenges

3 February 2015 Feature

India’s climate, its vast population and extremely rapid development make it host to a unique set of challenges. Sanjay Kumar finds out how Indian chemists are developing home-grown solutions

The green molecule

2 February 2015  Premium contentFeature

From the observation that plants replenish oxygen in the air to artificial photosynthesis for making liquid fuel, Mike Sutton tells the story of the chemists fascinated by chlorophyll

Explosive chemistry

29 January 2015  Premium contentFeature

The Forensic Explosives Laboratory supports police investigations into unlawful use of explosives. Philip Robinson reports from Fort Halstead

DNA gets with the program

27 January 2015  Premium contentFeature

Molecular computing systems could improve disease diagnosis – and even hack living cells, finds Andy Extance

Mapping the mosquito

8 January 2015  Premium contentFeature

Uncovering how mosquitoes sniff out their human victims may lead to new tools to conquer malaria and dengue fever. Emma Davies reports

Flowing rivers of mercury

7 January 2015 Feature

Philip Ball investigates claims that the burial chamber of China’s first emperor contains rivers of shimmering mercury

Engineering the climate

6 January 2015  Premium contentFeature

Could technologies that modify the Earth’s climate control systems help us limit global temperature rises? Nina Notman investigates

Goodenough rules

23 December 2014  Premium contentFeature

Bea Perks profiles a veteran scientist whose fundamental and applied research continues to shape the world we live in

Fermenting ideas

10 December 2014 Feature

21st century cider owes a lot to modern knowhow in managing fermentation and balancing flavour. Andy Extance immerses himself in the science of scrumpy