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From oil to chemicals

29 October 2014  Premium contentFeature

After decades of exporting oil, Saudi Arabia is looking to increase its capacity to produce chemicals. Emma Davies reports

Harvesting heat

27 October 2014  Premium contentFeature

Philip Ball looks at the materials that harness waste heat and turn it into useful energy

Microbial miners

24 October 2014  Premium contentFeature

Jon Evans discovers the microbes hard at work on our behalf, extracting valuable metals from low-grade ore

The resolution revolution

23 October 2014 Feature

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy earned three of its creators a Nobel prize this year. Emma Stoye focuses in on their story

Transparency measures forced on pharma

30 September 2014 Feature

Previous misdemeanours are compelling the pharmaceutical industry to be more open with financial information and clinical data, writes Nuala Moran

Pepping up antibiotics

29 September 2014  Premium contentFeature

Industry and academia are turning to antimicrobial peptides to find new antibiotics, Andy Extance discovers

The molecules that make memory

26 September 2014  Premium contentFeature

The chemistry of making – and losing – memories is increasingly well understood, as Rachel Brazil discovers

Faster, cheaper, better

24 September 2014  Premium contentFeature

Microfluidics researchers are aiming to bring new diagnostic devices into mainstream medicine. Mark Peplow reports

Chemistry in bloom

23 September 2014 Feature

Sarah Houlton discovers the chemistry among the specimens at many botanical gardens

Unpicking natural product synthesis

28 August 2014  Premium contentFeature

Is total synthesis in danger of a decline? Nina Notman investigates

Life in the freeze frame

26 August 2014  Premium contentFeature

Using x-rays to probe biological molecules has revolutionised science. Clare Sansom looks at a century of progress

The power of perovskites

22 August 2014  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance finds out how the efficiency of perovskite solar cells has risen so quickly

Should they stay or should they go?

21 August 2014 Feature

Angeli Mehta asks what a yes vote in Scotland’s independence would referendum mean for chemistry

The worldwide chemist

31 July 2014 Feature

Bea Perks profiles Martyn Poliakoff, the internet’s favourite ‘mad professor’

The other carbon dioxide problem

29 July 2014 Feature

Carbon dioxide produced by human activity is acidifying the ocean at an unprecedented and alarming rate. Nina Notman investigates

Detecting chirality

28 July 2014  Premium contentFeature

Katia Moskvitch finds out about the latest techniques to determining a molecule’s chirality

Chemists at war

24 July 2014  Premium contentFeature

The first world war saw chemistry play a vital role – and in more than just poison gas. Mike Sutton looks back

The art detectives

27 June 2014  Premium contentFeature

Spectroscopic techniques allow scientists to look over the shoulders of old masters. Emma Stoye reports

Beyond wonder

26 June 2014  Premium contentFeature

Five artists show Andy Extance why science and art need not be mutually exclusive

Unwitting artists?

24 June 2014  Premium contentFeature

Is there art in chemical structures and diagrams? Jennifer Newton looks at the aesthetics all around us

Conservative innovations

23 June 2014 Feature

Rachel Brazil finds out how chemists can restore art to its former glory

The colourful science

19 June 2014 Feature

Philip Ball traces how chemists and artists have been inspiring each other for centuries

Triple-stranded success story

2 June 2014 Feature

Tom Brown is our Entrepreneur of the Year. He tells Sarah Houlton the secrets of his success

Safety first?

29 May 2014 Feature

Just how safe is working in a laboratory? Jon Evans discovers that it depends on where you are

The chemistry of inaction

27 May 2014  Premium contentFeature

Philip Ball delves into the suspended animation of cells