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The sultan of synthesis

11 April 2014 Feature

Phil Baran is spurring organic chemists to rethink how they make complex compounds, as Mark Peplow discovers

Targeting breast cancer

28 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Tamoxifen has been treating breast cancer for 40 years, but few would have predicted how much this drug would contribute to saving lives, writes John Mann

Digging deep for safer water

27 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Arsenic-laced water is still poisoning millions of people in Asia. Nina Notman looks to see if an end is in sight

Preserving the Mary Rose

21 March 2014 Feature

Jon Evans explores the chemistry stabilising the Tudor battleship for display

Chemistry on the front line

20 March 2014  Premium contentFeature

Philip Robinson reports from the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down

Science at your fingertips

27 February 2014  Premium contentFeature

Will the rise of smartphones revolutionise chemistry? Sarah Houlton finds out

On stranger nucleotides

25 February 2014  Premium contentFeature

Chemists have been making artificial DNA base pairs for 20 years. Josh Howgego investigates

Chemists on a mission

21 February 2014 Feature

The dramatic footage from a humanitarian crisis rarely features chemists, but they can play a vital role. Fiona Case is inspired by some examples

Chemistry redux

19 February 2014  Premium contentFeature

At least six UK universities have recently opened a chemistry department. Kathryn Roberts reports

The hunt for innovation

31 January 2014  Premium contentFeature

Big pharma companies are embracing a more open and collaborative approach. Nuala Moran discovers who’s working with whom

What is a bond?

30 January 2014  Premium contentFeature

There’s more to bonding than covalent, ionic and the lines we draw between atoms on paper. Philip Ball takes on the expanding list of chemical connections

What can U do?

21 January 2014  Premium contentFeature

Actinide chemistry is reaching beyond nuclear and revealing surprising behaviour, finds Andy Extance

The art of alternatives

16 January 2014 Feature

Recent years have seen great advances in alternatives to animal tests, yet we still need a giant leap to full replacement, as Emma Davies reports

Beyond graphene

3 January 2014 Feature

Other materials can be made into ultra-thin nanosheets. Jon Evans finds out whether they can generate the same buzz

Chemistry in the face of belief

23 December 2013  Premium contentFeature

Far from putting the debate to rest, the dating of the Turin Shroud merely fuelled the controversy, as Richard Corfield discovers

Ordering the elements

20 December 2013  Premium contentFeature

From the law of octaves to the periodic table as we know it, Mike Sutton traces how chemists put their house in order

Crystal clear

13 December 2013  Premium contentFeature

With the international year of crystallography upon us, Clare Sansom celebrates this important discipline

Blessed are the cheesemakers

29 November 2013 Feature

Andy Extance gets his teeth into the craft and chemistry of his favourite taste-laced smell gel

Farming tomorrow

26 November 2013  Premium contentFeature

Technology is helping farmers better control the use of fertilisers and pesticides, as Elisabeth Jeffries reports

Generic problems

22 November 2013  Premium contentFeature

The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been hit by recent problems. Angeli Mehta investigates

Nature's navigation system

21 November 2013  Premium contentFeature

What’s the clever chemistry behind the magnetic mechanisms that allow birds and other animals to navigate? Anthony King takes a look

What are you afraid of?

29 October 2013 Feature

The public’s mistrust of ‘chemicals’ will take great efforts to repair. Katharine Sanderson looks at the ‘c’-word

Models of success

23 October 2013 Feature

The 2013 Nobel prize in chemistry was for combining quantum and classical mechanics, as Emma Stoye discovers

Magical mixtures of metals

18 October 2013  Premium contentFeature

From bronze axes to jet engines, alloys have enabled humanity’s cutting-edge technology, as Fiona Case finds out

Paving the way to polythene

11 October 2013  Premium contentFeature

It is 50 years since Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta won the Nobel prize for their work on polymers