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Agatha Christie, the queen of crime chemistry

28 August 2015 Feature

Kathryn Harkup looks at how Agatha Christie used her chemical training in her detective novels

Who reviews the reviews?

21 August 2015  Premium contentFeature

Nina Notman investigates the new alternatives being developed to replace peer review as we know it

Exploiting the data mine

13 August 2015 Feature

Chemists must embrace open data to allow us to collectively get the best out of the masses of new knowledge we unearth, reports Clare Sansom

The chemists’ war

10 August 2015  Premium contentFeature

The first world war not only exploited known chemistry but also led to significant advances. Michael Freemantle explains

More than dirty snowballs?

31 July 2015  Premium contentFeature

Comets are thought to represent leftover building blocks of the solar system; Jennifer Newton finds more questions than answers

Made to measure

23 July 2015  Premium contentFeature

Emma Stoye investigates how instruments for space exploration are built and how the technology brings benefits down to Earth

Chasing stardust

20 July 2015  Premium contentFeature

Molecules in deep space are very small and very far away, as Matthew Gunther discovers

Chemical life support

10 July 2015  Premium contentFeature

Keeping astronauts alive requires some clever chemistry, as Katharine Sanderson discovers

Getting the measure of Mars

3 July 2015 Feature

Sophisticated analytical chemistry is studying our neighbouring planet, as Andy Extance discovers

Organic odysseys

29 June 2015 Feature

Andy Extance looks at two drugs that cranked the synthetic challenge all the way up to Halaven

Elemental exhibits

26 June 2015  Premium contentFeature

Now forgotten but for a few dusty displays in foyers, chemical museums were once important teaching facilities in chemistry departments across the world, as Peter Morris discovers

Graphene beyond the hype

19 June 2015 Feature

For the past 10 years, graphene has popped up in many headlines. Emma Stoye looks at whether current progress matches up to the promises

The peak of success

10 June 2015 Feature

Our 2015 entrepreneur of the year is Ray Fisher of Peakdale Molecular

Pharma goes hi-tech

5 June 2015  Premium contentFeature

Technology and telecommunications have the potential to revolutionise healthcare, as Anthony King reports

Fighting food fraud

29 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

After recent food scandals, analytical chemistry is more in demand than ever to reassure consumers, as Sarah Houlton discovers

Capturing carbon

22 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

Andy Extance finds uncertainty over efforts to capture and store CO2 from power generation

All set for chemistry

15 May 2015 Feature

Chemistry sets through the years have both weathered and reflected many changes in science and society, as Philip Ball discovers

Natural non-caloric sweeteners

8 May 2015  Premium contentFeature

Food companies are starting to switch from synthetic to natural sugar substitutes, Rachel Brazil reports

Imaging the future

24 April 2015  Premium contentFeature

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are beginning to open their eyes to the power of mass spectrometry imaging, finds Nina Notman

Crossing the valley of death

17 April 2015  Premium contentFeature

Katrina Krämer examines efforts to bridge the gap between university research and commercial products

Big problems with little particles?

9 April 2015 Feature

There is a risk that poor toxicology studies could start undermining the success of nanomaterials, reports Elinor Hughes

Is all matter made of just one element?

2 April 2015  Premium contentFeature

William Prout’s answer to this perennial question launched two centuries of controversy. Mike Sutton reports

Combating rare diseases

26 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Developing drugs for treating rare diseases isn’t always financially viable. Clare Sansom looks at some recent success stories

It's a bloody business

19 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Determining the role drugs and poisons may have played in death is the responsibility of forensic toxicologists. Nina Notman reports

A whiff of contention

12 March 2015  Premium contentFeature

Efforts to predict a molecule’s scent and to build artificial noses are progressing despite a lack of knowledge and disagreements within the olfactory community, finds Andy Extance