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The right CV for me

22 January 2015 Careers Clinic

It may only be read for a few seconds, so your CV needs to make an impact. Charlotte Ashley-Roberts explains how best to show off your skills

Planning a 50-year career

30 September 2014 Careers Clinic

The retirement age is creeping up, so it’s wise to think about your future today, says Julie Franklin

Growing green

3 September 2014 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts gives some tips on getting into green careers

Getting the balance right

2 July 2014 Careers Clinic

Julie Franklin explains the advantages of flexible working, and how to make it work for you

Science within Reach

7 May 2014 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts explains what the Reach regulations could mean for you and your role

What's in it for SME?

12 February 2014 Careers Clinic

Small businesses offer unique opportunities for those who are up to the job, explains Charlotte Ashley Roberts

Back to business

21 January 2014 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts shares her thoughts as she prepares to return to the world of work after maternity leave

All the fun of the fair

20 November 2013 Careers Clinic

Roll up, roll up! Everyone’s a winner! Julie Franklin explains how to make the most of a trip to the recruitment fair

The master plan

9 October 2013 Careers Clinic

Laura Woodward describes some simple strategies to manage your career and take control of your future

Dealing with redundancy

31 July 2013 Careers Clinic

Facing unemployment can be frightening, but keep calm and consider your options before you carry on, says Laura Woodward

Finding a job you'll love

26 June 2013 Careers Clinic

Laura Woodward gives some advice to job hunters looking for love

Looking good on LinkedIn

24 April 2013 Careers Clinic

Laura Woodward gives some advice on using your online presence to make connections, attract employers and get the job you want

Prepare for interview success

20 March 2013 Careers Clinic

Getting ready for a job interview will make all the difference, so do your homework first, says Laura Woodward

Maternity leave and your rights

7 February 2013 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts covers the employments rights of mums (and dads) to be

Compute with confidence

20 November 2012 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley Roberts gives some advice on finding a job as a computational chemist and the importance of staying positive

Any volunteers?

30 October 2012 Careers Clinic

Volunteering is a great way to broaden your skills and experience, says Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

Feed the world

10 October 2012 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts takes a look at opportunities for chemists in agricultural science

Return of the chemist

28 August 2012 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts gives some advice on coming back to chemistry

The social network

31 July 2012 Careers Clinic

The virtual world can be a powerful networking tool if you know how to use it. Charlotte Ashley-Roberts explains how

Use your body

1 June 2012 Careers Clinic

Joining a professional body has a range of career benefits from training to networking and sharing expertise explains Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

Working in isolation

27 April 2012 Careers Clinic

Living in rural or remote areas can make job hunting even harder. But there may be more opportunities than you think, explains Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

Working abroad

31 March 2012 Careers Clinic

Working in another country affords a world of new experiences and opportunities, says Charlotte-Ashley Roberts, but there's a lot to think about before you start packing

The apprentice

1 March 2012 Careers Clinic

A university education isn't the only way to get started in chemistry - there are advantages of learning on the job with an apprenticeship

Careers clinic: Analytical aspirations

27 January 2012 Careers Clinic

Charlotte Ashley-Roberts puts the work of analytical chemists under the microscope

Careers clinic: It all adds up

28 July 2011 Careers Clinic

A chemistry degree could well lead to a career in accountancy, writes Charlotte Ashley-Roberts