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What are you worth?

29 February 2016 Careers

Find out how your wage packet compares with the results of the latest Royal Society of Chemistry pay and reward survey

The insider: Living history

30 August 2011 Careers

Jobs in science centres and museums are hard to come by and competition is fierce. The work requires bright, enthusiastic and imaginative people, reports Emma Davies

Who's who: Studying fragrances and flavours

30 August 2011 Careers

Sarah Houlton tries to entice us into a career in the flavourings and fragrances industry

Careers clinic: Be your own boss

30 August 2011 Careers

Setting up a business is daunting but can be very rewarding, says Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

Profile: Sense of success

30 August 2011 Careers

'I enjoy a challenge', Nathan Lawrence, senior research scientist at Schlumberger Research, tells Emma Davies

Managing change: Chemistry down under

28 April 2011 Careers

Australia has a flourishing academic sector, and the weather's better than in the UK. What's not to love? asks recent émigré


28 April 2008 Careers

Max Whitby made films about science for 20 years, then finally moved into the laboratory. He talks to Yfke Hager


26 March 2008 Careers

Ana Belén Elgoyhen is one of the winners of the 2008 L' Oréal/Unesco Women in Science awards. Sarah Houlton meets her

Plugging the gap

26 February 2008 Careers

Can the UK's Sector skills council for science, engineering and manufacturing (Semta) solve the pharmaceutical industry's recruitment crisis?


26 February 2008 Careers

Organic chemist Steve Wailes uses novel reactions in the fight against crop weeds. Susan Aldridge finds out more


29 January 2008 Careers

Considering cashing in on your research? Here's what not to do...


28 January 2008 Careers

Adam Cohen moved from his bedroom electronics laboratory to become assistant professor at Harvard University within ten years. Yfke Hager finds out about his meteoric academic rise


20 December 2007 Careers

Multitasking professor Bruce Logan says environmental engineering may help save the planet. Susan Aldridge meets him


28 November 2007 Careers

A unique MSc course focuses on the cross-disciplinary know-how needed for a career in anti-cancer drug development. Joe McEntee reports

Post graduate careers special

26 October 2007 Careers

Where shall we go next?


1 October 2007 Careers

Steve Koonin's curiosity and drive to 'make a difference' led him from academia to one of the world's largest energy companies. Fiona Case meets him


28 August 2007 Careers

From unlikely beginnings as a botanist, Mark Bell became hooked on formulation chemistry. Sarah Houlton finds out how this shaped a successful business


26 July 2007 Careers

Adele Patterson is devoted to helping new chemists build their own careers but nothing will keep her out of the lab. Yfke Hager meets her


29 June 2007 Careers

Joanne Ayre has combined a talent for science with a flair for working with people to develop a diverse business career. Yfke Hager meets her


24 May 2007 Careers

Graham Ruecroft co-founded a firm that recently earned him his second RSC innovation award.


27 April 2007 Careers

Adam Walker co-founded bespoke solvent company Bioniqs and is now its CEO.


28 March 2007 Careers

As a teenager in a small Russian town, Andrei Khlobystov stood out for his desire to be a chemist. He is now making waves in the UK with his nano work, as he tells Yfke Hager


29 January 2007 Careers

Nick Green loves the varied nature of his job as science policy manager at the Royal Society, which sees him talking to politicians and scientists. Yfke Hager finds out more


20 December 2006 Careers

Craig Banks is passionate about his research. In his short academic career he has already co-founded a spin-out firm to make cannabis detectors, as Yfke Hager finds out


28 November 2006 Careers

As a public awareness scientist, Samantha Tang is keen to encourage others to spread the wonders of science. Yfke Hager finds out more