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The best of both worlds

30 June 2016 The Insider

Jennifer Newton meets the teams forging innovative partnerships between industry and academia

Working in Hyderabad

22 June 2016 The Insider

Balancing a massive influx of science investment with a rich cultural history, Hyderabad is a perfect gateway to the spicy streets of south Asia, finds Rajesh Parishwad

Working in Ontario

15 June 2016 The Insider

Canada’s chemical heartland offers an array of opportunities for scientists seeking a fresh start, but Chris Chapman finds competition is tough

Beating imposter syndrome

14 June 2016 The Insider

Rachel Brazil talks to the experts helping scientists who feel like they don’t belong

Diplomatic community

5 May 2016 The Insider

Can scientific collaboration break through political barriers? Rachel Brazil investigates

Foul play

21 April 2016 The Insider

Nina Notman visits the AkzoNobel site in Gateshead and meets the scientists designing the next generation of environmentally-friendly marine paints

The wisdom of crowds

5 April 2016 The Insider

Chris Chapman asks if crowdfunding is the answer for scientists struggling for funds

A Nobel cause

1 February 2016 The Insider

Nina Notman talks to the scientists at the international organisation protecting humanity from the horrors of chemical warfare

Digital defenders

17 December 2015 The Insider

Chris Chapman meets the volunteers guarding scientific accuracy on the world’s busiest websites

The race to equality

3 December 2015 The Insider

Nina Notman looks at the group and individual efforts to promote racial equality in academia

Going green in the lab

26 October 2015 The Insider

From major rebuilds to cost-free measures, there are many ways to improve a lab’s environmental credentials, as Emma Davies finds out

A mile in their shoes

31 August 2015 The Insider

Nina Notman explores the options open to scientists looking to learn more about policymaking and the inner workings of government 

Reserving room on the rocket

29 July 2015 The Insider

Emma Davies and Katharine Sanderson report on the administrative challenges involved for those who want to run experiments in space

Is age the next diversity challenge?

20 May 2015 The Insider

Sarah Byrne investigates whether age discrimination could be unfairly holding back some researchers

A new ERA for European science?

26 January 2015 The Insider

The European Research Area has made scientists more mobile, but the picture isn’t entirely rosy, finds Andy Extance

Gig in Japan

14 January 2015 The Insider

Researchers looking to further their careers might consider heading to Japan. Helen Carmichael talks to scientists with first-hand experience

Better cleaning through chemistry

1 October 2014 The Insider

Chemistry World’s competition winner, Tessa Fiorini, investigates the complexities and chemistries behind seemingly simple products

Signing science

24 September 2014 The Insider

Helen Carmichael reports on a project that’s making sign language scientifically articulate

It came from the blog

21 August 2014 The Insider

Is blogging an innocuous pastime? Or could it help, or even harm, your career? Hayley Birch investigates

West side stories

28 July 2014 The Insider

A stint in a US chemistry lab is a rite of passage for many academics. Sarah Houlton talks to the chemists who went to the labs of opportunity

Masters of their art

25 June 2014 The Insider

Nina Notman meets the National Gallery’s team of analysts, putting masterpieces under the microscope and protecting them for posterity

Chemistry in close-up

23 April 2014 The Insider

Nina Notman talks to IBM’s atomic manipulation group, and the scientists who snapped the first molecular mug shots

China's foreigner investment

26 February 2014 The Insider

As China positions itself as a world-leader in research, western scientists are in demand. Vikki Cantrill talks to the chemists who have emigrated east

By royal appointment

17 January 2014 The Insider

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 brings UK science and industry together through its industrial fellowship scheme. Philip Robinson reports

The science of fiction

4 December 2013 The Insider

Nicola Davis talks to the scientists who lend their expertise to the entertainment industry