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A model career

4 April 2016 Jobs Profile (Company)

Lego’s Thomas Tarp tells Rachel Brazil how the world’s largest toy company is at the forefront of chemical safety and sustainable materials

Support from rent-a-lab

24 May 2013 Jobs Profile (Company)

As startups flourish and outsourcing increases, Labstract is stepping in to provide space, expertise and training for the new model of R&D, as Yfke Hager learns

Curiosity's mission to Mars with x-ray vision

13 March 2013 Jobs Profile (Company)

As Nasa’s Curiosity rover roams the red planet, Nicola Davis talks to the scientists whose laboratory is a million miles away

You're hired

4 January 2013 Jobs Profile (Company)

Alan Sugar’s latest apprentice is setting up a recruitment agency specialising in sectors that make a difference. Emma Davies finds out more

Nobel signals for new drugs

8 November 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

Sarah Houlton talks to a company that’s capitalising on the chemistry of communication

Because they're worth it

25 September 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

From R&D to formulation, safety and manufacturing, L’Oréal is full of chemists. Emma Davies talks to the people behind ‘the science bit’

Resourcing the resource boom

18 July 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

Kelly Scientific Resources has its work cut out supplying scientists for Australia’s expanding mining and environmental science sectors, learns James Mitchell Crow

Succouring success

5 July 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

Sarah Houlton reports on BioCity Nottingham, a start-up incubator helping fledgling companies find their feet

Support specialists

31 March 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

Emma Davies finds out how Phosphonics is capitalising on designer functionalised materials that capture and catalyse with tailor-made chemistry

Chew's life

1 March 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

Revolymer's expertise in polymer chemistry has brought non-stick, biodegradable chewing gum to the mass market

Company Profile: Chew's life

24 February 2012 Jobs Profile (Company)

Revolymer's expertise in polymer chemistry has brought non-stick, biodegradable chewing gum to the mass market as Hayley Birch discovers

Company Profile: Semiconductor start-up

28 July 2011 Jobs Profile (Company)

Bea Perks reports on a company developing printable circuits, where any setbacks are viewed as positive learning experiences

Company Profile: What women want

31 May 2011 Jobs Profile (Company)

Beauty is in the eye of Procter and Gamble's skincare team, reports Manisha Lalloo

Company Profile: Coatings chemistry

28 April 2011 Jobs Profile (Company)

AkzoNobel, the global paints and coatings company and producer of speciality chemicals, is looking forward to rapid growth in China, writes Emma Davies

Company Profile: Chemical ensemble

24 February 2011 Jobs Profile (Company)

From Cambridge, UK, to Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sarah Houlton looks at the rewards on offer to chemists in the biotech sector

Company Profile: Analytical technology worldwide

27 August 2010 Jobs Profile (Company)

Scientific instrument manufacturer Bruker has come a long way in 50 years, discovers Matt Brown

Company Profile: Australia's national science agency

28 April 2010 Jobs Profile (Company)

CSIRO employs about 700 chemists, as Karen Harries-Rees reports.

Company Profile: James Robinson

31 March 2010 Jobs Profile (Company)

The UK dye manufacturer has been taken over by Vivimed, India. Sarah Houlton finds out what this means for the company

Company Profile: Poised for success

28 January 2010 Jobs Profile (Company)

Vancouver-based Xenon Pharmaceuticals is turning heads. Charles Cohen tells Helen Carmichael about the company's research, and its close ties with British Columbia's universities

Company Profile: Science sense

6 January 2010 Jobs Profile (Company)

The Monell Chemical Sciences Center offers a highly multidisciplinary research environment, as Matt Brown discovers

Company Profile: Diet dedication

1 October 2009 Jobs Profile (Company)

Mead Johnson has developed special products for children with diet-related problems for over 200 years, as Yfke Hager reports

Company Profile: Chemicals to order

28 July 2009 Jobs Profile (Company)

Excelsyn, which specialises in the gram to kilo scale manufacture of fine chemicals, is profiting from the growing market for niche products, reports Sarah Houlton

Company profile: Pick of the bunch

30 March 2009 Jobs Profile (Company)

The Australian Wine Research Institute is using cutting-edge chemistry to boost and support the wine industry, as Karen Harries-Rees finds out

Company profile: Chemists riding the storm

28 January 2009 Jobs Profile (Company)

Big pharma's outsourcing is key to predicted success for a growing UK contract research organisation, reports Emma Davies

Company Profile: Chemists in the driving seat

29 October 2008 Jobs Profile (Company)

Victoria Gill speaks to young scientists at Shell's Global Solutions Technology Centre in Cheshire, UK