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Kazakh chemistry

11 March 2015 Jobs Profile (Personal)

On paper, a move to Kazakhstan was going to be liberating for Raymond Whitby, but the reality is a new set of challenges, as Emma Davies discovers

Picturing the past with mass spec

6 January 2015 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Angela Lamb talks to Nina Notman about mastering isotope analysis to reconstruct ancient climates and cultures

Building a city of knowledge

29 October 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Fernando Albericio left a comfortable position in Spain to help found Ecuador’s newest university. Michele Catanzaro finds out why

Thinking outside the blocks

17 September 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Ellen Kooijman talks to Yfke Hager about research, rocks and building bricks

Ice cold chemist

21 August 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Eric Wolff constructs the chemistry of ancient climate from Antarctic ice cores. Nina Notman reports

To detect and defend

23 July 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Rebecca Hopkins tells Philip Robinson about her life and work as a scientist in the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Art imitating life

19 June 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Briony Marshall’s sculptures find form in her biochemical background, she tells Manisha Lalloo

Thinking small

29 April 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Developing tiny catalysts for miniature devices in a compact company, Daniele Leonarduzzi tells Manisha Lalloo why small is beautiful

Changing phases

15 April 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

John Goodby has discovered new forms of matter and invented new materials. Helen Carmichael speaks to him about his career

Chasing the sun

19 March 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

It took some time, and a lot of jobs, but Matt Carnie eventually found a role he loves in materials research. Manisha Lalloo asks for his career analysis

The asymmetry problem

5 February 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Reiko Kuroda has been tackling asymmetry her whole life, from molecular chirality to gender inequality, she tells James Mitchell Crow

A career in careers

15 January 2014 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Finding a job took an unexpected turn when Victoria Walker discovered a talent for getting jobs for others. Helen Carmichael reports

The pain killer

13 November 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Life is pretty painless working in Reckitt Benckiser's Nurofen team, Sarah Houlton learns

The plastics surgeon

5 November 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Sarah Houlton takes a 'Peek' at the career of polymer chemist Alice Matthews

Ice cream inspiration

3 October 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Cesar Vega has united his love of food and science in his career at Mars. But he is also on a mission to teach the science of cooking, as he tells Emma Davies

Different strokes

16 August 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Carlos Gutierrez tells Yfke Hager why he’s devoted to supporting minorities entering science

Building batteries that breathe

24 July 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Long before energy storage materials were in vogue, Peter Bruce saw their potential, as Emma Davies finds out

Going with the flow chemistry

21 June 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Elizabeth Farrant climbed to the top in big pharma, but now she’s working at a smaller scale, as Sarah Houlton finds out

Reality microscopy

Pratibha Gai talks to James Mitchell Crow about her life’s work, watching the secret life of atoms

Starting out in academia

10 April 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Serena Corr talks to Manisha Lalloo about her life as a young academic

Chemdoodler draws on chemistry

6 March 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Kevin Theisen’s software is used by scientists all over the world. Sarah Houlton learns why he moved from the chemistry programme to chemistry programmer

Toxicologist with pesticides on the brain

13 February 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

Vanessa Fitsanakis’ career in toxicology goes all the way back to the farm where she grew up. Helen Carmichael traces her journey from agriculture to academia

Cleaning up

18 January 2013 Jobs Profile (Personal)

From washing clothes to saving lives, the products of Phil Souter’s watery work can be found across the globe, as Helen Carmichael finds out

Of castes and chemistry

12 December 2012 Jobs Profile (Personal)

From southern India to Northern Ireland, Geetha Srinivasan has been applying her research to solving real world problems, as Sarah Houlton finds out

Allow me to demonstrate

5 December 2012 Jobs Profile (Personal)

As Peter Wothers gets ready to deliver this year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures, Sarah Houlton finds out he’s had a lifetime of preparation