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Lumara splits and sells to AMAG and Perrigo

30 September 2014 Business

Lumara has just emerged from bankruptcy and brings a drug for suppressing pre-term birth, plus other women’s health products

Mitsubishi to buy Japanese gases specialist

30 September 2014 Business

Taiyo Nippon Sanso acquisition continues consolidation in Japan’s chemical industry

Backlash as EPA considers fracking chemicals disclosure rules

30 September 2014 News and Analysis

EPA has been warned that forcing greater transparency could jeopardise trade secrets

Tiny tips reveal cells’ chemical secrets

30 September 2014 Research

Penetrating microprobe enables rapid mass spectrometry of single cells’ contents

Mirror peptides hitch a lift into the cell

30 September 2014 Research

Hijacking nature’s tricks to smuggle drugs across the cell membrane

Pick and mix macromolecules

29 September 2014 Research

Activating C-H bonds in molecular building blocks enables complex macromolecules to be created

White House tightens oversight of dangerous studies

29 September 2014 News and Analysis

New rules governing so-called ‘dual use’ research will take effect in a year, but there is concern that they will stymie critical studies

Nanoparticle studies leave the lab

29 September 2014 Research

Scientists take to the outdoors to show that single walled carbon nanotubes accumulate and persist in aquatic sediments

NIH wants scientists to consider sex in research

26 September 2014 News and Analysis

Preclinical and clinical research is overreliant on male test subjects which can cloud future work in humans

Merck KGaA to buy Sigma–Aldrich

26 September 2014 Business

$17bn acquisition expands Merck’s life science business and US presence, but it isn’t stepping back from drug development

Perovskite solar cells show hydrogen production promise

26 September 2014 Research

Highly efficient solar cells and catalysts made from cheap, common materials use sunlight to split water

James Crowley: Magicians rings and dumbbells on a molecular scale

26 September 2014 Research

James Crowley on making stimuli responsive molecular machines from mechanically interlocked architectures

India backs off drug pricing controls

25 September 2014 Business

Current price caps will stand, but rules on how new caps can be imposed are being tightened

GSK fined £300 million for China corruption

25 September 2014 Business

Several top executives jailed or deported

US chemical regulation reform deadlocked once more

25 September 2014 News and Analysis

Efforts to update the US’s nearly 40-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act are grounded following political squabble

Breakup reaction hints at handedness of nature

25 September 2014 Research

Dissociation of 3-bromocamphor provides clues on why nature favours one mirror image of a molecule over another

First interstellar sighting of a branched alkyl molecule

25 September 2014 Research

Discovery shows that stellar nurseries could hold amino acids too that might have been the spark for life on Earth

Review says cheaper drug is safe for eye disease

24 September 2014 Business

Cochrane collaboration says side effects of expensive Lucentis and off-label Avastin are similar

Acetaldehyde photolysis: right to roam

24 September 2014 Research

Surprising insights into photochemical roaming pathways

Water provides new angle on single molecule imaging

24 September 2014 Research

Spatial orientation of two organic dye molecules has been determined by looking at the surrounding water molecules

Gilead licenses generic hepatitis C drug in India

23 September 2014 Business

Company aims to head off competition and grab a slice of royalties

Bayer to sever polymer arm

23 September 2014 Business

German chemical giant’s exit from the materials world will help fund its crop and healthcare ambitions

One-shot tomography gives atomic-scale 3D images

23 September 2014 Research

High-sensitivity transmission electron microscopy produces precise 3D images of nanocrystals from just a single 1D snapshot

Swiss readmitted to Europe's huge science programme

23 September 2014 News and Analysis

Spat over immigration from the EU smoothed over for now, but partial re-entry to Horizon 2020 may not last

Big name coffee chains drawn into acrylamide fight

23 September 2014 News and Analysis

Starbucks and other coffee chains are being sued in California by a non-profit that wants carcinogen labels slapped on their drinks