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Research bureaucracy put in crosshairs by Chinese government

11 February 2016 News and Analysis

New policy offers scientists greater independence and control of how they spending funding

Stronger gluten bolsters bioplastics

10 February 2016 Research

Plants manipulated to produce enhanced building blocks for biopolymers

‘High risk’ research should be championed at German universities

10 February 2016 News and Analysis

Expert panel urges government to extend excellence initiative that would help institutes join global elite

‘Forbidden chemistry’ drives carbon bond forming sequence

10 February 2016 Research

Flow process harnesses unstable diazo compounds in room temperature reactions

Oil slump reverberates in chemicals

9 February 2016 Business

Collapse in crude prices has complex and mixed effects on markets for derivative chemicals

Australia falling behind on research commercialisation, government warns

9 February 2016 News and Analysis

New policies hope to boost academia-industry collaborations

An energetic chemist

9 February 2016 Research

University of Waterloo’s Linda Nazar has spent the last two decades moving beyond lithium-ion batteries to cheaper, higher energy density storage

Solar cells firing on all cylinders

9 February 2016 Research

Cylindrical solar cells have better efficiencies throughout the day, independent of the angle of the sun

ChemChina offers to buy Syngenta in $43bn takeover

8 February 2016 Business

Directors welcome deal that will allow agrochemicals giant to establish a presence in China

Catching up with legal highs

8 February 2016 Research

How do you test for drugs when you don’t know what you’re looking for?

‘Chameleon’ camouflages itself with plasmonic skin

8 February 2016 Research

Nano-structured display changes colour in response to electric field

A small molecule’s big moment

8 February 2016 Research

Substituted benzene has the largest dipole ever observed in a neutral molecule

Maintaining marble monuments

5 February 2016 Research

Oxamate salts add to the permanency of ‘set in stone’

Sprucing up biofuel with renewable antioxidants

5 February 2016 Research

Coniferous bio-oil found to be an effective biodiesel stabiliser

DNA-coated nanoparticles take crystal engineering into the diamond league

5 February 2016 Research

Self-assembling superlattices built with DNA could usher in era of materials on demand

BP to cut 7000 jobs

4 February 2016 Business

UK oil company reduces its workforce to cut costs in response to low oil price and charges from Deepwater Horizon incident

Medical devices consolidation continues

4 February 2016 Business

Abbott to buy Alere for $5.8bn to augment its point-of-care diagnostics business

Milk could aid fight against malnutrition

4 February 2016 Research

New animal model shows milk proteins can repair intestinal damage

Sexual harassment prompts research funders and government to act in US

4 February 2016 News and Analysis

Funding agencies take a stand against harassment in academic research, amid congressional pressure

Seed secrets thief jailed

3 February 2016 Business

Chinese born US citizen pleads guilty to conspiring to steal trade secrets from DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto

Boost for non-animal toxicology testing

3 February 2016 Research

Thousands of compounds have been screened in a bid to develop in vitro toxicity tests

Use of Crispr on human embryos approved in UK

2 February 2016 News and Analysis

The UK’s fertility regulator will allow gene-edited human embryos to be used in research

Pocket production of graphene for electronics

2 February 2016 Research

New method can produce bilayer graphene with potential applications in optics

Merck & Co joins hepatitis C party

1 February 2016 Business

New drug adds new treatment options and increases competition in premium market

Funding boost offers new hope for Ukraine’s scientists

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

Reform will see academies merged and competitive bidding for research money