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Reckitt Benckiser to spin out US pharma arm

28 July 2014 Business

Declining heroin addiction treatment sales prompt divestment as company focuses on over-the-counter and consumer products

Better batteries with pure lithium anodes

28 July 2014 Research

Protective carbon nanosphere coating overcomes lithium problems, pointing the way to improved capacity

Plant plastics reach for the stars

28 July 2014 Research

Star-shaped additives transform rice starch into a useful transparent plastic

Future direction of Dutch science considered

28 July 2014 News and Analysis

Role of private industry heads a number of issues that confront how science is put to work for society

Takeover battle pushes Allergan to cut R&D jobs

28 July 2014 Business

Besieged by serially acquisitive Valeant, the Botox maker will lay off 1500 staff to propel earnings growth

Propeller-shaped molecules give 2D polymers lift-off

27 July 2014 Research

Chemists' synthetic answer to graphene – flat polymer sheets a molecule thick – could be tailored to many applications

NGOs call for Europe's chief scientific adviser post to be scrapped

25 July 2014 News and Analysis

Environmental groups say policy advice should come from several different sources

Uranium complexes unlock feedstock potential of carbon dioxide

25 July 2014 Research

Carbon dioxide and depleted uranium both put to good use

Magnetic nanocubes self-assemble into spirals

25 July 2014 Research

Tiny cubes of magnetite form superstructures under a magnetic field

Scientists and university officials caught up in China’s anti-corruption drive

25 July 2014 News and Analysis

Rising funding for universities may be fuelling corruption, while top bosses' fiefdoms makes them hard to catch

Pharma firms rush to escape US tax shackles

25 July 2014 Business

AbbVie–Shire and Mylan–Abbott mergers both allow US firms to escape to lower-tax European countries

Tata Chemicals to mothball Kenya plant

24 July 2014 Business

Closure blamed on high energy prices and will mean 200 jobs being cut

Investigators find cause of West Virginia chemical spill

24 July 2014 Business

Holes in uninspected storage tanks led to leak that contaminated water supplies

Europe mulls best way to handle nanotech

24 July 2014 News and Analysis

Some countries have gone it alone and started registers of nanomaterials while the EU considers its options

Recycled fish bones offer five star sun protection

24 July 2014 Research

Slip-slap-slop with biocompatible material derived from waste cod bones

Albemarle buys into lithium with Rockwood merger

23 July 2014 Business

$6.2 billion deal capitalises on battery market growth

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president Lord Lewis dies

23 July 2014 News and Analysis

Jack Lewis, inorganic chemist and member of the House of Lords, has died aged 86

Bubble wrap could send lab costs packing

23 July 2014 Research

Potential bubbles up across wide range of uses as storage and test vessels, especially for poor countries

Australia scraps its carbon tax

22 July 2014 News and Analysis

The country is unlikely to meet its climate change targets unless some form of carbon pricing is introduced, campaigners claim

Polymer changes colour in the heat of the moment

22 July 2014 Research

Stabilising thermochromic polymers with peptides significantly increases their responsiveness

Aaron Wheeler: Algae-on-a-chip

22 July 2014 Research

Aaron Wheeler talks to Harriet Brewerton about bringing the energy and microfluidics communities together

Spending on UK science and engineering continues to fall

21 July 2014 News and Analysis

Science campaign groups worry that the country's research base is slowly being run down

Coffee cup confusion

20 July 2014 Research

Scientists call for better labelling after research highlights inconsistencies in the chemical composition of a cup of coffee

Soft matter goes digital

18 July 2014 Research

Colloids find a new use as information storage devices

Molecular computer calculates Ebola diagnosis

18 July 2014 Research

A prototype device displays a fluorescent ‘E’ in the presence of DNA found in Ebola virus