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Women twice as likely to be hired for academic posts as men

17 April 2015 News and Analysis

Experiment shows that faculty staff are more likely to pick women for job roles based on hypothetical CVs

Ionic liquids come up smelling of roses

16 April 2015 Research

Perfume delivery system triggered by water keeps sweet smells around for longer

Early Earth collision could clear up two geological mysteries

16 April 2015 Research

Smash-up with Mercury-like body could have ignited nuclear dynamo at Earth's centre and explain isotope discrepancy

Hydrogel with a basic instinct for drug delivery

15 April 2015 Research

Gel that releases naproxen in alkaline surroundings is promising step toward relieving drug’s side effects

Science remains a peripheral issue in the UK election

15 April 2015 News and Analysis

As one of the most unpredictable votes in living memory approaches little separates the main parties on research

Making fracking greener

14 April 2015 Research

A chemically-responsive non-toxic fracturing fluid that generates its own overpressure

Chemicals formed on meteorites may have started life on Earth

14 April 2015 Research

Simple chemical turned in DNA bases and other precursors to life on simulated meteorite surface

Generics giant Mylan offers $30 billion for Perrigo

13 April 2015 Business

Mylan makes ambitious takeover offer just weeks after Abbott aquisition closes

Single-face fluorinated carbon ring takes the strain

13 April 2015 Research

Hexafluorocyclohexane created with all fluorines pointing 'up' could lead to new supramolecular strategies

Labs and wastewater cleaned with the same sponge

13 April 2015 Research

Domestic sponge fortuitously found to soak up bisphenol A

Camera turned wine connoisseur

10 April 2015 Research

No wine was harmed in the making of this research

Fish and flowers inspire diving goggle material

10 April 2015 Research

Transparent surfaces for repelling oil underwater made from silica

Silicon chip spots dangerous pathogens in human blood

10 April 2015 Research

Silicon wafer doped with silver nanoparticles can rapidly identify E. coli in blood

BMS invests in gene therapy

9 April 2015 Business

Bristol-Myers Squibb makes $100 million deal with biotech uniQure

Graphene oxide diversifies soil bacteria

9 April 2015 Research

Digging deeper into the environmental impact of nanomaterial contamination

Superatom mimics for rare earth elements

9 April 2015 Research

Clusters of boron-doped metals have identical properties to other rare earth elements

Lawrencium experiment could shake up periodic table

9 April 2015 Research

Measurement of first ionisation energy confirms electronic configuration but opens up an important debate

Leak causes explosion at para-xylene plant in China

8 April 2015 Business

Twelve injured by explosion and fire caused by a leaking xylene tank at chemical plant

Salty soil set to hamper Bangladesh crop production

8 April 2015 Research

Scientists model impact of climate change on agriculture

The Goldilocks of heterogeneous catalysis

7 April 2015 Research

Dangling thiols anchor palladium within MOF without poisoning its catalytic activity

Future of GM in Germany hangs in the balance

7 April 2015 News and Analysis

German science academy speaks out in favour of GM crops as debate begins on whether to ban them

Super-fast charging aluminium batteries ready to take on lithium

7 April 2015 Research

New battery charges in under a minute and still performs perfectly after being recharged thousands of times

Horizon to acquire orphan drugs in $1.1bn Hyperion takeover

2 April 2015 Business

Horizon will buy Hyperion and add new drugs to its rare disease portfolio

Metrics failed to predict REF outcomes

2 April 2015 News and Analysis

Predictions based on numerical measures of research quality were ‘wildly innacurate’, say mathematicians

Novartis accused of ‘derailing’ trials for cheap eye disease drug

2 April 2015 Business

BMJ says pharma giant is trying to block access to a drug that would save the NHS millions