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Gilead licenses generic hepatitis C drug in India

23 September 2014 Business

Company aims to head off competition and grab a slice of royalties

Bayer to sever polymer arm

23 September 2014 Business

German chemical giant’s exit from the materials world will help fund its crop and healthcare ambitions

One-shot tomography gives atomic-scale 3D images

23 September 2014 Research

High-sensitivity transmission electron microscopy produces precise 3D images of nanocrystals from just a single 1D snapshot

Swiss readmitted to Europe's huge science programme

23 September 2014 News and Analysis

Spat over immigration from the EU smoothed over for now, but partial re-entry to Horizon 2020 may not last

Big name coffee chains drawn into acrylamide fight

23 September 2014 News and Analysis

Starbucks and other coffee chains are being sued in California by a non-profit that wants carcinogen labels slapped on their drinks

US drops restrictions on more GM seeds

22 September 2014 Business

Dow's herbicide-resistant corn and soybeans spark renewed criticism from environmental campaigners

Molecular knot shaped like a Star of David

22 September 2014 Research

Entwined molecular knot made from two catenanes crosses at six points

Scotland's 'no' vote pleases much of the science community

22 September 2014 News and Analysis

Calls made for a 'period of mature reflection' as promises of greater autonomy for Scotland may still lead to funding changes

Molten metal batteries set to store grid power

22 September 2014 Research

Tests show that cheap, scalable battery should still have 85% of its storage capacity a decade later

Quintuple bond activates small stable molecules

19 September 2014 Research

Exotic complexes suggest route to synthetic feedstock

Dragonfly crystals on a silicon wafer

19 September 2014 Research

Electron microscope captures dragonfly-shaped film growth on silicon surface

US pushes for global phase-out of HFCs

19 September 2014 Business

Executive actions and industry commitments aim to speed up adoption of alternatives to hydrofluorocarbon greenhouse gases in refrigeration and air conditioning

Painkiller found in plants may not be natural after all

18 September 2014 Research

Cow pats from cattle fed tramadol could explain how the drug came to be in an African herb

US genomics lead being lost to China

17 September 2014 News and Analysis

NIH senior leaders are sounding the alarm bells, saying the US's pre-eminence in genomics research is under threat

Blaze destroys Nottingham sustainable chemistry lab

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

The cause of the fire that destroyed the £20 million centre that was still under construction is unknown

Computer simulations point to formamide as prebiotic intermediate in ‘Miller’ mixtures

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

Electric field may have provided more than just energy for primordial chemistry

Ozone layer no longer thinning

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

UN Environment Programme's latest research finds ozone layer is thickening in places

Freeing a world of fixers

16 September 2014 Business

Company profile: Sugru mouldable silicone rubber lets you mend what’s broken and hack stuff better

US bid to control power plant emissions challenged

15 September 2014 News and Analysis

Republican governors from 15 fossil fuel-heavy states claim CO2 rules on shaky legal ground

A chemical time capsule

15 September 2014 Research

Tree rings inspire a non-electrical, self-powered device for recording chemical events

Eastman snaps up Taminco for $2.8bn

12 September 2014 Business

Purchase will strengthen Eastman in niche markets and offers cost savings

Coated nanoparticles show Alzheimer's promise

12 September 2014 News and Analysis

Gold nanoparticles functionalised with amino acid polymer inhibit the growth of amyloid fibres associated with neurodegenerative disease

Juncker names new science commissioner

12 September 2014 News and Analysis

Portuguese secretary of state Carlos Moedas will be the next European commissioner for research, science and innovation

Oxide armour offers Kevlar better stab resistance

12 September 2014 Research

Multi-threat protection in the making

Pharma sales ‘will reach $1 trillion’ in 2014

11 September 2014 Business

Report predicts continued growth as sales reach an all-time high