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Merger creates new gases giant

27 November 2015 Business

Air Liquide will buy Airgas in a $13 billion deal to become the world’s biggest industrial gases supplier

Researchers dance the night away for science communication prize

27 November 2015 News and Analysis

31 PhD researchers put on their dancing shoes in a bid to win ‘Dance your PhD’ competition

Pfizer and Allergan agree mega-merger

27 November 2015 Business

$160 billion deal allows Pfizer to escape US tax system by re-homing in Ireland

Racing tyre analysis shows 'undetectable' treatments the chequered flag

27 November 2015 Research

Cheating drivers tread carefully as analytical method stalls illegal softening treatment use

Science communication competition 2015–16

27 November 2015 News and Analysis

Your chance to be published in Chemistry World & present at the Royal Institution

Root and branch reform of roses show off organic electronics

27 November 2015 Research

Wires, simple displays and logic circuits demonstrated in living roses

Drug firms to share chemical compound libraries

26 November 2015 Business

AstraZeneca and Sanofi aim to facilitate drug discovery by swapping 210,000 proprietary chemical compounds

Saving water increases health risks in green buildings

26 November 2015 Research

Study shows that sustainable plumbing systems may lower drinking water quality and help bacteria grow

Intrigue at the top of the US’s Chemical Safety Board

26 November 2015 News and Analysis

Agency that reviews US industrial chemical accidents is trying to oust its managing director

‘Superballs’ can block infection by Ebola virus

25 November 2015 Research

Globular glycofullerene molecules prevent virus from evading immune system and entering cells

Detecting leaks in gastrointestinal plumbing

25 November 2015 Research

Low-cost capsule can detect bleeding in the stomach in real time

Scientists relieved as UK research protected in real terms

25 November 2015 News and Analysis

Chancellor reveals that core science budget will see inflationary rise of £500 million over course of this parliament

Perovskite boosts silicon solar cell efficiency

25 November 2015 News and Analysis

Silicon industry will be ‘beating a path to the door’ of inventors, says scientist

Poor management of antibiotics squandering life-saving drugs

24 November 2015 News and Analysis

Internet and over-the-counter sales along with counterfeit drugs is driving a worldwide rise in antimicrobial resistance

US universities face federal R&D funding fall

24 November 2015 News and Analysis

Federal support for higher education R&D in the US lagged behind inflation for the third year in a row

Retracted papers get hooked up to linguistic lie-detector

24 November 2015 News and Analysis

Study reveals possible link between obfuscation and massaged data in retracted papers

Chlorinated compounds form in tea and coffee

24 November 2015 Research

Treated water reacts with organics to form disinfection byproducts

Labour would increase R&D spending to 3% of GDP

23 November 2015 News and Analysis

Shadow chancellor says a Labour government would commit to increasing investment in research

Nasa develop ‘chemical laptop’ for on-the-go analysis

23 November 2015 News and Analysis

Portable laboratory can search for molecules associated with life

Capturing infrared to give solar cells a lift

23 November 2015 Research

Quantum dots could help solar devices break efficiency limit

Brazilian mine disaster releases dangerous metals

21 November 2015 News and Analysis

Irreversible negative human health and environmental effects could result from Brazilian mine’s dam collapse

Move over moonshine, here comes sunshine

20 November 2015 Research

New twist on distillation efficiently separates ethanol from water using light

Nurse review backs shake-up at research councils

20 November 2015 News and Analysis

Royal Society head stops short of recommending a merger but proposes new overarching body with more powers to direct research

Ingenuity, relevance and execution

19 November 2015 Research

Anubhav Saxena from the Indian branch of Momentive Performance Materials gives his perspective on innovation

Early lead exposure linked to sleep problems

18 November 2015 Research

Researchers find lead exposure in early childhood is associated with sleep difficulties later on