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Ex-Navy man cleared of chemical threat charges in Canada

30 June 2015 News and Analysis

An American arrested in Canada for stockpiling chemical weapons has been acquitted

Space-like conditions give rise to metabolic precursors

30 June 2015 Research

Study suggests that vitamin B3 and quinolinic acid could have originated in interstellar ices

US Chemical Safety Board controversy continues

29 June 2015 News and Analysis

The CSB is facing more tumult, with staff shake-ups and new revelations about its top lawyer

Ban proposed on recruitment of Russian talent to reverse brain drain

29 June 2015 News and Analysis

Legislation to prevent overseas 'talent scouts' from operating in the country has backing at the highest levels

Collaboration, not competition

29 June 2015 Research

Organic chemist E J Corey talks to Phillip Broadwith about awards, ambition and academic freedom

Water-efficient crops offer solution to food versus fuel debate

29 June 2015 Research

A previously overlooked group of plants could be important for producing sustainable bioenergy

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26 June 2015 News and Analysis

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Chemical reform bill advances in US Congress

26 June 2015 News and Analysis

Bipartisan legislation to finally overhaul the Toxic Substances Control Act has overwhelmingly passed the House and soon heads to the Senate

Single catalyst simplifies water splitting

26 June 2015 Research

Nickel phosphide could power up sustainable fuel production by generating both hydrogen and oxygen from water

Molecular machinery behind circadian clock's ticking revealed

26 June 2015 News and Analysis

Slow motion chemistry keeps clock running on 24 hour cycle

EPA under pressure over Enlist Duo herbicide

26 June 2015 News and Analysis

WHO has designated Enlist Duo’s two ingredients as a probable and possible human carcinogens

NIH plan to get drug development unit back online

25 June 2015 News and Analysis

The US National Institutes of Health to address deficiencies in unit that makes drugs for research studies

Graphene oxide 'teabags' make a mercury-free brew

25 June 2015 Research

Porous carbon structure can remove 96% of mercury from water in a day

Austria to sue EU over UK nuclear aid

25 June 2015 News and Analysis

Claims that subsidies damage renewables' prospects likely to delay new nuclear in the UK by at least another two years

Z machine puts the squeeze on metallic deuterium

25 June 2015 Research

Pressures similar to those at centre of the Earth forge metallic deuterium in step toward 80-year-old dream of creating metallic hydrogen

Allergan to buy Kythera Biopharma for $2.1bn

24 June 2015 Business

Acquisition strengthens firm's position in cosmetic treatments with only drug approved for a 'double chin'

US may have tested mustard gas on troops by race

24 June 2015 News and Analysis

Pentagon accused of race-based chemical weapons experiments on US troops during second world war

Confronting the crystalline sponge

24 June 2015 Research

Scientists tackle concerns over debated technique

Fruity alternative to toxic insecticides

23 June 2015 Research

Compound used as food additive found to repel damaging fruit fly pest

Ultra-bright x-rays film molecular reaction

23 June 2015 Research

'Molecular movie' provides new insight into classic ring-opening reaction

Photo-catalysts shine light on chemical bond making

23 June 2015 Research

Femtosecond laser pulse used to control the formation of magnesium dimers

Glass transition in ant traffic jams

23 June 2015 Research

Soft matter techniques reveal glassy dynamics in confined fire ant traffic

Raman identifies South American sculpture pigments

22 June 2015 Research

Sculptures made by 17th century missionaries in Paraguay have been investigated using Raman spectroscopy

Bread leavening proves useful for energy storage

22 June 2015 Research

Scientists in China coin an industry-suitable recipe for hierarchically porous carbons

'Smart patch' set to deliver for diabetes patients

22 June 2015 Research

Stick-on patch with glucose responsive microneedles releases insulin automatically whenever it is needed