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Nanostripe controversy in new twist

24 November 2014 Research

Creator of striped nanoparticles insists questions over structures have already been answered and accuses critics of a 'personal war'

China poised to become top science spender

21 November 2014 News and Analysis

Budgetary pressures on EU, Japan and the US have positioned China to be the highest R&D funder by around 2019, OECD says

Ranbaxy sues over withdrawn US approvals

21 November 2014 Business

Company says decision is ‘unconstitutional’ and deprives it of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue

A year of water splitting from one device

21 November 2014 Research

Coating protects electrodes from corrosion to keep photoelectrochemical cell running

Magnetic resonance taken to the limit

21 November 2014 Research

Technique can read the spin of a single nucleus opening up a new way to investigate proteins and complex molecules

US drug development costs surge

20 November 2014 News and Analysis

The price of developing new prescription drugs in the US has increased 145% since 2003, Tufts data shows

Methyl mercaptan leak kills four workers

20 November 2014 Business

Cause of accident at US DuPont plant is still under investigation

Feud opens up over value of some US research

20 November 2014 News and Analysis

Top science committee Republican in fight with university association over NSF grant review process

UC Davis chemist sentenced to four years over explosion

19 November 2014 News and Analysis

Postdoc sentenced over attempt to make explosive device and reckless disposal of hazardous waste

Globetrotting carbon dioxide modelled by Nasa

19 November 2014 Research

Nasa's new climate models visualise the movement of the greenhouse gas

Philae detects organics on comet's surface

19 November 2014 Research

Scientists get first measurements from historic comet landing

A greener recipe for copper nanowires

19 November 2014 Research

Applying food chemistry to the synthesis of copper nanowires gives better control over their length

Hollow oxide can take the heat

18 November 2014 Research

Aluminium-based coating could protect metal components from heat, oxidation

New silicon allotrope could revolutionise solar cells

18 November 2014 Research

Orthorhombic structure should be able absorb light much more efficiently than ordinary silicon

Beetle behind breath test for bank notes

17 November 2014 Research

Photonic crystal inks inspired by longhorn beetle could help to fight counterfeiting

Hopes Sino–US climate deal will spur global action in 2015

17 November 2014 News and Analysis

Historic agreement will see curbs on carbon dioxide and China push to reach peak emissions sooner

Mouse model to assess chemical exposure

14 November 2014 News and Analysis

Outbred mice can be used predict how human's will respond to harmful chemicals with examination of chromosomal damage

Dow to sell nitroalkenes unit for $1.2bn

14 November 2014 News and Analysis

Private equity firm Golden Gate Capital will buy Angus Chemical subsidiary

Will it crystallise?

14 November 2014 Research

Machine learning approach predicts crystallinity

European commission scraps chief scientific adviser post, dismaying scientists

14 November 2014 News and Analysis

Top scientists line up to express disappointment as advisory role is abolished after just three years

Polymer preservative set to save wooden artefacts

14 November 2014 Research

Supramolecular network may pave the way for future conservation efforts on the Mary Rose

Russian sanctions hurt chemical industry

13 November 2014 Business

Equipment imports and modernisation hampered by extra administrative burden

Grad student blamed for research misconduct at Utah

13 November 2014 News and Analysis

Two papers have been retracted due to image falsification at the University of Utah

Persuading proteins to form porous polyhedra

13 November 2014 Research

Protein cage structure shows the way to building biomolecular architectures

From beehive to bone cement

13 November 2014 Research

Compound used by bees inspires antimicrobial biomaterial with superior strength