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UK graduates carry more student debt than US counterparts

29 April 2016 News and Analysis

English students’ debts may be set to increase further, charity states

Greenland ice sheet recoups subliming water vapour

29 April 2016 Research

Newly discovered part of the water cycle acts to conserve sheet mass

Scientists explore arsoles’ off-colour behaviour

29 April 2016 Research

Mechanochromism discovery ignites interest in arsoles’ emissions

Zinc spark of life marks egg fertilisation

29 April 2016 Research

Human egg’s discharge of zinc into its surroundings at the moment of conception seen for the first time

Multiphase NMR of whole animal leaves shrimp unscathed

29 April 2016 Research

Technique could update toxicity tests

Chemistry exam leaks anger Indian students    

28 April 2016 News and Analysis

A number of examinations have been rendered null and void after evidence emerges of cheating

Mixed outlook for ethanol–petrol blends

28 April 2016 Research

London study says incorporating biofuels into petrol supplies could increase acetaldehyde levels in the air

Scientists claim to have seen ‘new state’ of water

28 April 2016 News and Analysis

Scepticism that water molecules with delocalised protons can be described as an unknown phase of water

Steady rise in US science and engineering doctorates raises job worries

28 April 2016 News and Analysis

Most research doctorates ever awarded in 2014, with chemistry PhDs jumping 35% in last decade

Countries ink Paris climate change agreement

27 April 2016 News and Analysis

Nearly 200 countries signed the global climate treaty that aims to limit temperature rises to ‘well below’ 2°C

Cracking the mushroom glow mystery

27 April 2016 Research

A Japanese researcher believes he has solved part of the puzzle of fungal bioluminescence

Goodbye borazine, hello hydrogen

26 April 2016 Research

New catalyst unleashes more hydrogen for ammonia borane-powered fuel cells

Earthly xenon’s asteroid origins reveal planet’s genesis

26 April 2016 Research

Discovery that atmospheric xenon is unrelated to that in the mantle hints at two separate extra-terrestrial ‘deliveries’ of the element

Pumping up industrial wasted heat

26 April 2016 Business

Company profile: Qpinch reclaims wasted energy by mimicking nature

Crispr-edited mushroom dodges regulation

26 April 2016 News and Analysis

Anti-browning mushroom developed using Crispr-Cas9 gene editing will not be regulated as a GMO by US agricultural agency

US federal research funding saw 6% growth

25 April 2016 News and Analysis

Support for research grew significantly between 2013 and 2014 but is expected to flatten in 2015 when figures are released

Golden opportunity to fight blindness with bananas

25 April 2016 Research

Studies on ‘golden bananas’ may help researchers develop carotenoid-rich varieties to combat vitamin A deficiency

UK science reaps rewards within EU

25 April 2016 News and Analysis

Lords report concludes UK science benefits from EU membership

Chemistry Nobel laureate Walter Kohn dies aged 93

22 April 2016 News and Analysis

Kohn was awarded the 1998 chemistry Nobel prize for developing density functional theory

Bacteria seeded with synthetic pathways

22 April 2016 Research

Living factories provide alternative to complicated chemical syntheses or farming hectares of crops

Hawaii lab explosion linked to safety failings

22 April 2016 News and Analysis

Accident that cost a postdoc her arm resulted from inappropriate equipment and unheeded warnings

Cassini finds needle in a haystack investigating interstellar dust around Saturn

21 April 2016 Research

Alien dust provides evidence for solar system passing through giant interstellar cloud

Active esters enable powerful new route to carbon–carbon bonds

21 April 2016 Research

‘Insanely easy’ approach to form previously tricky sp3–sp3 bonds already being used by pharma just three months after discovery

‘Anti-lobbying’ rule will not affect scientists, UK government says

20 April 2016 News and Analysis

Science minister confirms researchers are exempt from new rules affecting government grants

Graphene sponge soaks up good vibrations

20 April 2016 Research

Material could enhance artificial skin with tactile sensors