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World doping body reinstates Rio lab

22 July 2016 News and Analysis

Drug lab will test athletes’ samples for the Olympics after questions about standards at the facility led to suspension

No health effects from chemicals from West Virginia spill

22 July 2016 News and Analysis

January 2014 leak from Freedom Industries’ site at levels too low to harm people’s health

Failed coup leads to crackdown on academics

22 July 2016 News and Analysis

More than 1500 deans have been dismissed from universities amid claims of a settling of political scores

National Academies seek post-Brexit commitments from government

21 July 2016 News and Analysis

Seven leading scientific societies have published a joint statement of concern for the future of UK research and innovation

Israeli chemists urge government to ban chemical weapons

21 July 2016 News and Analysis

Open letter presses prime minister to ‘remove the curse of chemical weapons from the face of the Earth’

Columbia pays for over-charging on research grants

20 July 2016 News and Analysis

University ordered to pay US government $9.5 million in civil fraud lawsuit

Young scientists discover if you don’t ask you don’t get

19 July 2016 News and Analysis

Early career biomedical researchers struggle to secure grants simply because older investigators apply for more

Reshuffle sees Department for Energy and Climate Change scrapped

18 July 2016 News and Analysis

Universities and science are split across two departments but Jo Johnson remains in place as minister overseeing both

Croatian scientists take government to court to free €50 million of EU funds

15 July 2016 News and Analysis

Centres of excellence claim that assistant science minister is blocking release of funds for political purposes

Explainer: what will Brexit mean for science?

15 July 2016 News and Analysis

We make sense of what the referendum decision will mean for the country’s universities, researchers and students

US urged to curb chemicals that harm brain development

14 July 2016 News and Analysis

NIH-backed coalition calls for immediate action to reduce developmental toxicant exposures

Royal Society appoints new foreign secretary

13 July 2016 News and Analysis

Chemist Richard Catlow will oversee the society’s international activities from November

Support for stiffer sanctions for science fraud in US

12 July 2016 News and Analysis

Vast majority of the American public wants research fraud criminalised, with many supporting prison sentences

London mayor reveals plan to tackle pollution

11 July 2016 News and Analysis

Tough new measures include a £10 emissions charge in central London for the most polluting vehicles

UK’s new nuclear plant may cost £37bn

11 July 2016 News and Analysis

Government estimate marks another price rise for delayed Hinkley Point project

Brexit’s uncertain future leaves scientists reeling

8 July 2016 News and Analysis

Academics consider their future in UK in referendum’s wake amid reports of researchers being excluded from EU projects

Hollywood may have shaped Iraq war chemical weapons intel

7 July 2016 News and Analysis

Claim that nerve agents were stored in glass beads bears resemblance to action film

Bias in science funding favours big Canadian universities

7 July 2016 News and Analysis

Weak research grant funding at smaller universities is result of ‘systemic bias’

Uncertainty plagues UK’s future in European ‘big science’ projects

6 July 2016 News and Analysis

Although its short term future is secure, UK’s role in future projects is on shakier ground after Brexit vote

Hawaii lab explosion caused by static discharge

6 July 2016 News and Analysis

Investigation finds explosion that seriously injured postdoc was caused by static electricity, but also links the accident to safety failings

Lords call for re-think on Innovate UK merger

4 July 2016 News and Analysis

Warning that industry funder would lose its business focus if placed within body overseeing research councils

Clinton unveils plans for US science

4 July 2016 News and Analysis

US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants to boost research funding and give green cards to foreigners with advanced US STEM degrees

Rio Olympic testing lab suspended by world doping body

1 July 2016 News and Analysis

Brazilian anti-doping lab failed to conform to international standards

Higher lead levels in blood of Flint’s young children

30 June 2016 News and Analysis

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports levels of lead are of concern

Canada allocates extra C$465 million for basic research

30 June 2016 News and Analysis

New investment in fundamental research signals shift from the previous Harper administration