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Para-xylene plants face uphill struggle for acceptance in China

17 April 2014 News and Analysis

Chemistry students come to defence of latest project's safety but government and industry are failing to talk to the public about risk

Former chief executive of Royal Society of Chemistry dies

11 April 2014 News and Analysis

John Ruck Keene, whose career at the society spanned more than three decades, has passed away aged 97

Fears free trade agreements will hamstring chemical legislation

10 April 2014 News and Analysis

Corporate watchdogs worry accords being prepared by Europe and North America will impede environmental protection efforts

Metrics' role in assessing research reviewed

9 April 2014 News and Analysis

UK higher education body launches investigation into the pros and cons of metrics in managing research

EU link to Balkans' science threatened

7 April 2014 News and Analysis

Project that helped bring together warring nations through science comes to an end

London launches Europe-wide hydrogen vehicles project

4 April 2014 News and Analysis

The city will get a hydrogen fuel station, and new fuel cell powered cars will be market-ready by 2015

Latest climate report sees a bigger role for adaptation

3 April 2014 News and Analysis

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says the world faces serious challenges and must embrace bold solutions

Analysts shrug off rare earth trade ruling

2 April 2014 News and Analysis

WTO’s indictment of Chinese export duties won’t affect export market, experts say

New Centres for Doctoral Training announced

1 April 2014 News and Analysis

Another 22 CDTs will train 1100 students in the UK

UK government urged to cash in on waste

12 March 2014 News and Analysis

Lords' committee says more waste should be converted into high-value products

Spain’s research council plans austere future

10 March 2014 News and Analysis

Country's largest research institution maps out cuts to scientist and a freeze on new PhDs or postdocs until 2017

Convicted chemist was ‘sole bad actor’ at US drug lab

7 March 2014 News and Analysis

Report concludes Annie Dookhan was only bad apple at lab but 40,000 drug cases may need revisiting

Obama’s proposed science budget disappoints

7 March 2014 News and Analysis

Funding requests for 2015 for major US science agencies fail to keep pace with inflation

Politicians accuse US food agency of illegally monitoring employees

6 March 2014 News and Analysis

Republican staff report calls the Food and Drug Administration's surveillance of whistleblowers unlawful

Europe suspends Swiss research status in immigration row

28 February 2014 News and Analysis

Loss of full research partnership standing will put Switzerland at a disadvantage in securing European funding

Dangerous delivery problems dog chemical transport in China

26 February 2014 News and Analysis

Lethal accident caused by contamination of parcels by toxic chemical highlights difficulties faced by small firms

Immigration battle set to freeze Swiss out of European research

20 February 2014 News and Analysis

Restrictions on freedom of movement of EU citizens may result in Switzerland losing out on science funding

Chemists call for conference boycott over all men shortlist

19 February 2014 News and Analysis

Petition protests gender discrimination at major theoretical chemistry congress

GM maize poised for approval in Europe

18 February 2014 News and Analysis

European commission is also examining the feasibility of allowing nationwide bans on engineered crops

Science cash preserved by UK government

14 February 2014 News and Analysis

The higher education sector faces cuts but science and research is to be spared

Dan Shechtman starts presidential campaign

11 February 2014 News and Analysis

Nobel laureate Shechtman seeks Knesset support to run for president of Israel

UK science to get long-term investment plan

11 February 2014 News and Analysis

Government responds to Lords’ warnings on infrastructure

Genome study to pursue Richard III's medical history

11 February 2014 News and Analysis

Scientists hope sequencing of last Plantagenet king's genome will reveal more about his appearance and health

Commons’ report echoes past messages on women in science

10 February 2014 News and Analysis

Problems identified long ago still dog UK efforts to increase women's participation in research

Materials break into snow business

7 February 2014 News and Analysis

The Winter Olympics will be showcasing new technologies to help athletes put in a personal best in Sochi