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Scotland's 'no' vote pleases much of the science community

22 September 2014 News and Analysis

Calls made for a 'period of mature reflection' as promises of greater autonomy for Scotland may still lead to funding changes

US genomics lead being lost to China

17 September 2014 News and Analysis

NIH senior leaders are sounding the alarm bells, saying the US's pre-eminence in genomics research is under threat

Blaze destroys Nottingham sustainable chemistry lab

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

The cause of the fire that destroyed the £20 million centre that was still under construction is unknown

Computer simulations point to formamide as prebiotic intermediate in ‘Miller’ mixtures

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

Electric field may have provided more than just energy for primordial chemistry

Ozone layer no longer thinning

16 September 2014 News and Analysis

UN Environment Programme's latest research finds ozone layer is thickening in places

US bid to control power plant emissions challenged

15 September 2014 News and Analysis

Republican governors from 15 fossil fuel-heavy states claim CO2 rules on shaky legal ground

Coated nanoparticles show Alzheimer's promise

12 September 2014 News and Analysis

Gold nanoparticles functionalised with amino acid polymer inhibit the growth of amyloid fibres associated with neurodegenerative disease

Juncker names new science commissioner

12 September 2014 News and Analysis

Portuguese secretary of state Carlos Moedas will be the next European commissioner for research, science and innovation

NIH audit turns up plague bacteria and ricin

11 September 2014 News and Analysis

US biomedical research facility turns up five potentially harmful infectious agents inappropriately stowed on its campus

First flexible graphene display paves the way for folding electronics

11 September 2014 News and Analysis

Team behind the bendy e-reader display hope to have a full colour graphene-based smartphone style screen within a year

Work starts on US carbon capture project

9 September 2014 News and Analysis

$167 million project in Texas will capture 1.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide

Almost half of US researchers' time goes on admin

9 September 2014 News and Analysis

Survey finds principal investigators' time taken up by grant writing and post-award admin

R&D share for basic research in China dwindles

9 September 2014 News and Analysis

Warning that the country is too dependent on industry research that lacks novelty

EPA targets methane leaks

5 September 2014 News and Analysis

US environment body wants the oil and gas industry to rein in methane pollution

Tussle over four-year science degrees in India

5 September 2014 News and Analysis

Government wants universities to return to three-year degrees to annoyance of top institutes

Australia's chief scientist makes pitch for science

5 September 2014 News and Analysis

Ian Chubb calls on the government to set out a long-term plan for research, but there are doubts the plea will be heard

Environmental priorities stymie hunt for stubborn ozone depleter

3 September 2014 News and Analysis

Scientists are struggling for resources to explain why carbon tetrachloride levels in the air are higher than expected

Cost of scientific misconduct smaller than feared

28 August 2014 News and Analysis

Analysis puts a price on misconduct for US funder and claims it only comes to $58 million over 10 years

Scientists claim Russia's science plan lacks ambition

21 August 2014 News and Analysis

Programme is targeting fields such as advanced biofuels and smart grids that already have clear leaders, group says

Cape Ray finishes destruction of Syria’s most deadly chemicals

21 August 2014 News and Analysis

Mustard gas and sarin precursors broken down on US navy ship, while progress is made with other weapon chemicals

Doctors turn to experimental Ebola treatments

20 August 2014 News and Analysis

Drugs and vaccines untested in humans are being trialled on Ebola patients

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president dies

15 August 2014 News and Analysis

John Mason Ward, an active member of the chemistry community and power industry chemist, has died aged 92

Audit of fracking fluids highlights data deficiencies

15 August 2014 News and Analysis

Secrecy hampers efforts to understand potential risks of chemicals used in fracking

Research on ice at British Antarctic base

14 August 2014 News and Analysis

Coolant leak means experiments at the research station are unlikely to start again until the summer

UK plans stricter controls on poisons and explosives

7 August 2014 News and Analysis

The government will use licenses to track the sale of hazardous substances