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US government science institute's one time police chief linked to campus meth lab

31 July 2015 News and Analysis

Explosion injuring a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's security force uncovered methamphetamine production

Big business backs White House on climate change

30 July 2015 News and Analysis

Top US companies including Google, Apple and Coca-Cola pledge at least $140 billion in new low-carbon investments

Switzerland R&D spending falls after Horizon 2020 cash freeze

29 July 2015 News and Analysis

Referendum vote to limit EU immigration has led to national research spending being cuts of 7%

Malaria vaccine approval first marred by efficacy question mark

29 July 2015 News and Analysis

Low protection rates in trials and uncertainty over cost-effectiveness leave vaccine's future up in the air

New Horizons sees red over Pluto’s atmosphere

28 July 2015 News and Analysis

Reaction of methane breakdown products are responsible for the dwarf planet’s rosy hue

US government uncovers safety failings at nuclear lab

28 July 2015 News and Analysis

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s safety culture put under the microscope by Department of Energy

EU bans endocrine disruptor from textile imports

24 July 2015 News and Analysis

Activists celebrate ban on imported clothing containing nonylphenol ethoxylates after long campaign against them

Controversial pesticide ban temporarily lifted in UK

24 July 2015 News and Analysis

Two neonicotinoid pesticides permitted by the UK following Farmers Union application

FDA reverses debarment of one of its ex-chemists

23 July 2015 News and Analysis

US Food and Drug Administration lifts ban on chemist who worked at the agency, more than 20 years after he was sentenced for taking bribes

Failure to allay public concerns hobbling UK fracking

23 July 2015 News and Analysis

More facts, data and technical assessments won’t soothe worries when people want greater public debate of risks and benefits

Expert wiki to expose low-quality chemical probes

21 July 2015 News and Analysis

Trip Advisor-like project will fight use of poor probes contaminating the literature

US chemical industry lobby group in the hot seat again

20 July 2015 News and Analysis

Union of Concerned Scientists calls for greater transparency in the political activities of American Chemistry Council and member companies

Despair and anger among Greek scientists at universities' finances

17 July 2015 News and Analysis

Little hope that billions of euros in new loans from the EU will improve the situation

Science Europe proposes ‘diamond engagement’ open access plan

14 July 2015 News and Analysis

Call for data repository policies to be harmonised and promoted across Europe

Metrics have their place but peer review remains king

14 July 2015 News and Analysis

Review calls for responsible use of metrics in UK research

Funding changes worry Russian scientists

10 July 2015 News and Analysis

Fears voiced that changes to the way money is apportioned could lead to the closures of labs

Business unable to access knowledge locked up in universities

10 July 2015 News and Analysis

Report concludes plethora of programmes leaves industry confused on university collaborations

Tuition fees set to rise in wake of UK budget

10 July 2015 News and Analysis

Fees will track inflation at institutes that offer high quality teaching as chancellor unveils a number of changes to student support

UK 'legal highs' bill under fire from scientific community

9 July 2015 News and Analysis

Drug advisory body lays out laundry list of problems that could damage medical and scientific research

Scientist imprisoned over fraudulent HIV vaccine research

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

Former Iowa State University researcher gets four-and-a-half years in prison for faking vaccine research funded by the NIH

Committee will pick Europe’s new scientific advisers

6 July 2015 News and Analysis

Three experts in science and EU policy will help choose the European commission’s panel of seven scientific advisors

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3 July 2015 News and Analysis

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BP emerges from Deepwater with $18.7bn settlement

3 July 2015 News and Analysis

BP has agreed to pay an $18.7 billion settlement to five states damaged by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Employment prospects improving for US chemistry graduates

2 July 2015 News and Analysis

ACS survey shows a drop in unemployment and a bump in starting salaries

Failed terror attack raises alarms about chemical plant security

2 July 2015 News and Analysis

An apparent attempt to blow up a chemical facility in France highlights security concerns