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Lack of data on BPA exposure in developing countries

4 May 2016 News and Analysis

Few studies focus on developing countries where regulations around BPA use are less strict

Spain's largest research institution benefits from economic recovery

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

The CSIC doubles the number of permanent scientist posts that it will create this year

European food safety body to review BPA safety

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

EFSA will revisit data after studies suggest low exposures affect immune health

Nobel prize winner and buckyball discoverer Harry Kroto dies

3 May 2016 News and Analysis

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president with a passion for science communication passes away aged 76

UK graduates carry more student debt than US counterparts

29 April 2016 News and Analysis

English students’ debts may be set to increase further, charity states

Chemistry exam leaks anger Indian students    

28 April 2016 News and Analysis

A number of examinations have been rendered null and void after evidence emerges of cheating

Scientists claim to have seen ‘new state’ of water

28 April 2016 News and Analysis

Scepticism that water molecules with delocalised protons can be described as an unknown phase of water

Steady rise in US science and engineering doctorates raises job worries

28 April 2016 News and Analysis

Most research doctorates ever awarded in 2014, with chemistry PhDs jumping 35% in last decade

Countries ink Paris climate change agreement

27 April 2016 News and Analysis

Nearly 200 countries signed the global climate treaty that aims to limit temperature rises to ‘well below’ 2°C

Crispr-edited mushroom dodges regulation

26 April 2016 News and Analysis

Anti-browning mushroom developed using Crispr-Cas9 gene editing will not be regulated as a GMO by US agricultural agency

US federal research funding saw 6% growth

25 April 2016 News and Analysis

Support for research grew significantly between 2013 and 2014 but is expected to flatten in 2015 when figures are released

UK science reaps rewards within EU

25 April 2016 News and Analysis

Lords report concludes UK science benefits from EU membership

Chemistry Nobel laureate Walter Kohn dies aged 93

22 April 2016 News and Analysis

Kohn was awarded the 1998 chemistry Nobel prize for developing density functional theory

Hawaii lab explosion linked to safety failings

22 April 2016 News and Analysis

Accident that cost a postdoc her arm resulted from inappropriate equipment and unheeded warnings

‘Anti-lobbying’ rule will not affect scientists, UK government says

20 April 2016 News and Analysis

Science minister confirms researchers are exempt from new rules affecting government grants

California lab safety centre to investigate Hawaii University accident

13 April 2016 News and Analysis

Probe into recent lab explosion that took postdoc’s arm to report at the end of April

Anger as climate scientists cut at Australian research body

12 April 2016 News and Analysis

Apparent move away from science for the public good behind the redundancies

Portuguese chemist subject of new retractions

11 April 2016 News and Analysis

Eight papers published by Rodrigo Lopes have been retracted in recent years

Chemistry department to reopen at Swansea University

8 April 2016 News and Analysis

Swansea University will re-introduce degrees in chemistry in 2017, after a 12-year hiatus

US chemical reform threatened by supreme court ruling

6 April 2016 News and Analysis

2015 judgement on power plant emissions could force environment agency to consider compliance costs when regulating chemicals

BP’s long legal battle over Deepwater disaster ends

6 April 2016 News and Analysis

Judge finalises BP’s $20 billion settlement over Gulf of Mexico oil spill

EU plans tighter controls on BPA

6 April 2016 News and Analysis

Proposal would reduce the migration limit of bisphenol A in food packaging by 90%

$1 billion x-ray laser upgrade begins at SLAC

4 April 2016 News and Analysis

Construction begins on world’s brightest x-ray laser

CDC lab safety weaknesses in spotlight again

4 April 2016 News and Analysis

Worker at the US Centers for Disease Control diagnosed with Salmonella may have been infected in the lab

Cadmium and lead in costume jewellery prompt concern

1 April 2016 News and Analysis

Extremely high levels of toxic metals in children’s jewellery is causing alarm among US and Canadian scientists