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Sexual harassment prompts research funders and government to act in US

4 February 2016 News and Analysis

Funding agencies take a stand against harassment in academic research, amid congressional pressure

Use of Crispr on human embryos approved in UK

2 February 2016 News and Analysis

The UK’s fertility regulator will allow gene-edited human embryos to be used in research

Funding boost offers new hope for Ukraine’s scientists

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

Reform will see academies merged and competitive bidding for research money

New law on legal highs approved in UK

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

A blanket ban on New Psychoactive Substances has been given final approval and will come into force in April

Scientists call on Iran to free jailed chemist

1 February 2016 News and Analysis

Open letter signed by chemistry Nobel laureates claims professor’s imprisonment is unlawful

Chemist dies in terrorist attack at Pakistan university

29 January 2016 News and Analysis

University lecturer killed protecting students in deadly morning assault

Come to the Chemistry World communication competition live final

29 January 2016 News and Analysis

Register now to be in the audience in the Faraday lecture theatre

Beyond element 118: the next row of the periodic table

29 January 2016 News and Analysis

A technological leap may be called for to expand the number of elements in existence

Science minister announces new UK funding

28 January 2016 News and Analysis

Government pledges additional support for international research and science centres

Polish chemistry lecturer jailed for plot to blow up parliament

28 January 2016 News and Analysis

Organic chemist with far-right sympathies given 13 years for planned terrorist attack

Pressure on controversial nanoparticle paper builds

27 January 2016 News and Analysis

Expression of concern and reprimand for chemists may seal fate of work on palladium particles

Litvinenko inquiry unveils scientific sleuths at heart of investigation

27 January 2016 News and Analysis

Anonymous forensic investigators and chemists tracked trail left by dissident’s killers

Reliance on numbers for funding threatens to stifle UK science

26 January 2016 News and Analysis

Concentrating funding at top institutes threatens country’s ability to respond to change

China’s science enterprise challenging US leadership

26 January 2016 News and Analysis

40% of the world’s R&D is now carried out in south-east, south and east Asia 

Huge publishing scandal engulfs South Korean universities

26 January 2016 News and Analysis

Academics in many disciplines republished textbooks to pad CVs and line their pockets

Green chemistry hindered by lack of toxicology training

21 January 2016 News and Analysis

Leaders in the field condemn the lack of toxicology education for chemistry undergraduate and PhD students  

Deadly accident sounds alarm for safety in Chinese labs

18 January 2016 News and Analysis

Postdoc’s death in university chemistry department reflects wider safety problems in academic research

Ebola death confirmed in Sierra Leone

15 January 2016 News and Analysis

Disease resurfaces hours after World Health Organization announces an end to the current outbreak in west Africa

Singapore to ramp up research investment with new five-year plan

15 January 2016 News and Analysis

Record 18% increase will see science spend rise to S$19 billion over 2016–2020

Ebola outbreak in west Africa over

14 January 2016 News and Analysis

World Health Organization declares an end to epidemic after Liberia all clear, but warns future flare-ups possible

Obama kicks off new initiative to cure cancer

14 January 2016 News and Analysis

White House launches ‘moonshot’ effort to fight cancer and break down ‘silos’

Global mercury treaty benefits US more than domestic action

12 January 2016 News and Analysis

Minamata Convention would lower mercury exposure 91% by 2050, compared to 32% for US’s own policies

Chemists take stock of chemical auditing and management

11 January 2016 News and Analysis

Online auditing platforms may spell the end for log books and shelves of forgotten chemicals

US bans three food packaging chemicals

7 January 2016 News and Analysis

Food agency prohibits the use of three perfluorinated compounds linked to cancers in food-contact materials

Confirmation of four new elements completes seventh row of periodic table

7 January 2016 News and Analysis

Iupac endorse discovery of elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 by teams in Russia, Japan and the US