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Fallout from rogue US drug lab chemist could lead to thousands of retrials

28 May 2015 News and Analysis

Ruling by Massachusetts court means defendants in drug cases can pursue retrials without fear of harsher sentences

US targets neonicotinoid use in pollinator plan

27 May 2015 News and Analysis

Obama’s new strategy to promote pollinator health includes re-evaluating neonicotinoid pesticides

Industry body accused over links to discredited US fire safety group

26 May 2015 News and Analysis

Claims that American Chemistry Council was 'intimately involved' with flame retardant group exposed as industry front

Response to tainted US drinking water criticised

21 May 2015 News and Analysis

Scientific advice in the US is poor when it comes to responding to drinking water contamination

Roadmap to reward pharma for creating new antibiotics unveiled

19 May 2015 News and Analysis

Report recommends large up-front payments and an innovation fund for blue skies research to tackle microbial resistance

Opiate-producing yeast raises spectre of 'home-brewed heroin'

18 May 2015 News and Analysis

Warnings that completion of final steps in opiate biosynthesis could be a double-edged sword

UN sets its sights on marine microplastics

15 May 2015 News and Analysis

Scale of the problem means no simple solutions exist to tackle plastic particles already in the world’s oceans

Universities bear brunt of cuts to keep Australian science running

15 May 2015 News and Analysis

Cuts to funding for researchers announced in budget staves off infrastructure closures

California demands warning labels for BPA

14 May 2015 News and Analysis

Despite safety evidence, the state has added BPA to its list of cancer-linked chemicals under ‘Proposition 65’

Panel of top scientists set to advise European commission

14 May 2015 News and Analysis

Announcement ends uncertainty over scientific advice after chief scientific adviser post scrapped

Tory election victory heralds new science minister for UK

12 May 2015 News and Analysis

David Cameron's cabinet reshuffle ushers in new faces for research and universities posts

Greenhouse gas milestone exceeded

11 May 2015 News and Analysis

Global carbon dioxide levels have passed 400ppm for the first time, according to new data from the US

Scientists protest over political firing of Russian chemist

11 May 2015 News and Analysis

Leading chemist dismissed after criticising federal science agency

Scientists call for ban on fluorinated chemicals

8 May 2015 News and Analysis

The Madrid Statement, signed by 200 scientists, urges consumers to avoid PFAS-containing products

Court rejects Spain’s challenge to EU patent reform

8 May 2015 News and Analysis

Single patent system in Europe overcomes major obstacle

US agency tightens recommended fluoride levels

7 May 2015 News and Analysis

Water fluoridation level is lowered to balance tooth health with fluorosis risk

Travel policies restrict US government scientists attending conferences

7 May 2015 News and Analysis

Science advocacy groups are warning policymakers of the negative impacts of White House rules

European parliament supports plastic bag crackdown

6 May 2015 News and Analysis

Under new EU rules member states will have to ban or restrict the use of lightweight plastic bags

US budget outlook concerns White House

5 May 2015 News and Analysis

White House budget chief warns Republicans’ 2016 spending plan doesn’t bode well for research agencies

Science academies flag research priorities ahead of G7 summit

30 April 2015 News and Analysis

G7 leaders urged to discuss action on antibiotic resistance, neglected tropical diseases and the world's oceans

UK ordered to clean up NO2 pollution immediately

30 April 2015 News and Analysis

Government must come up with a new plan to tackle illegal pollution by the end of the year

US environment body criticised for persecuting 9/11 dust whistleblower

29 April 2015 News and Analysis

Agency withheld evidence exonerating a senior chemist who was fired several years ago, judge rules

Wieland’s chemistry Nobel to be sold at auction

29 April 2015 News and Analysis

1927 prize is the first chemistry Nobel to go under the hammer

High hopes for ACS cannabis division

28 April 2015 News and Analysis

An effort to create a cannabis division within the American Chemical Society is gaining momentum

European parliament refuses to back diversion of research cash

27 April 2015 News and Analysis

Committees tell President Jean-Claude Juncker to think again on funding for stimulus package