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8 May 2014 News Archive

Trial run

Can magma crystals predict eruptions?

24 May 2012 News Archive

Researchers home in on a chemical fingerprint for volcanic eruptions but can currently only examine it after the eruption

Polymer gel squeezes and strains like an intestine

16 May 2012 News Archive

The oscillating Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction powers a tubular gel that expands and contracts in waves

Campaigners win fight to reform UK libel laws

14 May 2012 News Archive

Bill will protect scientists and journalists from vexatious suits when critiquing scientific claims

Life science companies see mixed fortunes in Québec

8 May 2012 News Archive

Canada's pharmaceutical and life sciences hub hit by cutbacks as effects of global slowdown continue to be felt

Near-infrared spectroscopy illuminates medieval art

25 April 2012 News Archive

Non-invasive technique sheds light on the materials used across the entirety of a 15th century manuscript

Controlling an organocatalyst with pH

19 April 2012 News Archive

A catalytic group situated on a rotaxane can be switched on or off by altering where the macrocycle sits

Polymers perform non-DNA evolution

19 April 2012 News Archive

Successful transcription of DNA to xeno-nucleic acids (XNA) and back again shows that life's chemistry could have very different

Silicene grown for (probably) the first time

18 April 2012 News Archive

Scientists present the most compelling evidence yet for a one atom-thick sheet of silicon

Giving drug dropouts a new lease of life

15 April 2012 News Archive

Cucurbiturils improve drug's solubility by almost 3000 times offering ditched molecules another spin of the wheel

Synthetic chemists print labware to order

15 April 2012 News Archive

Chemists threaten to put glassblowers out of work using a 3D printer to produce dynamic reaction vessels

Recruiting electrophiles for organic cross-coupling

12 April 2012 News Archive

Cross-coupling with two electrophiles provides chemists with new ways to make carbon-carbon bonds

Microfluidic fuel cell powers forward

10 April 2012 News Archive

Laminar flow eliminates expensive membranes, allowing higher power density and otherwise incompatible fuels and oxidants to be used

Tuning into a radio solution to money forgers

3 April 2012 News Archive

Banknotes with an organic conducting polymer radiofrequency identification tag provide an extra level of security against counterfeiters

Novel mass sensor is off the scale

3 April 2012 News Archive

The world's most sensitive balance has been created, capable of measuring the weight of a single proton

Controversial physical sciences shaping comes to a close

30 March 2012 News Archive

The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has finished its research funding assessment programme

Mouldy film (block) buster

29 March 2012 News Archive

Detecting mould on old cinema film could help to preserve historical records

Cutbacks threaten Lords' oversight of UK science

28 March 2012 News Archive

Cost saving measures could see inquiries by the Lords science and technology select committee halved

In the papers

28 March 2012 News Archive

Short items

Note book

28 March 2012 News Archive

Short items, April 2012

News in Brief

28 March 2012 News Archive

Short items, April 2012

tattoo to give you the sporting edge

27 March 2012 News Archive

Nascar racer Paulie Harraka's hydration has been monitored using an epidermal electronic device

Phosphate-scavenging nanoparticles starve microbes

26 March 2012 News Archive

Nanoparticles with controllable toxicity provide an antimicrobial strategy with a small environmental footprint

Germanium-oxygen double bond takes centre stage

25 March 2012 News Archive

World's first germanone created using bulky ligands to stabilise highly reactive bond

Picking out cysteine for health study

23 March 2012 News Archive

A way to monitor cysteine levels in the blood, high levels of which are linked with neurological diseases