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Young's valve

23 February 2015 Classic Kit

Sealed with a twist

Landriani's eudiometer

30 January 2015 Classic Kit

An end to bad air days

Le Blanc's electrode

15 January 2015 Classic Kit

Raising standards in electrochemistry

Maiman's laser

2 December 2014 Classic Kit

Blinded by the light

Daniell's cell

30 October 2014 Classic Kit

Powerful connections

Schnitger's pipette

26 September 2014 Classic Kit

Dropping drudgery gets a thumbs-up

Wollaston’s reflective goniometer

3 September 2014 Classic Kit

It is better to travel than to arrive

Martin's columns

28 July 2014 Classic Kit

If you can think and not make thoughts your aim

Aston's mass spectrograph

3 July 2014 Classic Kit

Discoveries en masse

Stock's valve

20 May 2014 Classic Kit

Uncovering chemistry’s quicksilver casualties

Rockwell's tester

29 April 2014 Classic Kit

Hardness on trial

Orsat's gas analyser

21 March 2014 Classic Kit

Raising a glass to measuring gas

Döbereiner’s lighter

3 March 2014 Classic Kit

Chemistry’s rule of three

Essen's clock

27 January 2014 Classic Kit

Making every second count

Tsvett's column

9 January 2014 Classic Kit

Separation brings sciences together

The Braggs' spectrometer

2 December 2013 Classic Kit

A structured family

Lichtenberg's figures

4 November 2013 Classic Kit

Science's most copied discovery

Michelson's interferometer

4 October 2013 Classic Kit

Science at the speed of light

Kirchhoff's spectroscope

3 September 2013 Classic Kit

Illuminating the dark corners of science

Runge's pictures

1 August 2013 Classic Kit

Shades of chromatography

Pictet's liquefier

1 July 2013 Classic Kit

Creating the coldest points on Earth

Moissan's furnace

3 June 2013 Classic Kit

The arc of extreme chemistry

Anschütz’s manometer

23 April 2013 Classic Kit

A compact and convenient distillation aid

Geiger's tube

25 March 2013 Classic Kit

The ticking counter of individual atomic events

Castner's electrode

1 March 2013 Classic Kit

Bringing the spark of life to the chemical industry