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Laplace’s calorimeter

11 July 2016 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella finds that even a scientific giant reached the limits of his ability when it comes to managing people in the wake of the French Revolution

Nicol’s prism

14 June 2016 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella illuminates the story of the man who gave the world plane polarised light

Timms’ reactor

11 May 2016 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella condenses the story of a breakthrough in organometallic chemistry

Gahn’s blowpipe

14 April 2016 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella explores the evolution of a forgotten device that was once the cornerstone of chemical analysis

Minsky’s microscope

3 February 2016 Classic Kit

Following the death of Marvin Minsky, Andrea Sella sheds light on how confocal microscopy transformed imaging techniques

Andrew’s spinner

25 January 2016 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella explains the turning point that led to magic-angle spinning

D’Alelio’s resins

5 January 2016 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella reveals the abrasive central figure of ion exchange resin development

Lovelock’s detector

27 November 2015 Classic Kit

In the 100th edition of Classic Kit, Andrea Sella explores the science that revealed a change is in the air

Six of the best from Sella

26 November 2015 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella shares his favourite memories from exploring the history of lab equipment

Pregl’s analysis tubes

22 October 2015 Classic Kit

Andrea Sella examines the small matter of microanalysis

Auer’s lamp

23 September 2015 Classic Kit

Chemistry makes light work

Lippmann’s electrometer

28 August 2015 Classic Kit

A mercurial genius

Wilson's cloud chamber

24 July 2015 Classic Kit

Playing among the clouds

Van Valkenberg's anvil

26 June 2015 Classic Kit

A diamond squeezer

Pockels' trough

26 May 2015 Classic Kit

Investigating interfaces

Schott's glass

29 April 2015 Classic Kit

Life through a lens

Crookes' tube

19 March 2015 Classic Kit

Lights, camera, chemistry!

Young's valve

23 February 2015 Classic Kit

Sealed with a twist

Landriani's eudiometer

30 January 2015 Classic Kit

An end to bad air days

Le Blanc's electrode

15 January 2015 Classic Kit

Raising standards in electrochemistry

Maiman's laser

2 December 2014 Classic Kit

Blinded by the light

Daniell's cell

30 October 2014 Classic Kit

Powerful connections

Schnitger's pipette

26 September 2014 Classic Kit

Dropping drudgery gets a thumbs-up

Wollaston’s reflective goniometer

3 September 2014 Classic Kit

It is better to travel than to arrive

Martin's columns

28 July 2014 Classic Kit

If you can think and not make thoughts your aim