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No time for grief: we must act

21 July 2016 Comments

The UK science community must set its priorities in a post-EU world and win over the science sceptics, says John Womersley

It’s not easy being green

20 July 2016 Comments

Ali Bouzari looks at why it’s so tricky for chefs to keep food verdant

Data ex machina

13 June 2016 Comments

Paul Groth explains why linked data is starting to revolutionise medicinal chemistry

To leave or not to leave

31 May 2016 Comments

Chris Leigh and Mike Galsworthy discuss their views on the EU referendum

Tricks of temperature

24 May 2016 Comments

Ali Bouzari reveals why we should follow coffee shops, not French gastronomists, when it comes to flavour extraction

The challenge of getting science into video games

23 May 2016 Comments

Tim Wicksteed reveals the choices he faced while making a game based on the pharmaceutical industry

Towards a new plastics economy

3 May 2016 Comments

Global change is needed to avert disaster, says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Why we need an allergic reaction

27 April 2016 Comments

Michael Walker calls for a grand vision to protect people with food allergy

Can we wait for e-cigarette trials?

18 April 2016 Comments

Safety data is needed but is not a reason to ignore vaping now, says Thomas Hartung

Wholesome additions

11 April 2016 Comments

Ali Bouzari explains how whole ingredients are helping to defuse the unjustified public distrust of additives

Toxicity is a hazardous waste

30 March 2016 Comments

We must teach students how to avoid environmental impact rather than accept itas an inherent part of chemistry, argues John Warner

Cutting the science travel footprint

21 March 2016 Comments

Scientists should think about their own carbon footprint if they want to inspire public action on climate change, says Stuart Capstick

The only way is ethics

18 March 2016 Comments

Jeffrey Kovac debates whether recent cases of ethical misconduct mean chemistry needs to take a new approach to regulation

Sticky situations

3 March 2016 Comments

Ali Bouzari reveals how mastering the science of stickiness can improve flavours or ease food preparation

Marshmallow man

2 March 2016 Comments

Yuandi Li finds making marshmallows is not as easy as it looks

Rare earth magnates

24 February 2016 Comments

China’s monopoly on production has a global impact, argues David Abraham

Thank you for smoking

2 February 2016 Comments

Smoking foods may have its roots in preservation, but its chemistry can produce a range of delicious tastes, says Ali Bouzari

Smoke in the water

1 February 2016 Comments

Yuandi Li puts our smoked vinaigrette recipe to the test

Weighty decisions

22 January 2016 Comments

Juris Meija explains why a small change to the atomic weight of an element can make a huge difference to science

Rooting out sexism

19 January 2016 Comments

If we are going to address gender equality in science, we need to recognise our own biases, says Nicola Gaston

The illusion of self-correction

4 January 2016 Comments

Ferric Fang and Arturo Casadevall ask how science deals with alleged research misconduct

The power of enzymes

21 December 2015 Comments

Ali Bouzari reveals how amylases and proteases revolutionised our meals

Rethinking risk assessment

8 December 2015 Comments

Toxicologists must embrace better ways of accounting for low dose effects, argue Annamaria Colacci and Nicole Kleinstreuer

Experiments beyond the laboratory

23 October 2015 Comments

Real world ‘experiments’ are a much needed link between scientists and society, argues Matthias Gross

Behind closed doors: How to win the Nobel prize

7 October 2015 Comments

Bengt Norden addresses the myths and rumours surrounding the world's most prestigious science prize