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Not all science is created equal

16 October 2014 Comments

John Ioannidis explains why researchers should be curious about the differences between disciplines

An escape plan

2 October 2014 Comments

Karin Bodewits suggests that academia’s chairs might hold more women if they have a clear view of the exit

Carl Djerassi - chemistry and theatre

30 September 2014 Comments

Carl Djerassi explains his move from distinguished chemist to 'intellectual smuggler'

In defence of metrics

20 August 2014 Comments

Are metrics a necessary evil, or can they be a force for good? Anthony Olejniczak sticks up for stats

The energy to fight injustice

23 July 2014 Comments

Giving the world carbon-free energy means putting nuclear energy back on the agenda, says James Hansen

Of atoms and aesthetics

3 July 2014 Comments

From molecular representations to elegant syntheses, Tami Spector considers the ways chemists find beauty in their work

We need to talk about Nagoya

29 May 2014 Comments

Darren Smyth explains why the Nagoya Protocol could become a problem for European research

The wisdom of clouds

8 May 2014 Comments

Kai Kohlhoff discusses the promise and pitfalls of doing science with distributed computing

Strength in numbers

8 April 2014 Comments

For all the value it provides, analytical chemistry doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, say Mark Powell and Steven Lancaster

'No sexuality please, we're scientists'

1 April 2014 Comments

David Smith wonders why gay scientists seem to stay unseen, and asks does it matter?

The future of feedstocks

6 March 2014 Comments

Where will our chemicals come from when the oil wells run dry? Jose Lopez-Sanchez discusses renewable feedstocks

Diplomacy through education

27 February 2014 Comments

Jay Siegel is building the future of China’s Tianjin University by looking to its past – combining the academic cultures of east and west

Peak oil is not a myth

20 February 2014 Comments

Fracking won’t plug the gap in crude oil’s falling figures, says Chris Rhodes. Oil’s exhaustion is inevitable

Arsenic and old waste

23 January 2014 Comments

William Bains worries that scientists are losing their way in the wild frontiers of research

Cut price pills cost more than pennies

19 December 2013 Comments

We can’t afford to let the demand for cheaper medicines force compromises on quality, says Steven Ford

Where is the chemistry?

13 December 2013 Comments

Proposals for doctoral training centres lack one important element, says David Parker: some science

Put the chemistry back in medicinal chemistry

28 November 2013 Comments

Pursuing skewed priorities and easy options has impoverished the pharmaceutical industry, says David Lathbury.

Clearing the air about the hydrogen economy

26 September 2013 Comments

Hydrogen as an important fuel is no pipe dream, says Martin Smith

Emancipate your data

23 September 2013 Comments

Henry Rzepa explains why our data deserves a place all its own

Possible versus practical

19 September 2013 Comments

Hype and fanciful predictions are distracting society from finding realistic solutions, say William Banholzer and Mark Jones

Science unlimited

22 August 2013 Comments

Diversity breeds creativity, says Geri Richmond, but only if everyone feels part of the team

Diversity: leading the way

15 August 2013 Comments

Julia Higgins discusses gender diversity in the sciences, what has been achieved and what still needs to be done

Cost reporting is more than worth it

25 July 2013 Comments

The time for the chemical sector to report the environmental impact of its products is long overdue, says Michael Collins

An 'Aye' for details

10 July 2013 Comments

Small steps by synthetic chemists could mean giant leaps for those who follow, says Karl Collins

The Choshu five

27 June 2013 Comments

Alwyn Davies recounts how five Japanese students and their chemist mentor changed Japanese society forever