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Beyond Brexit

7 July 2016 Critical Point

UK researchers must argue loudly and clearly for a settlement that safeguards science, says Mark Peplow

Slippery customers

29 June 2016 Critical Point

The troubled history of perfluorinated chemicals shows why the overhaul of US chemicals regulation is so welcome, says Mark Peplow

Power to the people

7 June 2016 Critical Point

Tesla’s Gigafactory is set to be a milestone for electric vehicles, says Mark Peplow

Shadow of Chernobyl

26 April 2016 Critical Point

Mark Peplow takes the long view on the cost of nuclear power 

Family friendly science

7 April 2016 Critical Point

The perception that young scientists need to sacrifice family life for a career in research must change, says Mark Peplow

The toxic tale of the Flint water crisis

9 February 2016 Critical Point

The city’s dilemma highlights serious regulatory failings but demonstrates the empowerment offered by citizen science, explains Mark Peplow

A farewell to chemical arms

18 January 2016 Critical Point

As chemical weapons stockpiles dwindle, international efforts must guard against renewed arsenals, says Mark Peplow

How science can improve research collaboration

22 December 2015 Critical Point

An evidence-based approach could help chemists found better investigative partnerships, says Mark Peplow

O Canada…

19 November 2015 Critical Point

Canada’s new prime minister could make the nation a model of evidence-based policymaking, suggests Mark Peplow

The carbon capture challenge

21 October 2015 Critical Point

Economics holds the key to solving climate change, says Mark Peplow

After Tianjin

17 September 2015 Critical Point

China’s appalling chemical safety record demands a global response, says Mark Peplow

Credit where credit’s due

27 August 2015 Critical Point

Disputes over authorship can be a source of conflict in the lab. The solution is greater transparency, says Mark Peplow

Down to business

28 July 2015 Critical Point

To make the economic case for research, scientists need to understand how commercialisation works, says Mark Peplow

Europe's science advice, redux

24 June 2015 Critical Point

Will a new expert panel be any more effective than a chief science adviser, wonders Mark Peplow

Getting to know you

1 June 2015 Critical Point

The public does not fear chemists, it simply doesn’t know about them.

An unfortunate oversight

27 April 2015 Critical Point

The US Toxic Substances Control Act is in dire need of reform. That demands compromises, says Mark Peplow

Thinking ahead

26 March 2015 Critical Point

PhD courses must prepare students for a life after research, says Mark Peplow

A large life, fully lived

20 February 2015 Critical Point

Carl Djerassi leaves many legacies besides the contraceptive pill,says Mark Peplow

The big experiment

23 January 2015 Critical Point

Plans to stop assessing school pupils’ practical work are the wrong solution to a genuine problem, says Mark Peplow

A bad business

19 December 2014 Critical Point

Targets and assessments can boost productivity at universities – but only if they do not stifle creativity and alienate the academic workforce, says Mark Peplow

It's time to speak up for Europe

27 November 2014 Critical Point

Researchers in the UK benefit enormously from their country’s membership of the EU. They need to say so, argues Mark Peplow

Two for the price of one

23 October 2014 Critical Point

This year’s Nobel prizes show that chemistry truly is the central science

Good advice

25 September 2014 Critical Point

Rather than axing his chief scientific adviser, the next president of the European commission should enhance the role

The trouble with boycotts

29 August 2014 Critical Point

Cutting academic ties with a censured state can do more harm than good, says Mark Peplow

The creative stimulus

22 July 2014 Critical Point

Innovative thinking may be difficult to turn on at will, but there are many ways to prepare for inspiration, says Mark Peplow