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Jumping through loopholes

19 July 2016 Editorial

Getting outraged at drug price hikes is all very well, but we need more constructive options

The path of least resistance

1 July 2016 Editorial

We all need to do our bit and act for the common good if we're going to tackle antibiotic resistance

In, out, shake it all about

6 June 2016 Editorial

UK trade bodies predominantly favour remaining in the EU

Science sans frontières

2 June 2016 Editorial

Global challenges need global chemistry, writes Ben Feringa

Plastic not so fantastic

1 June 2016 Editorial

The world has a big problem with small plastics and the time to act is now

A chemistry renaissance

12 May 2016 Editorial

There's welcome evidence of a resurgence of interest in chemistry in the UK

Do androids dream of electrostatics?

29 April 2016 Editorial

Artificial intelligence could be better than you think

Healing the world

27 April 2016 Editorial

Will GSK's move towards licensing patents in developing countries, rather than rigidly defending them, improve access to medicines?

Chemistry under control

11 April 2016 Editorial

There's more to influencing the science of change than temperature and catalysts

The price of right

7 April 2016 Editorial

Counting the cost of regulation is more than a numbers game

Checks and balances

5 April 2016 Editorial

Should trade bodies do more than simply 'represent their members' interests'?

Speaking truth to power

1 April 2016 Editorial

Academic freedom is a cornerstone of society that needs protection from governments that seek to silence freethinkers

Forged in righteous flames

2 March 2016 Editorial

Could the debate over pharma price-gouging have positive results for both patients and companies?

Rise of the machines

1 March 2016 Editorial

Science fiction or science future?

Store with care

26 February 2016 Editorial

Chemists need to get their own house (or lab cupboard) in order and new electronic inventories are just the ticket

Don’t be a hero, be a scientist

23 February 2016 Editorial

Keeping the public’s trust is our shared duty

I am a number!

2 February 2016 Editorial

Being a number can make scientists more unique

Table for 118

29 January 2016 Editorial

New elements mean more than just new names

Once upon a time

28 January 2016 Editorial

Great stories can change hearts and minds

The kids aren’t alright

26 January 2016 Editorial

Making it more attractive for companies to develop paediatric drugs has the potential to improve everyone’s lives

Power to perovskites

13 January 2016 Editorial

Perovskite-based solar cells were a hot ticket in Boston this December

The judgement of Paris

7 January 2016 Editorial

Our environmental ambitions are only as good as the companies we keep

Count your blessings

5 January 2016 Editorial

With major funding cuts averted, UK chemists prepare to take on some of the world's biggest challenges

Is bigger really better?

21 December 2015 Editorial

2015 went out with a bang in terms of mergers

Deck the lecture halls

11 December 2015 Editorial

Michael Faraday is the father of Christmas science