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If you're going to San Francisco

1 August 2014 Editorial

Be sure to come and meet us at booth #701

Chemistry and art

1 July 2014 Editorial

Both disciplines should be treated as connected and collaborative endeavours

To merge or not to merge

1 June 2014 Editorial

The big questions remain unanswered

Indigo and Indian independence

1 May 2014 Editorial

Until Gandhi intervened in 1917, farmers were forced to grow indigo and cash crops instead of food crops

A wide open competition

1 April 2014 Editorial

The Chemistry World science communication competition comes to fruition

European collaborations

1 March 2014 Editorial

EuCheMS congress - from Istanbul, to Seville to Liverpool in 2018

How times have changed

1 February 2014 Editorial

In my youth it'd have been Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin

A decade of Chemistry World

1 January 2014 Editorial

Chemical science has never been more central to society

Unwelcome festive offerings

1 December 2013 Editorial

It’s not easy to learn you’re going to lose your job, especially at this time of year

Nobel double whammy for chemistry

1 November 2013 Editorial

Is 'they don't do "real" chemistry' the worst argument ever?

Divided by a common language

1 October 2013 Editorial

American and British English may differ, but data has no borders

Chemistry - The next generation

1 September 2013 Editorial

How can we attract, educate, inspire and retain the brightest and best?

The life of a journalist

1 August 2013 Editorial

How different was it in 1966?

We didn't win

1 July 2013 Editorial

But we received the biggest cheer of the night

We are in good company

23 May 2013 Editorial

An award, a nomination and welcoming back a familiar face...

Not short of news

1 May 2013 Editorial

A death, an explosion and toxic letters grabbed the headlines

More job cuts...

2 April 2013 Editorial

And a thank you message to our 200,000 Twitter followers

Sensationalism in science

11 March 2013 Editorial

How a great documentary turned into sensationalist reporting


1 February 2013 Editorial

Is it an art or a science?

My chemistry teacher

2 January 2013 Editorial

And two lessons I will never forget

The gift of science

3 December 2012 Editorial

Don't know what to buy for Christmas this year?

It's survey time

7 November 2012 Editorial

We'd like to hear from you

Cosmetics, perfume and fashion

1 October 2012 Editorial

The October special issue is dedicated to lifestyle

Without a parachute

3 September 2012 Editorial

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

What will August bring?

17 August 2012 Editorial

So far it hasn't been a quiet summer...