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Chemistry uncovered

27 March 2015 Editorial

We can find chemistry everywhere, but sometimes it doesn’t want to be found

Measuring up

24 March 2015 Editorial

Business leader: How should we assess companies’ performance?

Are you sitting comfortably?

3 March 2015 Editorial

Science has great tales to tell, but we mustn’t let a good story get in the way of the facts

Bright lights and dark shadows

3 February 2015 Editorial

India is a place of contrast, where beacons of innovation highlight significant societal challenges

Rules of engagement

29 January 2015 Editorial

Whither the future of magazines? Wherever our readers lead us.

Welcome to 2015 and to a new volume

5 January 2015 Editorial

Here’s to the undiscovered country and all that we may find there

Power to the people

1 December 2014 Editorial

Scientists are harnessing public support to strengthen their political muscle

An interdisciplinary celebration

1 November 2014 Editorial

This year’s Nobel prize in chemistry is a classic tale of beating impossible odds and the laws of physics

Thanks all. It's been a pleasure

8 September 2014 Editorial

After five and a half years I'm moving on to new challenges

Developments in chemical education

1 September 2014 Editorial

At the American Chemical Society meeting we heard about how students are now engaging in alternative ways of communicating and promoting science

If you're going to San Francisco

1 August 2014 Editorial

Be sure to come and meet us at booth #701

Chemistry and art

1 July 2014 Editorial

Both disciplines should be treated as connected and collaborative endeavours

To merge or not to merge

1 June 2014 Editorial

The big questions remain unanswered

Indigo and Indian independence

1 May 2014 Editorial

Until Gandhi intervened in 1917, farmers were forced to grow indigo and cash crops instead of food crops

A wide open competition

1 April 2014 Editorial

The Chemistry World science communication competition comes to fruition

European collaborations

1 March 2014 Editorial

EuCheMS congress - from Istanbul, to Seville to Liverpool in 2018

How times have changed

1 February 2014 Editorial

In my youth it'd have been Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin

A decade of Chemistry World

1 January 2014 Editorial

Chemical science has never been more central to society

Unwelcome festive offerings

1 December 2013 Editorial

It’s not easy to learn you’re going to lose your job, especially at this time of year

Nobel double whammy for chemistry

1 November 2013 Editorial

Is 'they don't do "real" chemistry' the worst argument ever?

Divided by a common language

1 October 2013 Editorial

American and British English may differ, but data has no borders

Chemistry - The next generation

1 September 2013 Editorial

How can we attract, educate, inspire and retain the brightest and best?

The life of a journalist

1 August 2013 Editorial

How different was it in 1966?

We didn't win

1 July 2013 Editorial

But we received the biggest cheer of the night

We are in good company

23 May 2013 Editorial

An award, a nomination and welcoming back a familiar face...