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December 2015

1 December 2015 Letters

The likes of language and glove discussions

November 2015

2 November 2015 Letters

Exaggerated cholesterol danger and lanthanides at the antiques fair

October 2015

8 October 2015 Letters

Periodic table harmonies and woolly models

September 2015

1 September 2015 Letters

Remembering Evelyn Ebsworth and academics in industry

August 2015

3 August 2015 Letters

Chemistry collector's edition and the way to Ytterby

July 2015

1 July 2015 Letters

From chemistry stats to chemistry sets

June 2015

1 June 2015 Letters

The value of PhDs, defending the defence scientists and retention problems in teaching

May 2015

1 May 2015 Letters

Conduct and misconduct, and to PhD or not to PhD?

April 2015

1 April 2015 Letters

A classic demonstration explained, and misadventures with mercury

March 2015

1 March 2015 Letters

Responses to the REF, forensic fraud and baffling bonds

February 2015

9 February 2015 Letters

Reflections on the REF, climate controversy and the pros and cons of fracking

January 2015

16 January 2015 Letters

Neonicotinoids in the crossfire

December 2014

8 December 2014 Letters

All that glitters may be gold-plated

November 2014

12 November 2014 Letters

Supporting small journals, water chemistry and all natural compounds

October 2014

4 November 2014 Letters

Alternative measurements, indigo and hot topics

September 2014

3 November 2014 Letters

Edible paint, Indian injustice and past memories

July 2014

7 August 2014 Letters

Size of research groups - is bigger better? Takeover bids and spontaneous combustion

August 2014

7 August 2014 Letters

Further Mary Rose sulfur debate, psychedelic drugs and the Choshu Five

April 2014

1 August 2014 Letters

Cell culture queries, memories of Harwell and spelling P

June 2014

1 August 2014 Letters

More speculation on the source of sulfur in the Mary Rose, a plea to mitigate the influence of metrics and spontaneous combustion ignites debate.

May 2014

1 August 2014 Letters

Whence the sulfur in the Mary Rose's timbers? The fracking fallacy, and some speculation on 'lazy gases'

March 2014

5 June 2014 Letters

The long history of crystallography, more on 'us and -ous, and a mysterious recipe is solved

February 2014

4 June 2014 Letters

Origins of Bragg's Law, a mysterious recipe and the use of -ous in US

January 2014

14 May 2014 Letters

Ångstrom's early version of Bragg's Law and the power of plutonium.

December 2013

14 May 2014 Letters

Philip Ball's article on chemistry's climate change sceptics prompts responses from both sides of the debate