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Tantalising technology

20 February 2015 In the Pipeline

Computer-assisted drug design always looks like it’s just about to work, says Derek Lowe, but the reality is complicated

The smell of success

11 February 2015 In the Pipeline

Laboratory aromas conjure memories and emotions from elation to a sudden need to vomit, says Derek Lowe

Ignorance is no defence

14 January 2015 In the Pipeline

In a chemistry lab, what you don’t know really can hurt you, says Derek Lowe

Progress at the pace of the slowest

1 December 2014 In the Pipeline

Chemistry is rarely the rate-limiting process in getting a drug to market, says Derek Lowe

Chemical space is big. Really big.

28 October 2014 In the Pipeline

You think it’s a long way to the back of your screening libraries? That’s peanuts to chemical space, says Derek Lowe

Garbage in, garbage out

29 September 2014 In the Pipeline

The rise of low-quality and predatory open access journals and conferences worries Derek Lowe

Death of a reagent

22 August 2014 In the Pipeline

Fashion and progress combine to mean some reactions and reagents persist, while others fall by the wayside, says Derek Lowe

The crystal ball that can tell lies

29 July 2014 In the Pipeline

X-ray structures are not necessarily definitive, says Derek Lowe, especially when it comes to biomolecules

Too big to innovate?

25 June 2014 In the Pipeline

How strong is the correlation between company size and research productivity, asks Derek Lowe

Messy megamergers

29 May 2014 In the Pipeline

Big company buyouts are more about immediate gains and rarely consider the impact on research, says Derek Lowe

Engineering serendipity

25 April 2014 In the Pipeline

It takes more than random stumbling to find new reactions, says Derek Lowe

Known unknowns

27 March 2014 In the Pipeline

New molecules with unpredictable biological activity deserve sensible amounts of respect, says Derek Lowe

Tools of the trade

24 February 2014 In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe wonders what the most life-changing instrument for organic chemists is, and what might be missing from the toolbox

Beelzebub Pharma Ltd

31 January 2014 In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe thinks the Devil's R&D management schemes might be scarily familiar

Is there a drug for that?

7 January 2014 In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe ponders whether anything is truly ‘undruggable’ if we look in the right places

Rolling boulders uphill

27 November 2013 In the Pipeline

Is Derek Lowe troubled by his failure to develop a compound that has made it to the pharmacy shelf?

Natural born chemists

31 October 2013 In the Pipeline

Redesigning nature's catalysts is tantalising but tricky, says Derek Lowe

What's the use?

25 September 2013 In the Pipeline

Not every reaction can be run in a bucket, says Derek Lowe, but there are limits to what should be classed as ‘useful’

The never-ending story

2 September 2013 In the Pipeline

Keeping up with the literature is impossible, says Derek Lowe.

Knowledge lost or time gained?

30 July 2013 In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe wonders whether we should mourn the decline of classic analytical techniques or embrace technological advances

Target acquired

2 July 2013 In the Pipeline

Knowing a drug’s exact biochemistry has never been a prerequisite for approval, says Derek Lowe, and nor should it be

Lab’s labourers lost?

2 July 2013 In the Pipeline

How long should scientists stay at the bench, asks Derek Lowe. How long is a piece of string?

Bespoke or bodged

30 April 2013 In the Pipeline

A can-do attitude and some lateral thinking can save time and money when it comes to exotic apparatus, says Derek Lowe

From lab to leader

2 April 2013 In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe asks (with some trepidation): do drug companies need scientists at the top?

New antibiotics: what's the hold up?

6 March 2013 In the Pipeline

It’s more a research problem, than a commercial one, says Derek Lowe