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Manganese dioxide

25 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg paints a picture of a compound found in ancient cave paintings and top-of-the-range electronics: Manganese dioxide

Mercury fulminate, Hg(CNO)2

18 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Michael Freemantle examines the explosive history and chemistry of mercury fulminate

Zirconium tungstate

11 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Generally, things get bigger as they get hotter. Neil Withers examines one of the exceptions – zirconium tungstate


4 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

There's more to toluene than TNT, as Brian Clegg reveals

Guncotton or nitrocellulose

28 October 2015 Podcast | Compounds

From an apron aflame to a popular propellant, Michael Freemantle tracks the history of guncotton

Thiamine or vitamin B

22 October 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg introduces an essential nutrient, and the first to hold the name 'vitamin': Thiamine or vitamin B


15 October 2015 Podcast | Compounds

A story which starts knee-deep in sewage and ends with the spread of drug resistant infections like MRSA


7 October 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Wouldn't it be great to have a molecule named after you? But perhaps not this week's compound, the chemical weapon lewisite

Xenon hexafluoroplatinate

30 September 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Hayley Birch discovers the compound that opened up a wing of the periodic table for reactions: Xenon hexafluoroplatinate

Sodium azide

23 September 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Raychelle Burks finds out how Potbelly's patrons became poisoning patients, in the mystery of the sodium azide-laced iced tea


21 September 2015 Podcast | Compounds

In this week's podcast, Matt Gunther reveals the toxic history of gelsemine

Methyl salicylate

15 September 2015 Podcast | Compounds

In this week's podcast, Raychelle Burks tells us of the cool but warming effects of methyl salicylate, better known as oil of wintergreen.

Antimony sulfide

2 September 2015 Podcast | Compounds

It's at the heart of the first chemical equation, and makes Hayley Birch think of quiche. This week's compound is antimony sulfide


26 August 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Why do the Blue Ridged Mountains inspire so many songs? Maybe it's because of the Isoprene that gives them their blue hue...


19 August 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Emilie Steinmark tells us about gluten and gluten intolerance


12 August 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton explains the explosive history and the dangers to health of the weight-loss drug, 2,4-dinitrophenol

Vanadium Oxides

5 August 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg introduces an exotic chemical dynasty: the Vanadium oxides


29 July 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton on the compound that turns a shrinking violet into a hero: Adrenaline


22 July 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg tells us about a silicone gel, which can sometimes be a bit silly

Carminic acid

17 July 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Raychelle Burks introduces a red dye with a prickly history.

Citric acid

8 July 2015 Podcast | Compounds

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade – or you could make citric acid, a very useful commodity chemical according to Andrew Turley

Sodium sulfate

1 July 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg on sodium sulfate, known as 'the miraculous salt' because of its strong laxative effects.


24 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Tempted by a tipple of home-brewed moonshine? Andrew Turley examines the risks associated with drinking methanol.

Cortisol & Hydrocortisone

16 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg investigates a compound that calms inflamed joints and excites the stressed brain: Cortisol


10 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Ben Valsler examines the chemicals at the heart of one of the latest cosmetic & food additive scare stories: Parabens