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Grubbs catalyst

28 January 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Nina Notman describes the dance of olefin metathesis, and how the tempo is set by Grubbs' catalysts

Titanium nitride

21 January 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg explains how titanium nitride could protect artificial joints and pimp out your ride

Tungsten carbide

14 January 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Matt Gunther introduces the alloy that links armour-piercing bullets and ball point pens: Tungsten carbide


7 January 2015 Podcast | Compounds

Brian Clegg introduces a weedkiller whose name has entered public consciousness – Paraquat

Frankincense and myrrh

24 December 2014 Podcast | Compounds

In this seasonal podcast, we look at the compounds found in frankincense and myrrh


17 December 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Nina Notman introduces isoniazid - an antibiotic key to treating tuberculosis


10 December 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Could this be the sweetener that causes the most online panic?


3 December 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Used to make synthetic cannabis, cannabicyclohexanol may be more risky than its non-synthetic counterpart


26 November 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton introduces the painkiller tramadol – could this be the next banned drug in competitive cycling?


19 November 2014 Podcast | Compounds

A protein with an impressive roster of 'firsts': Anna Lewcock introduces insulin

Psilocybin & Mescaline

12 November 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton explores our hallucinogenic horizons with psilocybin and mescaline

Selenium dioxide

5 November 2014 Podcast | Compounds

It smells of 'rotting horseradish' but gives glass a magnificent red colour – Brian Clegg shines a light on selenium dioxide

Human growth hormone

29 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Marketed as a path to eternal youth but banned in professional sports, Hayley Simon introduces human growth hormone

Magnesium chloride

23 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

It may have no common name, but as Brian Clegg explains, magnesium chloride has many common uses

Acetone peroxide

15 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton takes us back to a dark day in UK history, to highlight a terrible use of acetone peroxide


9 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

The drug that fuelled rave culture may yet be a treatment for PTSD. Hayley Simon introduces MDMA


2 October 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Why would a simple molecule used to produce plastics excite astronomers? Brian Clegg introduces ethane

Tantalum pentoxide

24 September 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Lars Öhrström explains how tantalum(V)oxide banished 'the brick' and allows your mobile phone to fit in your pocket

Sodium alginate

17 September 2014 Podcast | Compounds

When Brian Clegg's acid reflux strikes, he knows he can rely on help from this compound: Sodium alginate


10 September 2014 Podcast | Compounds

It reeks of rotting fish but finds use in a range of applications - Jenna Bilbrey introduces trimethylamine


3 September 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Phenol, that mainstay of the chemical industry, was a familiar smell around the house in soap. Brian Clegg reveals all


27 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Simon Cotton describes one of his favourite school chemistry experiments, involving this week's compound: Glycerol

Osmium tetraoxide

20 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

It's highly toxic but essential for studying detailed structures of cells. Brian Clegg introduces osmium tetraoxide

Magnesium oxide

13 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

You may have created it in a fiery flash or taken it to soothe a burning stomach. Simon Cotton on magnesium oxide

Antifreeze glycoproteins

6 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

Why don't fish freeze in sub-zero seas? Helen Scales introduces the compounds that protect them - antifreeze glycoproteins