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Metal mergers

26 February 2015 Flashback

The Metals Society and the Institution of Metallurgists merged to form a new learned society

Notes on notation

29 January 2015 Flashback

The UK chapter of the Chemical Notation Association met for the first time

A plaque for penicillin

19 December 2014 Flashback

The second International Historic Chemical Landmark was designated at St Mary’s Hospital in London

10 years ago: periodic poster purchased

27 November 2014 Flashback

An RSC poster of the periodic table from Damien Hirst's restaurant sold for £6000

10 years ago: Manchester merger

30 October 2014 Flashback

UMIST and the Victoria University of Manchester merged to form the University of Manchester

10 years ago: Chemistry World's critical acclaim

2 October 2014 Flashback

Over the past decade the magazine has won or been nominated for several awards

10 years ago: open access

21 August 2014 Flashback

The start of a shift to new publishing models

10 years ago: science learning centres

25 July 2014 Flashback

Plans were laid for a new network of science learning centres to be established across the UK

10 years ago: CoEBio3 opens in Manchester

26 June 2014 Flashback

The Centre of Excellence in Biocatalysis, Biotransformations and Biocatalytic Manufacture opened its doors in 2004

10 years ago: Sanofi-Aventis takeover

30 May 2014 Flashback

Aventis accepted a takeover bid from French rival Sanofi Synthélabo, creating the world's third largest pharma giant

10 years ago: Knovel resources

24 April 2014 Flashback

The Royal Society of Chemistry gave members access to the Knovel library

10 years ago: art analysis at the National Gallery

3 April 2014 Flashback

Soap was found to have formed on the surface of some oil paintings

10 years ago: new heavy elements

28 February 2014 Flashback

Scientists in Russia and the US created elements 113 and 115

10 years ago: counterfeit coins

24 January 2014 Flashback

XRF spectrometry helped to sort real money from fool's gold

10 years ago: Oxford's new labs

19 December 2013 Flashback

Researchers moved into Oxford University's new Chemistry Research Laboratory

25 years ago: Chemistry week in parliament

28 November 2013 Flashback

MPs were entertained with dry ice at the RSC's first chemistry week exhibition in Westminster

25 years ago: British Biotechnology's success

24 October 2013 Flashback

The excitement surrounding the Oxford based firm was unfortunately not to last

30 years ago: Award announced

30 September 2013 Flashback

The Sir Edward Frankland Fellowship was launched to encourage research in organometallic chemistry or coordination chemistry of transition metals

30 years ago: Cookson Group celebrate

30 August 2013 Flashback

Cookson Group celebrate 50 years at Perivale site

20 years ago: Forensic science oversight

1 August 2013 Flashback

After a suggestion from the RSC a royal commission proposed a Forensic Science Advisory Council

25 years ago: Soviets visit Porton Down

27 June 2013 Flashback

Russian and British teams discuss chemical warfare as a step towards a ban

30 years ago: Disarray at symposium

30 May 2013 Flashback

Vera Rich provokes consternation at RSC event

20 years ago: Stranded at Pittcon

2 May 2013 Flashback

Snow storms stranded people at Pittcon in 1993, making the conference memorable for the wrong reasons

20 years ago: The rising tide

28 March 2013 Flashback

Committee of Women in Science and Technology is set up by the Office of Science and Technology

25 years ago: Roald Hoffmann publishes his poetry

28 February 2013 Flashback

The Nobel prize winner shows his artistic side