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Flashback: 40 years ago

22 July 2016 Flashback

Jeremy Sanders received the Meldola Medal for his work in organic chemistry

25 years ago: Out of this world

7 July 2016 Flashback

The UK's first cosmonaut Helen Sharman was honoured at a House of Commons reception

Flashback: 25 years ago

1 June 2016 Flashback

Chemistry takes the catwalk

Flashback: 15 years ago

22 April 2016 Flashback

A blue plaque for crystallographer John Desmond Bernal

25 years ago: Papers on disk

4 April 2016 Flashback

A survey revealed researchers' willingness to use e-mail and submit journal papers electronically

Flashback: 25 years ago

18 February 2016 Flashback

The Royal Society of Chemistry's second Alfred Bader award was given to Dudley Williams

Flashback: 20 years ago

3 February 2016 Flashback

Zeneca brought puree from genetically modified tomatoes onto UK supermarket shelves

Flashback: 40 years ago

11 January 2016 Flashback

CAS and computers came together to create unique chemicals identifiers

25 years ago: Research and reward

26 November 2015 Flashback

E J Corey reflects on winning the Nobel Prize

30 years ago: Set for success

29 October 2015 Flashback

Sir Jack Baldwin's enthusiasm for science began with the gift of a chemistry set

20 years ago: Anniversary planting

24 September 2015 Flashback

Queen’s University Belfast celebrated its 150th anniversary by planting a laburnum tree outside the former laboratory of chemist Thomas Andrews

30 years ago: A Nobel portrait

27 August 2015 Flashback

A painting of Dorothy Hodgkin depicting the busy scientist with four hands went on display at the National Portrait Gallery

20 years ago: RSC on the World Wide Web

23 July 2015 Flashback

The Royal Society of Chemistry launched it's online presence at a ceremony in Cambridge

20 years ago: The chemist collector

2 July 2015 Flashback

Sigma-Aldrich founder Alfred Bader published his autobiography

45 years ago: A medal for Atkins

28 May 2015 Flashback

Peter Atkins was awarded the 1969 Meldola medal for his work in theoretical chemistry

30 years ago: wartime degrees

24 April 2015 Flashback

How prisoners during the Second World War were able to study for chemistry degrees

Fortress House

2 April 2015 Flashback

The Scientific Societies Lecture Theatre in Savile Row, London, was used for RSC lectures for many years

Metal mergers

26 February 2015 Flashback

The Metals Society and the Institution of Metallurgists merged to form a new learned society

Notes on notation

29 January 2015 Flashback

The UK chapter of the Chemical Notation Association met for the first time

A plaque for penicillin

19 December 2014 Flashback

The second International Historic Chemical Landmark was designated at St Mary’s Hospital in London

10 years ago: periodic poster purchased

27 November 2014 Flashback

An RSC poster of the periodic table from Damien Hirst's restaurant sold for £6000

10 years ago: Manchester merger

30 October 2014 Flashback

UMIST and the Victoria University of Manchester merged to form the University of Manchester

10 years ago: Chemistry World's critical acclaim

2 October 2014 Flashback

Over the past decade the magazine has won or been nominated for several awards

10 years ago: open access

21 August 2014 Flashback

The start of a shift to new publishing models

10 years ago: science learning centres

25 July 2014 Flashback

Plans were laid for a new network of science learning centres to be established across the UK