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Chemistry to the rescue

26 February 2015 Last Retort

Can research have real impacts on international development?

Shiny and new

29 January 2015 Last Retort

Nascent substances have unique properties, and some age faster than others

My favourite element

1 January 2015 Last Retort

Sometimes the simplest question can be the hardest to answer

Festive fuels

27 November 2014 Last Retort

Combustive chemistry to light up the holiday season

Fool's gold

30 October 2014 Last Retort

Metal coatings can be useful for protection – or disguise

On the bubble

2 October 2014 Last Retort

Avoiding a golden syrup disaster at 30,000 feet

Hanging on to helium

21 August 2014 Last Retort

Coping with our dwindling supplies of a gas that disappears into space

Time for tea

25 July 2014 Last Retort

Finding a formula for the perfect brew

What did the Romans do for us?

26 June 2014 Last Retort

Today’s researchers owe much to the chemists of civilisations past

It belongs to the people

30 May 2014 Last Retort

How Marie Curie’s desire to share her science for the common good priced her out the game

Fire with no spark

24 April 2014 Last Retort

Spontaneous combustion still leaves chemists scratching their heads

How to survive a nuclear bomb

3 April 2014 Last Retort

Flash, blast and radiation – is it possible to live through a catastrophe?

Impatient chemistry

28 February 2014 Last Retort

Is the pressure to publish making chemists cut corners?

Base for a boy

24 January 2014 Last Retort

The theory was sound, but litmus-inspired baby clothes just didn’t catch on

Mpemba's mystery

19 December 2013 Last Retort

Hot water sometimes freezes faster than cold. The reason still isn’t entirely clear

Cosmic Chemistry

28 November 2013 Last Retort

Perhaps the island of stability lives among the stars instead of at the bottom of the periodic table

Explosive mixtures

24 October 2013 Last Retort

Nobel’s name was made in explosives, but what about the chemistry behind them?

The great chemistry cookoff

26 September 2013 Last Retort

Is the comparison between chemistry and cooking really an insult?

Up the carbon path

30 August 2013 Last Retort

The unique properties of element six mean it has a variety of uses

The elemental treasure hunt

26 July 2013 Last Retort

Taking a look behind the periodic table at the stories of discovery

A transparent problem?

25 June 2013 Last Retort

As glassblowing declines, chemistry cannot fail to be affected

Flying: heavier or lighter than air?

23 May 2013 Last Retort

Hydrogen balloons have fallen out of favour, except in chemistry demonstrations

Oh what a surprise!

25 April 2013 Last Retort

Sometimes great chemistry results from unexpected findings

On Ilkley Moor bar TNT

21 March 2013 Last Retort

A large explosion could have added an extra verse to the folk tune

The magic of microwaves

28 February 2013 Last Retort

Do the devices just heat cups of tea or is there more to their use in chemistry?