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Iron-rich silicate plays cosmic matchmaker

4 May 2016 Research

Findings could help explain abundance of molecular hydrogen in interstellar space

Sunset for perovskites?

4 May 2016 Research

Calculations cast shadow over solar cell materials

Broken ribozyme comes to life

3 May 2016 Research

Low temperatures on early Earth may have helped RNA world organisms emerge

Greenland ice sheet recoups subliming water vapour

29 April 2016 Research

Newly discovered part of the water cycle acts to conserve sheet mass

Scientists explore arsoles’ off-colour behaviour

29 April 2016 Research

Mechanochromism discovery ignites interest in arsoles’ emissions

Zinc spark of life marks egg fertilisation

29 April 2016 Research

Human egg’s discharge of zinc into its surroundings at the moment of conception seen for the first time

Multiphase NMR of whole animal leaves shrimp unscathed

29 April 2016 Research

Technique could update toxicity tests

Mixed outlook for ethanol–petrol blends

28 April 2016 Research

London study says incorporating biofuels into petrol supplies could increase acetaldehyde levels in the air

Cracking the mushroom glow mystery

27 April 2016 Research

A Japanese researcher believes he has solved part of the puzzle of fungal bioluminescence

Goodbye borazine, hello hydrogen

26 April 2016 Research

New catalyst unleashes more hydrogen for ammonia borane-powered fuel cells

Earthly xenon’s asteroid origins reveal planet’s genesis

26 April 2016 Research

Discovery that atmospheric xenon is unrelated to that in the mantle hints at two separate extra-terrestrial ‘deliveries’ of the element

Golden opportunity to fight blindness with bananas

25 April 2016 Research

Studies on ‘golden bananas’ may help researchers develop carotenoid-rich varieties to combat vitamin A deficiency

Bacteria seeded with synthetic pathways

22 April 2016 Research

Living factories provide alternative to complicated chemical syntheses or farming hectares of crops

Cassini finds needle in a haystack investigating interstellar dust around Saturn

21 April 2016 Research

Alien dust provides evidence for solar system passing through giant interstellar cloud

Active esters enable powerful new route to carbon–carbon bonds

21 April 2016 Research

‘Insanely easy’ approach to form previously tricky sp3–sp3 bonds already being used by pharma just three months after discovery

Graphene sponge soaks up good vibrations

20 April 2016 Research

Material could enhance artificial skin with tactile sensors

Dissolving electrodes could ease pain of epilepsy surgery

20 April 2016 Research

Electronics could identify areas of brain for treatment and then melt away after use with no need for surgical removal

Elusive Suzuki intermediates finally captured

19 April 2016 Research

Backing for model that ‘jumped straight into textbooks’ without any experimental evidence

Smart bandages you press for antibacterial action

18 April 2016 Research

Only releasing antibacterials when needed leave bacteria with no time to adapt

Ribosome mimic assembles made to order molecules

15 April 2016 Research

DNA machine can be programmed to produce a wide range of polymers and even keeps a record of each one it makes

3D printing enters the next dimension

13 April 2016 Research

Introducing 4D polymer printing

Mouth-puckering molecule inspires fish-catching glove

13 April 2016 Research

Relevance of measuring tannic acid’s friction-increasing astringency reaches beyond food

Caging chemical weapons

12 April 2016 Research

Supramolecular cubes trap and flag nerve agents using the hydrophobic effect

Metal foam armour shatters bullets

12 April 2016 Research

Composite metal foams could form the basis for next-generation bulletproof armour

X-ray advances Aboriginal culture study

11 April 2016 Research

New insights into Aboriginal Australian pigments using non-destructive analysis