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Fighting crime with covert nanowires

27 April 2015 Research

Nanobarcode is encoded and read with electron beam irradiation from a transmission electron microscope

E-paper display draws on child’s toy

27 April 2015 Research

For interactivity, scientists take a leaf out of the Magna Doodle book

Disrupting graphene

24 April 2015 Research

Scientists hope their comprehensive roadmap will help tease out graphene’s potential

SiRNA treatment cures Ebola in monkeys

23 April 2015 Research

Researchers perform the first successful trial for a drug against the current strain of Ebola

Carbon nanotube-based sensor detects meat spoilage

23 April 2015 Research

Electron density of cobalt porphyrin complexes key to meat freshness sensor

Photoacoustic nanoparticles highlight uranium in the body

22 April 2015 Research

A study that will likely gather the interest from defence agencies around the world

Bees 'prefer' neonicotinoid-laced nectar

22 April 2015 Research

Studies debunk the notion that wild bees avoid feeding from pesticide-treated plants

Plant-inspired plastics take shape

21 April 2015 Research

Polymer that responds to multiple stimuli could bring shape-shifting plastics a step closer

Ultrasound test echoes with battery charge

21 April 2015 Research

Acoustic technique that measures physical changes could simplify battery tests

Longer-lived oxides offer silicon synthesis boost

20 April 2015 Research

Touted as ‘soluble sand’, stabilised small silicon oxides present new synthetic worlds

Membrane-less electrolyser set to disrupt water splitting

20 April 2015 Research

Device that exploits fluid mechanic forces has potential to significantly cut cost of hydrogen production

Ionic liquids come up smelling of roses

16 April 2015 Research

Perfume delivery system triggered by water keeps sweet smells around for longer

Early Earth collision could clear up two geological mysteries

16 April 2015 Research

Smash-up with Mercury-like body could have ignited nuclear dynamo at Earth's centre and explain isotope discrepancy

Hydrogel with a basic instinct for drug delivery

15 April 2015 Research

Gel that releases naproxen in alkaline surroundings is promising step toward relieving drug’s side effects

Making fracking greener

14 April 2015 Research

A chemically-responsive non-toxic fracturing fluid that generates its own overpressure

Chemicals formed on meteorites may have started life on Earth

14 April 2015 Research

Simple chemical turned in DNA bases and other precursors to life on simulated meteorite surface

Single-face fluorinated carbon ring takes the strain

13 April 2015 Research

Hexafluorocyclohexane created with all fluorines pointing 'up' could lead to new supramolecular strategies

Labs and wastewater cleaned with the same sponge

13 April 2015 Research

Domestic sponge fortuitously found to soak up bisphenol A

Camera turned wine connoisseur

10 April 2015 Research

No wine was harmed in the making of this research

Fish and flowers inspire diving goggle material

10 April 2015 Research

Transparent surfaces for repelling oil underwater made from silica

Silicon chip spots dangerous pathogens in human blood

10 April 2015 Research

Silicon wafer doped with silver nanoparticles can rapidly identify E. coli in blood

Graphene oxide diversifies soil bacteria

9 April 2015 Research

Digging deeper into the environmental impact of nanomaterial contamination

Superatom mimics for rare earth elements

9 April 2015 Research

Clusters of boron-doped metals have identical properties to other rare earth elements

Lawrencium experiment could shake up periodic table

9 April 2015 Research

Measurement of first ionisation energy confirms electronic configuration but opens up an important debate

Salty soil set to hamper Bangladesh crop production

8 April 2015 Research

Scientists model impact of climate change on agriculture