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Biodiesel byproduct rejuvenated into plastic feedstock

19 December 2014 Research

Cascade process generates lactic acid from waste glycerol

Catching water with imitation beetle bumps

18 December 2014 Research

Inkjet printing crafts a superhydrophobic surface that mimics the fog harvesting ability of the Namib Desert beetle

Chemical camouflage helps fish hide from predators

17 December 2014 Research

First time a vertebrate has been seen to evade predators by smelling like its habitat

From nutshell to supercapattery

15 December 2014 Research

Hybrid sodium ion capacitor that costs peanuts rivals lithium ion equivalent

Smart skin for prosthetic limbs senses heat and touch

12 December 2014 Research

Ultra-thin plastic skin can bend and flex without affecting the skin's ability to detect stimuli

Sunlight activates radical approach to dengue eradication

11 December 2014 Research

Mosquito larvae degraded by iron oxide catalysts supported on floating blocks

σ meets π for a hole lot of bonding

10 December 2014 Research

Co-operating holes provide unique interaction opportunities

Quick and cheap test to detect horse meat

10 December 2014 Research

Scientists develop test for meat authentification using a benchtop NMR machine

Cutting edge chemistry in 2014

10 December 2014 Research

We take a look back at the year's most interesting chemical science stories

Plastic bottles recycled into cigarette filters

9 December 2014 Research

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Chemistry performs better on gender balance in US than other physical science

8 December 2014 Research

Representation of women among US chemistry doctoral recipients is nearly 40%

Spinach chlorophyll activates polymer production line

8 December 2014 Research

Light energy channelled into biomedically useful molecules

Designing blue organic LEDs from scratch

8 December 2014 Research

Researchers believe their work will help others produce highly efficient, metal-free devices

Asteroid bombardment of early Earth may have created building blocks of life

8 December 2014 Research

Simulated asteroid impacts turn simple chemical into DNA bases

Shining a light on rewritable paper

5 December 2014 Research

Plastic 'paper' written on with UV light and wiped cleaned with heat

Zeolites net new carbon allotropes

4 December 2014 Research

Six new forms of carbon predicted using known topologies from the zeolite field

One rotaxane, two catalytic stories

3 December 2014 Research

Molecular machine generates different products from a common set of building blocks

3D nanoprinting pen

2 December 2014 Research

Metallic nanostructures fashioned by precise electrodeposition

DNA survives extreme heat of rocket re-entry

28 November 2014 Research

Discovery might spell trouble for extraterrestrial life hunters faced with terrestrial contamination problems

Graphene’s showdown with the man with the golden gun

28 November 2014 Research

Tests with supersonic micro-bullets show that multilayer graphene could make first-rate body armour

Femtofluidic droplet manipulation now possible

27 November 2014 Research

Modular toolbox turns droplets into microreactors with volumes one billion times smaller than microtitre plate wells

Conductive clay rolled out to store energy

27 November 2014 Research

Simplified synthesis of a known supercapacitor produces a dough-like material with surprising energy-storing abilities

Cool idea for zero-carbon air conditioning that requires no power source

27 November 2014 Research

Surface reflects sunlight and emits heat so well that in midday heat it's 5°C cooler than its surroundings

Seeing glucose through the skin

26 November 2014 Research

Technique could one day allow diabetics to manage their condition without drawing blood

Benchtop NMR gives feedback in flow

25 November 2014 Research

Another step closer to dial-a-molecule reactors