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Electric switch makes helix change hands

3 September 2015 Research

Computational model predicts that external electric fields can reorientate helices by breaking and reforming hydrogen bonds

Vitamin makes tricky E/Z flipping easy

3 September 2015 Research

Thanks to riboflavin, chemists see route to Z-isomers of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl intermediates

Shrinking hydrogel reinforces fabric for soft yet strong material

2 September 2015 Research

Prosthetics, tear-resistant gloves and bulletproof vests could benefit from polyampholyte gel and glass fibre combo

Electrostatic net kills resistant mosquitoes

1 September 2015 Research

A new coating for insecticide-treated mosquito nets could help tackle malaria and dengue fever

Smorgasbord of chemical blueprints located in plain pond algae

1 September 2015 Research

Transcriptome sequencing reveals Euglena’s unexpected metabolic capabilities

MOFs with a heart of glass

31 August 2015 Research

Chemists forge designer glasses from molten frameworks

Synthetic stomach membrane to minimise animal tests

28 August 2015 Research

Researchers strive to replace lab animals with hydrogel models

Worker bees ‘chemically castrated’ through diet

28 August 2015 Research

Phytochemicals in food control honey bee larvae’s future role in the hive

‘Fire fountain’ data illuminate lunar history

28 August 2015 Research

Volatile element details promise to ignite research into Moon’s origin and evolution

Nanoscale microscopy casts light on cellular dynamics

27 August 2015 Research

Nobel prize winning research fulfils early promise to reveal real time cellular processes

AFM pictures show bond polarity

27 August 2015 Research

Atomic force microscopy technique reveals charge distribution within chemical bonds

Individual microRNA molecules detected with a single microbead

27 August 2015 Research

Beady-eyed bioassay can identify important nucleotides on the single molecule level

How could a tree make tramadol?

26 August 2015 Research

Contemplating nature’s biosynthetic abilities

Alternative nutraceutical delivery method proposed

25 August 2015 Research

Alternatives address safety concerns about surfactant-based emulsifiers

New drug treatment for alcoholism shows promise in animal studies

24 August 2015 Research

Compounds that target a receptor in the brain appear less addictive with fewer negative side-effects than existing drugs

Flushing advice is flawed

24 August 2015 Research

Protocols to restore contaminated water supplies are not based on science

Ultralight solar cells designed to drive drones

24 August 2015 Research

Researchers have shown perovskite solar cells just 3μm thick can power miniature model aircraft

Paper device tracks fracking pollution

21 August 2015 Research

Cheap and simple bromide sensor warns if water has been contaminated with fracking fluid

Cancer biomarker counted up with the naked eye

21 August 2015 Research

Precise levels of nucleic acids linked to cancer can be detected by the naked eye

Life of grime for atmospheric chemistry

18 August 2015 Research

Urban grime releases harmful pollutants when exposed to sunlight

Molecular Sierpinski triangles get stability upgrade

17 August 2015 Research

Another research team have fun with fractals

Processed perovskite has superior stability

17 August 2015 Research

New solar cell is stable, moisture resistant and has an efficiency of 16%

CERN takes aim at proton and antiproton

14 August 2015 Research

Measurement of charge-to-mass ratio may inspire theories beyond standard model

Ants sniff out subtle chemical differences to navigate social hierarchies

14 August 2015 Research

Detectors on their antennae even allow the insects to tell enantiomers apart

Biotech breakthrough as yeast makes painkillers from sugar

14 August 2015 Research

Yields are still tiny but hopes are high that it could cut production costs