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Venus flytrap inspired smart material snaps back

28 July 2016 Research

Smart material inspired by carnivorous plant rapidly changes shape in response to temperature and pH changes

Mineral hydrogel may usher in new class of recyclable plastics

28 July 2016 Research

Calcium carbonate hydrogel can be moulded, hardened and recycled – just add water

New antibiotic picked from nose bacteria

27 July 2016 Research

Discovery suggests human microbiome may be an untapped source of antimicrobial compounds

Fluorescent MOF gets billion-fold boost in conductivity

27 July 2016 Research

Filling framework with a conductive polymer paves the way for electronic applications

Molecules built from supersized atoms

26 July 2016 Research

Superatomic structures could find applications in catalysis, energy conversion and storage

HPLC-free synthesis slashes protein production time

25 July 2016 Research

Tagging system may make building biologically relevant proteins faster, cheaper and greener

Hydrogel fulfils burning desire for dissolvable bandage

25 July 2016 Research

Burn dressing created that simply washes off, rather than having to be cut away could mean less pain for patients

Quantum computer simulates hydrogen molecule

25 July 2016 Research

Prototype shows potential for more complex electronic structure calculations 

Pink paper probe exposes formaldehyde

21 July 2016 Research

Simple test can find carcinogenic pollutant in liquids, air and even living cells

Kamikaze bacteria travel deep inside tumours to deliver deadly cargo

21 July 2016 Research

Engineered bacteria in tandem with chemotherapy show promise in mouse model of cancer

Superhydrophobic coating repels blood cell damage

20 July 2016 Research

Coating dialysis tubes with a water-repellent material leaves red blood cells unscathed

Basically record breaking

19 July 2016 Research

Ortho-diethynylbenzene dianion is the strongest base ever made

Atomic memory holds 500 times more data per square inch than ordinary hard drives

19 July 2016 Research

Rewritable system moves atomic-scale data storage closer to commercial reality

Shape-shifting hydrogel can heal itself

18 July 2016 Research

New material returns to its original shape even when cut into pieces

Nanogenerator helps turn the tide on ‘blue’ energy

18 July 2016 Research

Atom thick molybdenum disulfide sheets can generate electricity where salt and fresh water mix

Honeycomb spheres trap harmful iodine gas

13 July 2016 Research

Specially designed polymers could help clean up radioactive iodine

Turbocharged synthesis makes antiviral Tamiflu in an hour

13 July 2016 Research

Production process showcases how organocatalysis can combine reactions in a single pot

Metals leaching from discarded cigarettes found along the Persian Gulf

11 July 2016 Research

Traces of harmful metals found, but environmental impact remains hazy

Hydrogen fluoride stitched into fullerene cage

11 July 2016 Research

Caging a single molecule of HF in a fullerene cavity could help researchers study its properties

Gold nanoclusters offer route to better vaccines

8 July 2016 Research

New technique improves immune response and safety of hepatitis E vaccine

Model hints at prebiotic chemistry on Titan

8 July 2016 Research

Saturn’s largest moon may be rich in hydrogen cyanide based polymers

Antarctic ozone layer is on the mend

7 July 2016 Research

Treaty brought in to tackle CFCs has visible impact on ozone healing

Scientists finally calculate water’s freezing point from scratch

7 July 2016 Research

Machine learning shows how van der Waals forces help explain watery wonders like floating ice cubes

Prodding molecule causes it to flip between isomers

6 July 2016 Research

Switching from one tautomer to another in single molecule achieved using AFM

Martian manganese oxides hint at high past oxygen levels

5 July 2016 Research

Discovery in Mars's rocks indicates that the planet once may once have had Earth-like levels of atmospheric oxygen