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Bounce denotes battery health

31 March 2015 Research

Physical changes as battery discharges correlated with bounce

Plant molecule could create ‘greener’ roads

30 March 2015 Research

Lignin could be turned into a more environmentally friendly and sustainable tarmac by replacing some bitumen

Fractal first as molecules form Sierpinski triangles

30 March 2015 Research

Scientists have produced a repeating triangular pattern through molecular self-assembly

Graphene sandwich turns water square

27 March 2015 Research

Water trapped between graphene sheets transformed into new type of ice

Sewage offers attractive source of precious metals

27 March 2015 Research

US Geological Survey team finds valuable metals in treated sewage and is working on the difficult problem of extraction

Chemical clarification for lobster colour change on cooking

27 March 2015 Research

Evidence supports new theory underpinning dark blue to pink-orange transformation

Neutron–proton mass imbalance put on the quantum scales

26 March 2015 Research

Mass difference between nucleons calculated to the highest level of precision yet

'Safe antifreeze' works better with added nanoparticles

26 March 2015 Research

Antifreezes based on a non-toxic food additive are now more effective and user-friendly

Ionic liquid a perfect fit for rare earth recycling

26 March 2015 Research

Urban mining could soon be commonplace

Opossum peptide antivenom could take on snake bites

24 March 2015 Research

An opossum serum protein that neutralises snake venom could offer a cheaper treatment for poisonous snake bites worldwide

Bacteria altered to suppress hunger faces long road to clinic

24 March 2015 Research

Engineered microbes produce anti-obesity molecule in mice, but moving to humans poses challenges

Simple chemistry mimics animals' predator spotting method

23 March 2015 Research

Filter paper soaked in chemicals can perform complex edge detection computation

Simple cooking changes make healthier rice

23 March 2015 Research

Adding oil to water, cooling and reheating rice makes fibre-like resistant starch, reducing calories

Flexible polymer threads set to light up clothing

23 March 2015 Research

Multi-colour light-emitting wires can be woven or knitted into fabrics for haute couture or monitoring patients' vital signs

Mystery of coloured water droplets that chase and repel each other solved

19 March 2015 Research

Discovery could herald sprays that hoover up dirt and keep solar panels clean

Drawn out success for far faster 3D printing

18 March 2015 Research

Stereolithography technique is 100 times faster than current technologies and could open the door to mass production with 3D printing

Reaction map suggests meteorite chemistry route to life

17 March 2015 Research

Scientists propose that key biomolecules appeared simultaneously from a hellish cyanide and sulfide mix

Enzyme selectivity switch to benefit infant formula production

16 March 2015 Research

Enzyme twins could be useful tools for studying and synthesising human milk oligosaccharides

Shipwrecked beer from 1840s lives again

13 March 2015 Research

170-year-old beer recreated with help from chemists

Chemical building blocks produce a wellspring of organic molecules

12 March 2015 Research

A new automated platform speeds up synthesis of small molecules

Mercury-grabbing ionic liquids hit the gas

12 March 2015 Research

Team reveals research behind mercury removal technology developed for natural gas industry

Urine-fuelled distress signal

11 March 2015 Research

Origami device that broadcasts on emergency power could find use in remote locations

Group 12 members unite in unusual bonding situation

9 March 2015 Research

Unique complex contains first instance of bonding between zinc and mercury

Phone camera checks water for arsenic

6 March 2015 Research

Quantum dot system overcomes selectivity hurdles

Light that’s invisible to plants

5 March 2015 Research

Habitat-conscious phosphor for outdoor illumination