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Organic chemistry’s complexity conundrum

22 May 2015 Research

New tool seeks to answer the question: can an organic chemist’s intuition be quantified?

Complex amines made easy (and cheap)

22 May 2015 Research

Iron-catalysed cross-coupling brings together nitroarenes and olefins in a single step in boon for drug makers

Molecular pump points way to non-equilibrium chemistry

21 May 2015 Research

Chemical system mimics nature's trick of accumulating molecules against a concentration gradient

Research shines light on perovskite solar cell manufacturing

21 May 2015 Research

Efficiency record for perovskites may be broken after development of new manufacturing method

Getting closer to secrets on the seabed

21 May 2015 Research

Scientists in Spain are developing a technique to analyse minerals and artefacts underwater

Taking the lead on drug discovery

20 May 2015 Research

Making compounds that promise to become useful drugs has just become a little easier

Malaria drug could cash in on green chemistry

20 May 2015 Research

Minimising acid and solvent toxicity brings surprising benefits in artemisinin production

Star creation for plant medication

19 May 2015 Research

Polymeric nanocarriers branch out and bear fruit

Cocaine users sweat over fingerprint analysis

19 May 2015 Research

Surface mass spectrometry quickly detects cocaine metabolites in fingerprints

Jellyfish skin perfect mould to cast complex nanoparticles

18 May 2015 Research

Hierarchical silver hybrid particles are cheap to make and have good catalytic activity

Graphene-wrapped diamond ball bearings cut friction to virtually nothing

14 May 2015 Research

Discovery could help save energy and money, but still needs to overcome limitations in humid conditions

Espresso maker brews up tasty extraction

13 May 2015 Research

Household appliance isolates flu drug raw material from star anise while minimising pigment contamination

Electricity harvested from magnetic noise

13 May 2015 Research

Magneto–mechano–electric generator could be effective power source for wireless charging

Terpene analogues bear safer pesticides

11 May 2015 Research

Synthetic biology route to new versions of natural products, with surprising biological activities

Chemists snare 17-electron half-sandwich radical

8 May 2015 Research

Important organometallic complex finally isolated and characterised after 40-year pursuit

Gold-plated onion shows its strength as artificial muscle

8 May 2015 Research

New artificial muscle made by applying a voltage across gold-plated onion cells

Polymers curl up and take control

8 May 2015 Research

Single polymer chains can be shaped into globular nanoparticles to mimic nature’s catalysts

Carnivorous plant adhesive helps cells stick

7 May 2015 Research

Chemical analysis of the glue sundews use to catch insects suggests potential for tissue engineering

Zombie cells may rise up to kill infections

6 May 2015 Research

Bacteria killed by silver may act as vessels for the metal to kill other pathogens

Ancient RNA enzymes formed from freeze-thaw cycles

5 May 2015 Research

Temperature cycles help small pieces of RNA assemble into complex ribozymes

Molecular shuttle slides into the solid state

4 May 2015 Research

Rotaxane ‘switch’ has been successfully wedded to a metal–organic framework

Exploding batteries caught on camera

1 May 2015 Research

Imaging used to capture exactly what goes on in a lithium-ion battery when a runaway chemical reaction occurs

Salt and flavour reach a compromise

30 April 2015 Research

Emulsion encapsulates salt and only releases it in the mouth

Floppy polymer defies convention to form rigid framework

30 April 2015 Research

Hybrid metal–organic frameworks could be engineered with a whole set of new properties

Anton Toutov: The power of potassium

30 April 2015 Research

Anton Toutov discusses how using potassium to make silicon-containing organic chemicals has shaken up chemistry