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Solar cells firing on all cylinders

9 February 2016 Research

Cylindrical solar cells have better efficiencies throughout the day, independent of the angle of the sun

Catching up with legal highs

8 February 2016 Research

How do you test for drugs when you don’t know what you’re looking for?

‘Chameleon’ camouflages itself with plasmonic skin

8 February 2016 Research

Nano-structured display changes colour in response to electric field

A small molecule’s big moment

8 February 2016 Research

Substituted benzene has the largest dipole ever observed in a neutral molecule

Maintaining marble monuments

5 February 2016 Research

Oxamate salts add to the permanency of ‘set in stone’

Sprucing up biofuel with renewable antioxidants

5 February 2016 Research

Coniferous bio-oil found to be an effective biodiesel stabiliser

DNA-coated nanoparticles take crystal engineering into the diamond league

5 February 2016 Research

Self-assembling superlattices built with DNA could usher in era of materials on demand

Milk could aid fight against malnutrition

4 February 2016 Research

New animal model shows milk proteins can repair intestinal damage

Boost for non-animal toxicology testing

3 February 2016 Research

Thousands of compounds have been screened in a bid to develop in vitro toxicity tests

Pocket production of graphene for electronics

2 February 2016 Research

New method can produce bilayer graphene with potential applications in optics

Alcoholic liver disease on a chip

29 January 2016 Research

Microfluidic simulation provides new platform for drug tests

Group 6 diatomic bonding is all relative

29 January 2016 Research

Relativistic effects may help to explain break from periodicity

Researchers raise a flag for high altitude sensors

28 January 2016 Research

Electric generator flaps in the wind and may usher in self-powered stratospheric sensors

Electron work functions look tough

27 January 2016 Research

Surface property calculations provide a link between the electron work function and toughness of transition metals

Sweat-sensing wristband measures metabolites

27 January 2016 Research

Athletes could soon be using flexible sensors to analyse their performance

Harvesting hydrogen from tough biomass

26 January 2016 Research

Electrolytic device unlocks energy in lignin and cellulose

Steam powers artificial muscle

26 January 2016 Research

Carbon nanotube and silicone composite used to make clever actuator

Drugs at your fingertips

25 January 2016 Research

Forensic gloves check for cocaine and cutting agents in suspicious powders

Chemical reaction flipped back and forth under scanning probe microscope

25 January 2016 Research

Work demonstrated on Bergman cyclisation offers route to valuable new reactions

Microscopic cannon battery to blast disease

22 January 2016 Research

Cannon-like tubes shoot tiny bullets when triggered by ultrasound and could deliver drugs

Graphene oxide electronics are hot off the press

22 January 2016 Research

Printed electronic transfers created using water-based printing process

Breakthroughs amidst risk

22 January 2016 Research

We chat to Nobel prize winner Alan Heeger as he approaches his 80th birthday

Crispr conversation starter

21 January 2016 Research

Alan Regenberg talks to Katrina Megget about the ethics of gene editing

Molecular threads woven into flexible fabric

21 January 2016 Research

New covalent organic framework contains interlacing polymer chains that can slide past one another

Drug labelling problems ironed out by new catalyst

19 January 2016 Research

Cost-effective method to tritiate compounds offers way to track drug metabolism while minimising radioactive waste