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Wendy Brown: Space dust chemistry

1 September 2014 Research

The University of Sussex’s Wendy Brown explains how astrochemical research is done in the lab

Experimental Ebola drug 'impressive' in animal trials

1 September 2014 Research

All primates given ZMapp are cured of Ebola but the drug is still a long way from approval in humans

Rigid molecular wires make electrons fly

29 August 2014 Research

Organic wires conduct electrons 800 times faster than other molecular counterparts by letting them hitch a ride on a vibrational wave

Concerns over chemical treatment of reclaimed fracking fluid

29 August 2014 Research

Current recycling procedure may do more harm than good

Illuminating test measures fat in milk

28 August 2014 Research

Fluorescent probe has much to offer the dairy industry

Cost of scientific misconduct smaller than feared

28 August 2014 Research

Analysis puts a price on misconduct for US funder and claims it only comes to $58 million over 10 years

Ionic liquids join battle against antibiotic resistance

27 August 2014 Research

Organic salts disrupt biofilms to leave resistant bacteria at the mercy of antibiotics

Fluorinating new life into an increasingly ineffective antibiotic

27 August 2014 Research

Aminoglycoside analogue evades bacterial resistance mechanism

First ionic liquid made from plant waste

27 August 2014 Research

Closed loop recycling could see ionic liquids made from biofuel by-products used to make more biofuel

No-frills coats set a trend for designer viruses

26 August 2014 Research

An artificial protein that self-assembles around and protects DNA could be ideal for gene therapy, nanomachines and synthetic biology

Yeast turned into morphine and opioid biofactories

24 August 2014 Research

Scientists hope that biotech route could protect the drug supply chain from harvest failures and problems with illicit use

Printed sensors kick up a stink

22 August 2014 Research

The signal comes to the user with smell tell paper

A new gold standard for nano

21 August 2014 Research

Atomic resolution of 68 atom gold cluster will help to understand nanoparticles' catalytic activity

Redirecting electrons boosts algal hydrogen generation

21 August 2014 Research

Scientists manipulate microbial fuel production process with protein structure tweaks

Stefano Farris: Food packaging chemistry

19 August 2014 Research

Stefano Farris discusses how his research could help reduce the amount of plastic used to wrap ham, cheese and pasta

Radiolabels help evaluate emerging cancer treatment

18 August 2014 Research

Tracking tools will aid transition of boron neutron capture therapy from bench to hospital

History of King Richard III written in his teeth

18 August 2014 Research

Chemical analysis of isotope signatures in monarch's remains provide insight into his life

Photoredox route to medically-important heterocycles

14 August 2014 Research

Iridium photocatalyst drives α-heteroarylation of tertiary amines

Wind-powered lighting is almost a breeze

13 August 2014 Research

Mechanoluminescent materials seen in a new light

Photon pinball identifies chemicals from afar

13 August 2014 Research

Samples turned into random Raman lasers beam their secrets from over a kilometre away

Catching criminals' coffee adulteration

12 August 2014 Research

A test can detect unwelcome extra ingredients in coffee by analysing the drink's sugar fingerprint

Knock-out theory puts new spin on general anaesthesia

12 August 2014 Research

Anaesthetics effect on proteins' electronic structure could explain mystery of how diverse molecules can cause unconsciousness

Supermarket scales for the microscopic world

11 August 2014 Research

New technique can weigh red blood cells, pollen grains and cancer cells

Swellable polymer sponges up CO2

11 August 2014 Research

‘Knitted benzene’ polymer network outperforms commercial carbon dioxide sorbents under harsh conditions

Graphene springs into action

8 August 2014 Research

A stretchy device with an unprecedentedly high actuation rate