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Drawing designer COFs

24 June 2016 Research

Microfluidics pave way for making unique covalent organic framework materials

Miniature carbon bottles hold promise as nano-reactors

23 June 2016 Research

Nanobubbles with hydrophobic interiors also have potential as drug delivery agents

Millions of metal nanoparticles hot off the printing press

23 June 2016 Research

Polymer ink printing opens up vast library of alloy nanoparticles

Electric choc treatment promises lower fat chocolate

22 June 2016 Research

Problem of reduced fat chocolate gumming up factories’ pipelines overcome

Computer program pins down carbon capturing ionic liquids

21 June 2016 Research

Simulations take guesswork out of finding optimal conditions for CO2 capture

Carbon dioxide reduction put under the spotlight

20 June 2016 Research

Rhenium catalyst that responds to visible light can effectively reduce carbon dioxide

Nanoprobes to guide cancer radiotherapy dosing

17 June 2016 Research

Real-time SERS monitoring of radiation treatment in a 3D prostate cancer model

Single-molecule switch flipped on and off by light

17 June 2016 Research

A light-controlled electrical switch has been made from a single photosensitive molecule

First detection of chiral molecule in space

15 June 2016 Research

Radio telescope detects propylene oxide in a star-forming region of outer space

New type of meteorite found in Swedish quarry

15 June 2016 Research

Chemically distinct 470-million-year-old rock could be part of a long-gone asteroid

Metal ion swap improves artificial enzymes

14 June 2016 Research

Substituting iron with iridium expands the catalytic capacity of metalloenzymes

MOF in a bottle

14 June 2016 Research

Waste plastic bottles become a source for porous metal-organic framework synthesis 

Quasicrystals on a collision course with Earth

14 June 2016 Research

Natural quasicrystals may form from object collisions in the solar system

Serial crystallography enhanced by graphene

13 June 2016 Research

Graphene-containing microfluidic device used to study the structures of complex protein crystals

Oxidation state +10 may exist in a platinum compound

13 June 2016 Research

Prediction suggests platinum oxide compound is stable in +10 state for nearly a year

Mirror-image trick yields real hits from a virtual chemical library

10 June 2016 Research

Scientists use mirror-image protein to identify potential new drugs from a previously unexplored library of natural product enantiomers

Perovskites spun out into stable solar cells

10 June 2016 Research

Device beats previous efficiency record of 15.6%, reaching nearly 20%

Machine-learning accelerates catalytic trend spotting

9 June 2016 Research

Example of what you can gain when ‘people from different disciplines start looking at the same problems’

Nitrogen fertiliser can minimise biofuel benefits

9 June 2016 Research

Using nitrogen fertiliser on switchgrass boosts nitrous oxide emissions and negates biofuel climate advantage

Molecular motors start chemically-fuelled journey

9 June 2016 Research

Interlinked rings emulate how motor proteins work naturally in cells, while palladium catalysts corkscrew smaller molecules

Light and heat flip compound between phases

8 June 2016 Research

UV light and heat induce reversible switch between ionic liquid and coordination polymer

Artificial leaf puts photosynthesis in the shade

8 June 2016 Research

Alloy–bacteria hybrid device can split water and produce liquid fuels

As easy as π

7 June 2016 Research

π electron repulsion is the missing link in understanding conjugation

Tutankhamun’s burial dagger is ‘extra-terrestrial’ in origin

6 June 2016 Research

Analysis of the iron in the 3000-year-old mummy’s dagger suggests it originally came from a meteorite

Error bar estimates offer DFT sanity check

6 June 2016 Research

New molecule-based method makes it easier to assess the precision of reactivity calculations