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Graphene looks to doped superbenzene to overcome electronic hurdles

29 January 2015 Research

Carefully designed jigsaw pieces may provide solution to graphene bandgap difficulties

Tiny volcanic cracks ‘incubated’ ancient DNA

28 January 2015 Research

Rock pores may provide answer to mystery of how longer and longer DNA strands arose on the ancient Earth

Live insects pictured with electron microscope

28 January 2015 Research

A protective ‘nano-suit’ made from a common detergent protects specimens in a vacuum

Plant plaster protects wine from vine decline

27 January 2015 Research

Fungal infection threatening to devastate vineyards could be halted by eco-friendly nanofibre membrane

Straightening out capacitance measurements

26 January 2015 Research

Inexpensive circuit improves accuracy of electrochemical tests in the search for new supercapacitors

Alkali metal explosion explained

26 January 2015 Research

High-speed cameras help re-examine the chemistry behind a classic classroom demonstration

Blue LEDs may be caught in a trap

26 January 2015 Research

Manufacturing difficulties could be down to nitrogen vacancies

Self-cleaning sensors see the light

23 January 2015 Research

Overcoming electrode fouling in biomedical and environmental detectors

Switching desalination plants from carbon dioxide source to sink

22 January 2015 Research

Thermal decomposition of reject brine could help combat carbon dioxide emissions and ocean acidification

Diamond sensor atom scale imaging proposed

22 January 2015 Research

Technique could, in theory, be used to build up a detailed picture of protein binding sites and other complex structures using NMR

Comet 67P’s carbon blanket promises solar system birth insights

22 January 2015 Research

Rosetta probe suggests comet contains complex organic compounds similar to those found in nebula that spawned the sun and planets

Tomography allows ancient texts to rise from the ashes

20 January 2015 Research

Scroll from town destroyed in Vesuvius eruption over 2000 years ago deciphered

Chitosan bioelectrode sustains metabolic power to medical implants

19 January 2015 Research

Shrimp shell and fruit extracts improve lifespan of glucose biofuel cells

Caddisfly silk gets shocked into self-recovery

16 January 2015 Research

Discovery may help scientists design new underwater adhesives

Chemistry's toughest total synthesis challenge put on hold by lack of funds

15 January 2015 Research

'Seemingly impossible' synthesis of highly potent poison maitotoxin nears completion after eight years

Blowing up brain tissue with swelling polymer delivers sharper images

15 January 2015 Research

Tissue samples inflated to four times their size to overcome microscopy limitations

Super-dipoles linked to chloroform’s outstanding solvent properties

14 January 2015 Research

Polar stacks facilitate dissolution by polarising electron clouds of nearby solutes

Pheromone trap will not let the bed bugs bite

14 January 2015 Research

Bed bugs are attracted to chemicals in their own faeces, which could make infestations easier to spot

Infrared offers odds on skin cancer spreading

13 January 2015 Research

Identifying melanomas that have not metastasised could help patients avoid unnecessary and unpleasant additional treatment

Taj Mahal browning due to light-absorbing particles

13 January 2015 Research

Researchers have identified the pollutants behind the marble monument’s gradual colour change

Fish sperm spawns rare earth metal recycling idea

13 January 2015 Research

Technique could provide a cheap, green way of recovering scarce metals from electronic waste

DNA origami makes moving machines

12 January 2015 Research

Hinge-like structures can open and close again and again on binding of DNA

Protein mutant libraries to probe diseases' genetic link quickly and cheaply

12 January 2015 Research

More than 90% of the potential individual amino acid mutations possible introduced into cancer-linked protein

New antibiotic could treat infection while dodging resistance problems

8 January 2015 Research

Technique to tap huge unexplored reservoir of natural products in soil microorganisms finds promising compound

Flame retardant levels in San Francisco Bay wildlife falls after phase-out

7 January 2015 Research

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers in cormorants and terns has fallen by 74-93% in a decade