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Benchtop NMR gives feedback in flow

25 November 2014 Research

Another step closer to dial-a-molecule reactors

Nanomolar chemistry enables 1500 experiments in a single day

25 November 2014 Research

High throughput method could speed drug discovery and cut down use of costly compounds

Crustacean culprit turns lakes to jelly

24 November 2014 Research

Acid rain leaching calcium from Canadian water courses leads to a surge in jelly-covered organisms

Boron and beryllium finally shake hands

24 November 2014 Research

Never-before-seen bond observed between periodic table neighbours

Nanostripe controversy in new twist

24 November 2014 Research

Creator of striped nanoparticles insists questions over structures have already been answered and accuses critics of a 'personal war'

A year of water splitting from one device

21 November 2014 Research

Coating protects electrodes from corrosion to keep photoelectrochemical cell running

Magnetic resonance taken to the limit

21 November 2014 Research

Technique can read the spin of a single nucleus opening up a new way to investigate proteins and complex molecules

Globetrotting carbon dioxide modelled by Nasa

19 November 2014 Research

Nasa's new climate models visualise the movement of the greenhouse gas

Philae detects organics on comet's surface

19 November 2014 Research

Scientists get first measurements from historic comet landing

A greener recipe for copper nanowires

19 November 2014 Research

Applying food chemistry to the synthesis of copper nanowires gives better control over their length

Hollow oxide can take the heat

18 November 2014 Research

Aluminium-based coating could protect metal components from heat, oxidation

New silicon allotrope could revolutionise solar cells

18 November 2014 Research

Orthorhombic structure should be able absorb light much more efficiently than ordinary silicon

Beetle behind breath test for bank notes

17 November 2014 Research

Photonic crystal inks inspired by longhorn beetle could help to fight counterfeiting

Will it crystallise?

14 November 2014 Research

Machine learning approach predicts crystallinity

Polymer preservative set to save wooden artefacts

14 November 2014 Research

Supramolecular network may pave the way for future conservation efforts on the Mary Rose

Persuading proteins to form porous polyhedra

13 November 2014 Research

Protein cage structure shows the way to building biomolecular architectures

From beehive to bone cement

13 November 2014 Research

Compound used by bees inspires antimicrobial biomaterial with superior strength

Good vibrations brighten superconductor outlook

13 November 2014 Research

By coupling to phonons in their selenium titanate substrate’s lattice, electrons in iron selenide become superconductive below 65K

Metallic blood smell attracts predators

12 November 2014 Research

Aldehyde attraction for African wild dogs helps to explain how they find their prey

Aptamers and gold nanoparticles whisked up to spot influenza

12 November 2014 Research

Gold-coated flu viruses sink in visual bioassay

Sleeping sickness fly trap in a nutshell

11 November 2014 Research

Isomerising-cross metathesis could help curb tropical disease by converting cashew byproduct into sustainable pest control

Driving towards success with biomass-derived petrol

10 November 2014 Research

Renewable feedstock converted into high octane gasoline

Watching chemical gardens grow

10 November 2014 Research

Researchers explore the flower-like formations of cobalt chloride in waterglass

Hydrogen bond pictures come under close scrutiny

10 November 2014 Research

For atomic force microscopy images claiming to show intermolecular interactions, appearances may be deceiving

Stressed ligands switch catalysis selectivity

7 November 2014 Research

Switchable ligand flips between strained and relaxed forms altering reaction enantioselectivity