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Firing up battery safety

21 October 2014 Research

Smart battery provides early warning to prevent overheating hazard

Making light of food allergies

20 October 2014 Research

Pulsed light treatment improves protein digestibility whilst retaining functionality

Hungary’s rivers in recovery after red mud disaster

17 October 2014 Research

Long term contamination of river system after industrial spill successfully prevented by extensive remediation efforts

New test accelerates herpes detection

16 October 2014 Research

Peptide-coated superparamagnetic beads latch onto herpes simplex virus-1 in rapid diagnostic assay

Helium happily shares electrons to create dianions

16 October 2014 Research

Fullerene dianions created in nanodroplets of helium opening up new ways of creating exotic molecular species

Liming Dai: Integrating nanochemistry into the macroscopic world

15 October 2014 Research

The director of Case4Carbon talks to Chemistry World about advanced carbon nanomaterials

Fluorescent DNA becomes versatile metal detector

15 October 2014 Research

Colour changes of oligodeoxyfluorosides produces unique 'fingerprints' to distinguish up to 57 different metals

Through the looking glass with switchable mirrors

14 October 2014 Research

Electrochemical mirror remains reflective without external electrical power

Good vibrations for electron microscopy

14 October 2014 Research

Vibrational spectroscopy performed on the nanoscale, opening up investigations into bonding structure

Nanodiamonds add some sparkle to imaging

13 October 2014 Research

Tiny diamonds can be used to visualise cells and tissues and could deliver drugs too

Smart bandage gives wound treatment the green light

10 October 2014 Research

Easy to use dressing monitors oxygen levels in healing tissue

Dangling bonds induce ferromagnetism in graphitic carbon nitride

10 October 2014 Research

Modulating magnetic coupling in metal-free materials, for spintronics applications

Largest Möbius molecule synthesised

9 October 2014 Research

Making macrocycles with twisted topologies

Ionic liquid-gas interfaces: more than a surface glance

9 October 2014 Research

Low-energy ion scattering reveals ionic liquid surface make-up

Designer nanoparticles cast in DNA moulds

9 October 2014 Research

Moulds will be able to produce a vast array of different inorganic nanoparticle shapes for nanoelectronics and catalysis

Sawdust cellulose offers alkane pipeline

8 October 2014 Research

Biomass alkanes could fit into existing crude oil feedstock infrastructure

FBNCO: all the 2p-block elements in one molecule

7 October 2014 Research

Why? Because they can

Lignin boosts sunscreen performance

6 October 2014 Research

Researchers in China and Canada have found that commercial sunscreens with added lignin block more UV rays

BRCA2 protein imaged for first time

6 October 2014 Research

Insights into DNA repair mechanism could pave the way for new cancer therapies

Solar wind whips up water on moon

6 October 2014 Research

Isotopic analysis shows that water on Earth's satellite is created by proton bombardment

Tea tonic peps up tumour treatment

5 October 2014 Research

Green tea polyphenol makes ‘magic bullet’ cancer drug delivery even more powerful

Assessing covalency in the hydrogen bond zoo

3 October 2014 Research

Orbital-resolved contributions provide a fresh perspective on hydrogen bonds with covalent characteristics

Nanoscale microphone based on a single molecule

3 October 2014 Research

World’s smallest ‘nanomicrophone’ could one day be used to eavesdrop on the mysterious transition between classical and quantum mechanics

Oil reserves put under the microscope with new lab-on-a-rock

2 October 2014 Research

A microfluidic device made from rock could unlock the secrets of hard-to-reach oil reservoirs

Photosynthesis-free route to oxygen gives early Earth atmosphere clues

2 October 2014 Research

Oxygen can be produced from carbon dioxide using UV radiation