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Underwater self-healing polymer mimics mussels

30 July 2014 Research

Temporary hydrogen bonding network stitches damage as the material fuses together

Nanoparticle protects protein drug cargo

29 July 2014 Research

Proteins cling to co-polymer thanks to electrostatic interactions

Spray-deposition steers perovskite solar cells towards commercialisation

29 July 2014 Research

Scientists make headway on scalability hurdles

Better batteries with pure lithium anodes

28 July 2014 Research

Protective carbon nanosphere coating overcomes lithium problems, pointing the way to improved capacity

Plant plastics reach for the stars

28 July 2014 Research

Star-shaped additives transform rice starch into a useful transparent plastic

Propeller-shaped molecules give 2D polymers lift-off

27 July 2014 Research

Chemists' synthetic answer to graphene – flat polymer sheets a molecule thick – could be tailored to many applications

Uranium complexes unlock feedstock potential of carbon dioxide

25 July 2014 Research

Carbon dioxide and depleted uranium both put to good use

Magnetic nanocubes self-assemble into spirals

25 July 2014 Research

Tiny cubes of magnetite form superstructures under a magnetic field

Recycled fish bones offer five star sun protection

24 July 2014 Research

Slip-slap-slop with biocompatible material derived from waste cod bones

Bubble wrap could send lab costs packing

23 July 2014 Research

Potential bubbles up across wide range of uses as storage and test vessels, especially for poor countries

Polymer changes colour in the heat of the moment

22 July 2014 Research

Stabilising thermochromic polymers with peptides significantly increases their responsiveness

Aaron Wheeler: Algae-on-a-chip

22 July 2014 Research

Aaron Wheeler talks to Harriet Brewerton about bringing the energy and microfluidics communities together

Coffee cup confusion

20 July 2014 Research

Scientists call for better labelling after research highlights inconsistencies in the chemical composition of a cup of coffee

Soft matter goes digital

18 July 2014 Research

Colloids find a new use as information storage devices

Molecular computer calculates Ebola diagnosis

18 July 2014 Research

A prototype device displays a fluorescent ‘E’ in the presence of DNA found in Ebola virus

Linguistic statistics enable synthetic prophetics

17 July 2014 Research

A metric more commonly used by search engines to analyse language can now power organic chemistry retrosyntheses

Close encounters of the fatty acid kind

16 July 2014 Research

Technique for identifying microbes analyses samples from deep-sea missions to ready it for testing samples beyond Earth

‘Greener’ blue fireworks safer and less toxic

16 July 2014 Research

Environmentally friendly pyrotechnic cuts out the perchlorates by replacing them with copper iodide

Molecular clocks may probe fundamental laws

15 July 2014 Research

Clocks based on the simplest molecule could weigh in on proton's mass

First experimental evidence of a boron fullerene

14 July 2014 Research

Distorted 40-boron atom fullerene detected mixed with quasiplanar isomer

Plant material aligns to make tough aerogels

11 July 2014 Research

Nanocellulose fibres help aerogels overcome their brittle nature

Crystal-to-crystal transformation

11 July 2014 Research

Scientists take structural snapshots of azobenzene cocrystals as they bend in the light

Models contend iodine double bonds

11 July 2014 Research

Theoretical studies replace double bonds with dative in hypervalent iodine compounds

Emily Weiss: Tuneable illumination

10 July 2014 Research

Emily Weiss tells Guy Jones how quantum dots are the perfect combination of molecular chromophores and bulk semiconductors

Nanosilver fears come out in the wash

9 July 2014 Research

Swiss team finds fabrics treated with non-nano silver actually release more nanoparticles than nanosilver fabrics