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Saving water increases health risks in green buildings

26 November 2015 Research

Study shows that sustainable plumbing systems may lower drinking water quality and help bacteria grow

‘Superballs’ can block infection by Ebola virus

25 November 2015 Research

Globular glycofullerene molecules prevent virus from evading immune system and entering cells

Detecting leaks in gastrointestinal plumbing

25 November 2015 Research

Low-cost capsule can detect bleeding in the stomach in real time

Chlorinated compounds form in tea and coffee

24 November 2015 Research

Treated water reacts with organics to form disinfection byproducts

Capturing infrared to give solar cells a lift

23 November 2015 Research

Quantum dots could help solar devices break efficiency limit

Move over moonshine, here comes sunshine

20 November 2015 Research

New twist on distillation efficiently separates ethanol from water using light

Ingenuity, relevance and execution

19 November 2015 Research

Anubhav Saxena from the Indian branch of Momentive Performance Materials gives his perspective on innovation

Early lead exposure linked to sleep problems

18 November 2015 Research

Researchers find lead exposure in early childhood is associated with sleep difficulties later on

A bright future for silicon solar cell recycling

18 November 2015 Research

Hydrofluoric acid eliminated from silicon salvage process

Magnetic ‘compass’ protein found in fruit flies

17 November 2015 Research

Discovery may be missing piece of puzzle that explains how animals can navigate using Earth’s magnetic field

Rotaxane raises the bar for self-replicating chemical systems

17 November 2015 Research

Self-replicating rotaxane may open the door for autonomous chemical synthesis

Uncoiling collagen using advanced computers

16 November 2015 Research

Two-dimensional mass spectrometry allows rapid analysis of complex samples

Hitching a ride on DNA

13 November 2015 Research

PCR primers rapidly reach their binding site with the help of a DNA gliding technique

First permanently porous liquid created

13 November 2015 Research

Clever trick enables the design of a new class of material with interesting properties

Flat boron first looks promising for nano-electronics

12 November 2015 Research

Super hard two-dimensional allotrope has electronic properties that make it a good match for graphene in transistors

Jurassic pigment structure elucidation tickles chemists pink

12 November 2015 Research

Unusual boron-based molecule found in ancient algae fossil throws light on natural product evolution

Chemical fingerprints of prehistoric beekeepers discovered

11 November 2015 Research

Traces of beeswax found on 8500-year-old pottery fragments provide evidence of early bee domestication

Adaptive spider glue remains sticky come rain or shine

11 November 2015 Research

Salt–protein mixture may explain why spider webs retain their adhesive properties in arid and humid climates

H2-free route to actinide hydrides

11 November 2015 Research

Safer and easier route to old and new actinide complexes uses phenylsilane as a hydride source

Eucalyptus bears both catalyst and biofuel

10 November 2015 Research

Reaction residue regenerated into heterogeneous catalyst for hydrolysis process

A step forward for graphene walkers

9 November 2015 Research

Self-folding paper devices remotely controlled by light show potential as artificial muscles

Eye drops show promise treating cataracts and even reversing damage

6 November 2015 Research

Sterol compound can ‘dissolve’ mis-folded proteins to help clear the lens offering hope to 100 million in developing world

Unnatural nanoreactor puts click reaction in the spotlight

5 November 2015 Research

Engineered nanopore reveals long-lived ‘click chemistry’ intermediate

Oral delivery of anticancer drug

4 November 2015 Research

Researchers endeavour to limit drug side effects and injections for cancer patients

Gel scaffold supports surgeons operating on children

4 November 2015 Research

Hydrogen-bonded matrix can hold tiny blood vessels together for suturing during organ transplants