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One-shot tomography gives atomic-scale 3D images

23 September 2014 Research

High-sensitivity transmission electron microscopy produces precise 3D images of nanocrystals from just a single 1D snapshot

Molecular knot shaped like a Star of David

22 September 2014 Research

Entwined molecular knot made from two catenanes crosses at six points

Molten metal batteries set to store grid power

22 September 2014 Research

Tests show that cheap, scalable battery should still have 85% of its storage capacity a decade later

Quintuple bond activates small stable molecules

19 September 2014 Research

Exotic complexes suggest route to synthetic feedstock

Dragonfly crystals on a silicon wafer

19 September 2014 Research

Electron microscope captures dragonfly-shaped film growth on silicon surface

Painkiller found in plants may not be natural after all

18 September 2014 Research

Cow pats from cattle fed tramadol could explain how the drug came to be in an African herb

A chemical time capsule

15 September 2014 Research

Tree rings inspire a non-electrical, self-powered device for recording chemical events

Oxide armour offers Kevlar better stab resistance

12 September 2014 Research

Multi-threat protection in the making

Germanium enters 2D scene

11 September 2014 Research

Meet germanene, the latest addition to the family of elements that have a two-dimensional allotrope

Poplar biofuel has potential to offer substantial environmental savings

11 September 2014 Research

New study seeks to alleviate controversies regarding the global adoption of bioethanol

Debate over microwave boost to reactions rumbles on

10 September 2014 Research

New research claims microwave-specific heating effect is real and down to localised heating of reactants

Antimalarial flow synthesis closer to commercialisation

10 September 2014 Research

Scientists in Germany hope their continuous flow method will boost accessibility of artemisinin-derived medicines

‘Assembly line’ sculpts carbon chains

10 September 2014 Research

Precise addition of methyl group-bearing links is set to improve molecular shape control

Colloidal caterpillars get a wiggle on

9 September 2014 Research

Microtraction engines made from colloidal chains

Higher levels of some metals in e-cigarette smoke

8 September 2014 Research

Scientists call for regulators to help clear smoke and mirrors surrounding vaping safety

CPU heat powers PCR disease detection

8 September 2014 Research

Computer and mobile phone combo detects Chagas disease in blood and could drive down diagnosis costs

Bringing chemical synthesis to the masses

7 September 2014 Research

Researchers hope simple system to build thousands of peptides without enzymes, cells or reagents will be accessible to all

Urine test could catch lung cancer early

5 September 2014 Research

Cancer diagnosis could be accelerated using an approach that is low cost, rapid and non-invasive

Waste office paper comes to a sticky end

4 September 2014 Research

Paper cannot be recycled into new paper indefinitely, so scientists are searching for alternative options

De-gassing gas masks with hydrogen peroxide

4 September 2014 Research

A safer way to clean chemical weapons from contaminated equipment

‘Unifying theory’ proposed for carbon monoxide oxidation on supported gold nanoparticles

4 September 2014 Research

Water vapour may explain differing catalytic activities found at labs around the world

Lead 'soaps' behind iconic artwork damage uncovered

4 September 2014 Research

Analysis of yellow paint pigment reveals ion source responsible for lead carboxylate formation

Noble treatment for PTSD

3 September 2014 Research

Fearful memories found to be less scary in mice after inhaling xenon gas

Iron Age chemists ate like kings

3 September 2014 Research

Ancient copper was extracted by experts, not armies of slaves

Flexible solar cell woven into fabric

2 September 2014 Research

Solar cell textiles could one day power wearable electronics