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Dangerous diaries: exploring risks and rewards in fabrication

1 February 2016 Review

The devil is in the detail

Big pharma

23 December 2015 Review

Belt and braces

Festival of the spoken nerd – full frontal nerdity

23 December 2015 Review

On-screen chemistry

Christmas gift guide 2015

18 December 2015 Review

Our roundup of the books you'll want this Christmas

Thing explainer – complicated stuff in simple words

16 December 2015 Review

All the small things

50 chemistry ideas you really need to know

11 December 2015 Review

Need-to-know basis

MEL Chemistry sets

9 December 2015 Review

A new take on chemistry at home

Why does asparagus make your wee smell?

4 December 2015 Review

Pungent prose

Pyrite: a natural history of fool’s gold

10 November 2015 Review

All that glitters is not gold

Chemistry at home

5 November 2015 Review

Home comforts

To explain the world: the discovery of modern science

21 October 2015 Review

Scientific ancestry

The water book

15 October 2015 Review

A flowing narrative

NMR: the toolkit – how pulse sequences work

25 September 2015 Review

Tools of the trade

Pericyclic reactions

18 September 2015 Review

Cyclical anniversaries

Photograph 51

15 September 2015 Review

New-found clarity

X-ray crystallography

4 September 2015 Review

A crystal primer