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The elements: the new guide to the building blocks of our universe

18 November 2014 Review

A stroll through the periodic table

53 interesting ways to communicate your research

14 November 2014 Review

Let’s talk science

Science and art: the painted surface

6 November 2014 Review

Connecting the dots

In retrospect: from the pill to the pen

3 November 2014 Review

Science and fiction

X marks the structure

31 October 2014 Review

Elisabeth Jeffries discovers there’s a diffractometer for everything from crystals to proteins

Chemistry of sustainable energy

16 October 2014 Review

No chemistry, no sustainability

Photochemistry and photophysics

14 October 2014 Review

The lighter way to enjoy chemistry

The full spectrum: my life, times and views

29 September 2014 Review

From Saltaire to sporopollenin

Nanoscience: giants of the infinitesimal

23 September 2014 Review

Great and small

Visions of science

11 September 2014 Review

Back to the future

Get prepped

29 August 2014 Review

What should you look for in those lab workhorses: balances, stirrer plates and mills? Elisabeth Jeffries surveys the scene

The chemistry of food

24 August 2014 Review

Much to digest

Falling behind: boom, bust & the global race for scientific talent

23 August 2014 Review

More scientists, more problems?

The chemistry of alchemy

20 August 2014 Review

Try your hand at transmutation

Bioinorganic chemistry

7 August 2014 Review

Chemistry or biology?

The quantum age

23 July 2014 Review

Everyday explanations