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The quantum age

23 July 2014 Review

Everyday explanations

Organic chemistry: a mechanistic approach

17 July 2014 Review

Orbitals to the frontier

Phasing in crystallography: a modern perspective

15 July 2014 Review

Modern solutions to the phase problem

Lucky planet

8 July 2014 Review

An unlikely existence

Synthetic aesthetics

27 June 2014 Review

Challenging science fictions

The science and commerce of whisky

11 June 2014 Review

Distilled distinction

Chemical toxicity prediction

5 June 2014 Review

Safety screen

Practical Raman spectroscopy: an introduction

2 June 2014 Review

Non-specialist spectroscopy

Around the world in 18 elements

29 May 2014 Review

Elementary introductions

Oxygen: a four billion year history

27 May 2014 Review

The story of O

50 and more essential NMR experiments

20 May 2014 Review

Spectral lines

The last alchemist in Paris

29 April 2014 Review

Storybook science

Graphene: fundamentals and emergent applications

22 April 2014 Review

Flatland’s fertile fields

Up from generality

17 April 2014 Review

Growing inorganically

UCL chemistry department: 1828–1974

17 April 2014 Review

Looking back at London

Life beyond Earth

15 April 2014 Review

The chemical cradle of life

Paul Lauterbur and the invention of MRI

1 April 2014 Review

On resonance

Super separators

31 March 2014 Review

HPLC is used in many labs across the world to separate mixtures – but how do you separate different instruments? Elisabeth Jeffries reports