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Graphene: fundamentals and emergent applications

22 April 2014 Review

Flatland’s fertile fields

Up from generality

17 April 2014 Review

Growing inorganically

Life beyond Earth

15 April 2014 Review

The chemical cradle of life

Paul Lauterbur and the invention of MRI

1 April 2014 Review

On resonance

Super separators

31 March 2014 Review

HPLC is used in many labs across the world to separate mixtures – but how do you separate different instruments? Elisabeth Jeffries reports

Encyclopedia of the alkaline earth compounds

27 March 2014 Review

The complete guide to group 2

Molten salts chemistry

18 March 2014 Review

More than a pinch of salt

Seven elements that have changed the world

11 March 2014 Review

Entertaining elements

Molecular aesthetics

6 March 2014 Review

Look and feel

Out on a LIM

26 February 2014 Review

Data management systems are widely used in certain sectors of industry, but how do different systems compare? Anthony King finds out

Astrobiology: a very short introduction

25 February 2014 Review

Life on Mars?

Early days of x-ray crystallography

18 February 2014 Review

Crystals clarified

The Earth as a cradle for life

13 February 2014 Review

Mother Earth

Science, religion and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

6 February 2014 Review

Is there anybody out there?

Design and strategy in organic synthesis

6 February 2014 Review

Making molecules

Mystic chemist

27 January 2014 Review

Albert’s acid accident

Laboratory experiments using microwave heating

23 January 2014 Review

For best results, use microwave

Chemical modelling for air resources

21 January 2014 Review

Weather mapped