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Sun rises on new solar route to hydrogen

27 February 2015  Research

Photocatalyst has solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency of 2% and points way to cheap production of the gas

Petrified beetles

27 February 2015 Research

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Carbonisation provides path for microstructure preservation in biological specimens

Traits not technology should govern EU GM laws, MPs say

27 February 2015 News and Analysis

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UK science and technology committee says European rules are flawed and need changing

Asahi Kasei to buy Polypore for battery materials

26 February 2015 Business

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$2.2bn deal adds to Japanese consolidation in energy storage

Engineered bacteria synthesise palladium biosorbent  

Biomolecule to help decontaminate water by recovering palladium that has escaped from cata...

Caramel colour in soft drinks linked to cancer  

Regulatory bodies and researchers sceptical of study on 4-MEI found in food colour

Nobel laureates warn on European science funding cuts  

Cuts to fund investment scheme send message Europe 'is not the place to do high level scie...

US opens up home DNA screening  

FDA approves single disease genetic test and clears pathway for similar devices

Open records laws used to bully, harass academics  

Most US universities unprepared to deal with a deluge of freedom of information requests, ...

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