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AFM pictures show bond polarity

27 August 2015  Research

Atomic force microscopy technique reveals charge distribution within chemical bonds

Neonicotinoids present in many US streams

28 August 2015 News and Analysis

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Persistent but low-level contamination prompts calls for further research on aquatic impact of pesticides

Synthetic stomach membrane to minimise animal tests

28 August 2015 Research

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Researchers strive to replace lab animals with hydrogel models

Worker bees ‘chemically castrated’ through diet

28 August 2015 Research

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Phytochemicals in food control honey bee larvae’s future role in the hive

‘Fire fountain’ data illuminate lunar history  

Volatile element details promise to ignite research into Moon’s origin and evolution

Syngenta fends off Monsanto takeover bid  

Unmoving objection to merger leads US giant to drop pursuit

Job cuts at Lundbeck and DSM  

Each cutting around 1000 roles in reorganisation efforts

Nanoscale microscopy casts light on cellular dynamics  

Nobel prize winning research fulfils early promise to reveal real time cellular processes

Individual microRNA molecules detected with a single microbead  

Beady-eyed bioassay can identify important nucleotides on the single molecule level

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