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Chemistry from the skies promises low-emission nylon raw material

22 December 2014  Research

Cyclohexane activated using ozone and UV to make adipic acid could slash industrial emissions of ozone-depleting greenhouse gas nitrous oxide

Chemical facility anti-terrorism laws renewed for four years

22 December 2014 News and Analysis

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Extensions to the legislation are meant to speed up processes and make it more efficient

Biodiesel byproduct rejuvenated into plastic feedstock

19 December 2014 Research

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Cascade process generates lactic acid from waste glycerol

‘Great outcome’ for chemistry in REF 2014

19 December 2014 News and Analysis

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Results show overall improvement in research quality

UK science strategy leaves many questions unanswered  

Document contains no commitment to continue science ringfence or increase R&D spending

Catching water with imitation beetle bumps  

Inkjet printing crafts a superhydrophobic surface that mimics the fog harvesting ability o...

US National Academies urges postdoctoral reforms  

Postdoctoral students are paid too little and have poor employment opportunities, a Nation...

Chemical camouflage helps fish hide from predators  

First time a vertebrate has been seen to evade predators by smelling like its habitat

Antimicrobial resistance will kill 300 million by 2050 without action  

UK report says resistance will cost global economy $100 trillion

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