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Touch lights up supercooled material

27 May 2015  Research

Weight of a single cell is enough to induce crystallisation in amorphous organic material

Actavis plan to thwart generics blocked

27 May 2015 Business

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Company prevented from withdrawing original formulation of Alzheimer’s drug to force patients onto extended release version...

US targets neonicotinoid use in pollinator plan

27 May 2015 News and Analysis

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Obama’s new strategy to promote pollinator health includes re-evaluating neonicotinoid pesticides

ZIF-8 disrupts ionic liquid deep freeze

27 May 2015 Research

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Unusual ionic conducting framework retains conductivity at −20°C to open up a promising class of electrolytes

Collaboration reduces barriers to rare earth separation  

Photochemistry selectively removes europium from red lamp phosphor

DuPont fined over fatal leak  

Company lacked proper safety procedures to prevent deaths of four workers in methyl mercap...

Endo to buy Par as generics consolidation continues  

$8bn deal follows trend as drugmakers aim for economies of scale

MOF catalyst capable of disabling chemical weapons  

Zirconium-based framework breaks down nerve agent mimic within 30 seconds

Industry body accused over links to discredited US fire safety group  

Claims that American Chemistry Council was 'intimately involved' with flame retardant grou...

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