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World faces tough challenge turning words into action on antibiotic resistance

27 May 2016  News and Analysis

Countries are waking up to the challenge of ‘superbugs’ but agreeing a way forward will be tricky   

US tax rules force fertiliser merger to fall flat

27 May 2016 Business

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CF Industries' $8bn merger plan to relocate from US to Europe scuppered by regulatory changes

US chemical regulation reform delayed yet again

27 May 2016 News and Analysis

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Senator is blocking update to 40-year-old chemicals law and calling for more time to examine the bill

US tax relief law benefits chemical makers

26 May 2016 Business

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Bill provides mechanism to waive import tariffs on materials not available from domestic suppliers

Gas trap could drive down cost of key commodity chemical  

Material can separate contaminant from the world’s biggest organic chemical feedstuff ...

Chemical synthesis injects new life into old antibiotics  

Approach can construct wide range of new antibiotic candidates from simple chemical buildi...

Monsanto turns down Bayer offer  

As global agrochemical companies consolidate, Monsanto rejects ‘inadequate’ $62bn offe...

Postdocs in the US poised for overtime windfall  

Changes to US fair labour rule mean that up to 40,000 junior scientists eligible for pay r...

Explosive water display caught on film  

SLAC produces first slow motion video of droplets exploding in path of x-ray laser

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