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Generics firms in three-way takeover battle

1 May 2015  Business

Mylan is chasing Perrigo, while fending off advances from Teva

Exploding batteries caught on camera

1 May 2015 Research

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Imaging used to capture exactly what goes on in a lithium-ion battery when a runaway chemical reaction occurs

Science academies flag research priorities ahead of G7 summit

30 April 2015 News and Analysis

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G7 leaders urged to discuss action on antibiotic resistance, neglected tropical diseases and the world's oceans

UK ordered to clean up NO2 pollution immediately

30 April 2015 News and Analysis

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Government must come up with a new plan to tackle illegal pollution by the end of the year

Salt and flavour reach a compromise  

Emulsion encapsulates salt and only releases it in the mouth

Floppy polymer defies convention to form rigid framework  

Hybrid metal–organic frameworks could be engineered with a whole set of new properties

Anton Toutov: The power of potassium  

Anton Toutov discusses how using potassium to make silicon-containing organic chemicals ha...

US environment body criticised for persecuting 9/11 dust whistleblower  

Agency withheld evidence exonerating a senior chemist who was fired several years ago, jud...

Wieland’s chemistry Nobel to be sold at auction  

1927 prize is the first chemistry Nobel to go under the hammer

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