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Graphene’s showdown with the man with the golden gun

28 November 2014  Research

Tests with supersonic micro-bullets show that multilayer graphene could make first-rate body armour

DNA survives extreme heat of rocket re-entry

28 November 2014 Research

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Discovery might spell trouble for extraterrestrial life hunters faced with terrestrial contamination problems

Obama acts to attract non-US scientists and engineers

27 November 2014 News and Analysis

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President takes action to make it easier for scientists and engineers born abroad to work and stay in the US

Femtofluidic droplet manipulation now possible

27 November 2014 Research

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Modular toolbox turns droplets into microreactors with volumes one billion times smaller than microtitre plate wells

Conductive clay rolled out to store energy  

Simplified synthesis of a known supercapacitor produces a dough-like material with surpris...

Cool idea for zero-carbon air conditioning that requires no power source  

Surface reflects sunlight and emits heat so well that in midday heat it's 5°C cooler than...

Syngenta to cut or relocate 1800 jobs in 2015  

Global reorganisation plan will involve ‘consolidation’ of R&D facilities

UCB sells speciality generics subsidiary  

Firm will use $1.5bn proceeds to reduce debt and concentrate on developing new drugs in ne...

Gates Foundation champions open access  

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will require research it funds to be published open ac...

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