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Dismay and uncertainty in scientific circles after UK votes to leave EU

24 June 2016  News and Analysis

Brexit vote prompts fears over freedom of movement and funding

Women’s safety clothing not fit for purpose

23 June 2016 News and Analysis

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Union report finds ill-fitting clothing can harm research and safety

Obama signs law to revamp US chemical rules

23 June 2016 News and Analysis

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A long-awaited overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act that governs America’s regulation of chemicals has been enacted

EU referendum

22 June 2016 News and Analysis

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What will the consequences be for science?

Opening the gated membrane floodgates  

A layer of liquid creates switchable, anti-fouling membranes for water purification, biofu...

New German excellence strategy gets political go-ahead  

Scheme will provide €500 million to bolster country’s best universities and fund best ...

Better windows with aerogels  

Researchers have developed ways of making improved, cheaper transparent silica aerogel com...

Canada to review support for science  

The Canadian government has launched a review of how it funds basic research

California’s Prop 65 controversy  

The 30-year old law that made manufacturers list harmful chemicals is under attack

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