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Europe mulls best way to handle nanotech

24 July 2014  News and Analysis

Some countries have gone it alone and started registers of nanomaterials while the EU considers its options

Future direction of Dutch science considered

28 July 2014 News and Analysis

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Role of private industry heads a number of issues that confront how science is put to work for society

NGOs call for Europe's chief scientific adviser post to be scrapped

25 July 2014 News and Analysis

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Environmental groups say policy advice should come from several different sources

Scientists and university officials caught up in China’s anti-corruption drive

25 July 2014 News and Analysis

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Rising funding for universities may be fuelling corruption, while top bosses' fiefdoms makes them hard to catch

Former Royal Society of Chemistry president Lord Lewis dies  

Jack Lewis, inorganic chemist and member of the House of Lords, has died aged 86

Australia scraps its carbon tax  

The country is unlikely to meet its climate change targets unless some form of carbon pric...

Spending on UK science and engineering continues to fall  

Science campaign groups worry that the country's research base is slowly being run down

Royal Society of Chemistry's flagship journal now free to access  

Chemical Science will follow gold open access model from January 2015 and waive aut...

Science minister replaced in UK cabinet reshuffle  

Greg Clark replaces David Willetts as minister for science and universities

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