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Simple chemistry saving thousands of gold miners from mercury poisoning

25 August 2015  News and Analysis

Basic apparatus is cutting mercury pollution and helping Indonesian miners go for gold

Neonicotinoids present in many US streams

28 August 2015 News and Analysis

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Persistent but low-level contamination prompts calls for further research on aquatic impact of pesticides

Sandia contractor to pay $4.8m to settle illegal lobbying charges

26 August 2015 News and Analysis

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Lockheed Martin subsidiary allegedly misappropriated public funds to lobby Congress for a contract extension

Chemists wage war on designer drugs

25 August 2015 News and Analysis

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Analytical tools that could help stop the proliferation of new psychoactive substances are being discussed

Trapped nanoparticles could bring 'wet' computing a step closer  

Information can be rapidly stored and retrieved from single colloidal particles using ligh...

Coating can drive down white LED light prices  

Luminescent metal–organic framework films may supplant expensive, rare earth-based LED c...

Tie funding to lab safety, urges Sheri Sangji's sister  

Funding from US research agencies should be linked to a PI’s safety record, says the sis...

Colour-changing polymer tackles concussion diagnosis head on  

Epoxy sponge that registers heavy knocks could alert doctors to head injuries in soliders ...

Cuban and US chemists hopeful amid warming relations  

Optimism reigns as researchers from the two nations discuss exchanges and collaboration

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