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DNA repair research takes the 2015 chemistry Nobel

7 October 2015  News and Analysis

Recipients discovered how cells can patch up damaged DNA

Chemistry Nobel laureate Richard Heck dies

12 October 2015 News and Analysis

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Heck developed palladium-catalysed cross coupling reactions that revolutionised organic chemistry

Live blog: Unravelling DNA repair mechanisms takes chemistry Nobel

7 October 2015 News and Analysis

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Keep up with the latest news and gossip on the Nobel prize

Call for collaboration to take on resistance

6 October 2015 News and Analysis

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Better partnerships across research, industry and policy are needed to tackle antimicrobial resistance, say research leaders

China launches nationwide emissions trading scheme  

World’s two largest polluters, the US and China, agree further action to tackle climate ...

Antiparasitic drugs derived from natural products take 2015 medicine Nobel  

Top science gong awarded for discovery and development of drugs that have improved the liv...

New US ozone standard under fire  

The Environmental Protection Agency’s stricter air quality standard for ground-level ozo...

Refreshing Van Gogh’s faded flowers  

2014–15 competition winner Paul Brack reports on AkzoNobel’s colourful collaborations ...

Argentina mine accident spills cyanide into rivers  

More than a million litres of cyanide solution entered nearby rivers after a gold mine acc...

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