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Emissions must hit zero by 2100, says IPCC

5 November 2014  News and Analysis

Latest climate report warns of severe global impacts unless carbon emissions are slashed

China poised to become top science spender

21 November 2014 News and Analysis

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Budgetary pressures on EU, Japan and the US have positioned China to be the highest R&D funder by around 2019, OECD says

US drug development costs surge

20 November 2014 News and Analysis

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The price of developing new prescription drugs in the US has increased 145% since 2003, Tufts data shows

Feud opens up over value of some US research

20 November 2014 News and Analysis

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Top science committee Republican in fight with university association over NSF grant review process

UC Davis chemist sentenced to four years over explosion  

Postdoc sentenced over attempt to make explosive device and reckless disposal of hazardous...

Hopes Sino–US climate deal will spur global action in 2015  

Historic agreement will see curbs on carbon dioxide and China push to reach peak emissions...

Mouse model to assess chemical exposure  

Outbred mice can be used predict how human's will respond to harmful chemicals with examin...

Dow to sell nitroalkenes unit for $1.2bn  

Private equity firm Golden Gate Capital will buy Angus Chemical subsidiary

European commission scraps chief scientific adviser post, dismaying scientists  

Top scientists line up to express disappointment as advisory role is abolished after just ...

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