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Open records laws used to bully, harass academics

25 February 2015  News and Analysis

Most US universities unprepared to deal with a deluge of freedom of information requests, report finds

Caramel colour in soft drinks linked to cancer

26 February 2015 News and Analysis

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Regulatory bodies and researchers sceptical of study on 4-MEI found in food colour

Nobel laureates warn on European science funding cuts

25 February 2015 News and Analysis

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Cuts to fund investment scheme send message Europe 'is not the place to do high level science'

Economic crisis to erode Russia's science base

24 February 2015 News and Analysis

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Funding to be cut by 10% this year threatening some larger projects

US expands pollution monitoring to its embassies  

International air quality programme will provide real-time data from US diplomatic posts a...

White House appoints first chief data scientist  

Industry veteran D J Patil, who formerly worked at the Pentagon, will take up the new post

Tantalising technology  

Computer-assisted drug design always looks like it’s just about to work, says Derek Low...

Clinical trials high on list for medical marijuana community  

Cannabis compounds hold therapeutic promise but a lack of data and regulatory obstacles ar...

Poll finds majority of scientists engaging with public  

AAAS members taking to social media and blogs to help inform science and technology discou...

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