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UK science strategy leaves many questions unanswered

18 December 2014  News and Analysis

Document contains no commitment to continue science ringfence or increase R&D spending

US National Academies urges postdoctoral reforms

17 December 2014 News and Analysis

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Postdoctoral students are paid too little and have poor employment opportunities, a National Academies committee concludes

Antimicrobial resistance will kill 300 million by 2050 without action

16 December 2014 News and Analysis

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UK report says resistance will cost global economy $100 trillion

Can research quality be predicted by metrics?

15 December 2014 News and Analysis

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Prognostications unveiled for how UK universities will fare in latest assessment exercise

First science envoys announced for the US  

Former NOAA chief will serve as one of several top scientists in newly created posts

Canadian clamp down on mercury  

New rules will ban making and importing most mercury-containing products

More congressional criticism of US science agency funding  

House science committee’s Republican leader accuses NSF of poor stewardship of taxpayer ...

Tufts’ $2.6bn drug development figure questioned  

Details sought about how university determined cost of bringing a drug to market jumped 14...

Physicist turned politician to head AAAS  

Retiring Representative Rush Holt will assume the helm of AAAS in February and wants to se...

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