The Crucible

Dial chem for murder

Poisons may seem to be a murderer’s perfect accomplice, but chemists can always persuade them to betray their secrets, says Philip Ball

In the Pipeline

Analogues by catalogue

Buying in screening compounds directly feels like cutting out the synthetic chemist middleman, says Derek Lowe


Measuring up

Business leader: How should we assess companies’ performance?


Be careful what you wish for

Measuring R&D productivity is a thorny issue. Dennis Lendrem urges the pharmaceutical industry to learn from its mistakes.

Classic Kit

Crookes' tube

Lights, camera, chemistry!

Organic Matter

Enthralled by evaporation

A giant rotary evaporator is a mesmerising thing, says Chemjobber, but the plant requires a different approach

Critical Point

Thinking ahead

PhD courses must prepare students for a life after research, says Mark Peplow


February 2015

Reflections on the REF, climate controversy and the pros and cons of fracking


Question time

26 March 2015

Question time

Volunteers for Viagra

19 March 2015

Volunteers for Viagra