The Crucible

A coat of many colours

Just how did lab couture settle on that little white number, asks Philip Ball

In the Pipeline

Missing the target

There are plenty of things that small molecule drugs can’t touch, says Derek Lowe, and it’s not for want of trying


Points of view

A survey of public attitudes to chemistry reveals misconceptions on both sides


Chemical linguistics

Chemistry is not language, explains Michael Gordin. But the metaphor is useful nonetheless

Organic Matter

Dispelling nickel’s catalytic demons

Stable Ni(IV) complexes could help nickel rival its flashier platinum-group cousins, says Karl Collins

Critical Point

Europe's science advice, redux

Will a new expert panel be any more effective than a chief science adviser, wonders Mark Peplow


May 2015

Conduct and misconduct, and to PhD or not to PhD?


Lindau 2015: a noble failure

1 July 2015

Lindau 2015: a noble failure

Lindau 2015: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

30 June 2015

Lindau 2015: Stop, Collaborate and Listen