The Crucible

Appreciating art criticism

Philip Ball considers Chinese works of art that comment on environmental and chemical issues

In the Pipeline

Garbage in, garbage out

The rise of low-quality and predatory open access journals and conferences worries Derek Lowe


Thanks all. It's been a pleasure

After five and a half years I'm moving on to new challenges


In defence of metrics

Are metrics a necessary evil, or can they be a force for good? Anthony Olejniczak sticks up for stats

Classic Kit

Schnitger's pipette

Dropping drudgery gets a thumbs-up

Organic Matter

Trekking across chemical frontiers

You can’t shake a 1000 gallon reactor, says Chemjobber, so plant-scale hydrogenation is a challenge of phase boundaries

Critical Point

Good advice

Rather than axing his chief scientific adviser, the next president of the European commission should enhance the role


July 2014

Size of research groups - is bigger better? Takeover bids and spontaneous combustion


Who will get the 2014 chemistry Nobel?

30 September 2014

Who will get the 2014 chemistry Nobel?

Nylon – a bit of a stretch

25 September 2014

Nylon – a bit of a stretch