The Crucible

Oh, the humanities!

Science and the arts are equally essential to society, says Philip Ball. Don’t divide them by their differences

In the Pipeline

Analogues by catalogue

Buying in screening compounds directly feels like cutting out the synthetic chemist middleman, says Derek Lowe


Empowering employee ideas

Business leader: The dusty comment box in the canteen needs an overhaul


Be careful what you wish for

Measuring R&D productivity is a thorny issue. Dennis Lendrem urges the pharmaceutical industry to learn from its mistakes.

Classic Kit

Crookes' tube

Lights, camera, chemistry!

Organic Matter

Back to basics for silylation

Karl Collins applauds the simplicity of adding silicon to heterocycles with KOtBu

Critical Point

An unfortunate oversight

The US Toxic Substances Control Act is in dire need of reform. That demands compromises, says Mark Peplow


February 2015

Reflections on the REF, climate controversy and the pros and cons of fracking


The great chemical hunt

23 April 2015

The great chemical hunt

Where there’s sludge there’s, um, ferrocene?

9 April 2015

Where there’s sludge there’s, um, ferrocene?