The Crucible

Spheres of influence

Philip Ball savours the chemistry of avant-garde gastronomy

In the Pipeline

Chemical space is big. Really big.

You think it’s a long way to the back of your screening libraries? That’s peanuts to chemical space, says Derek Lowe


Thanks all. It's been a pleasure

After five and a half years I'm moving on to new challenges


Not all science is created equal

John Ioannidis explains why researchers should be curious about the differences between disciplines

Classic Kit

Schnitger's pipette

Dropping drudgery gets a thumbs-up

Organic Matter

Lycopodium alkaloids

Not all natural products are created equal. BRSM looks at a flexible route to some perennial favourites

Critical Point

Two for the price of one

This year’s Nobel prizes show that chemistry truly is the central science


July 2014

Size of research groups - is bigger better? Takeover bids and spontaneous combustion


Sleep deprivation and science

30 October 2014

Sleep deprivation and science

ISACS winners 2014

24 October 2014

ISACS winners 2014