The Crucible

The fascinating in the familiar

A simple droplet shows that there are still plenty of puzzles to ponder in everyday observations, says Philip Ball

In the Pipeline

Death of a reagent

Fashion and progress combine to mean some reactions and reagents persist, while others fall by the wayside, says Derek Lowe


If you're going to San Francisco

Be sure to come and meet us at booth #701


In defence of metrics

Are metrics a necessary evil, or can they be a force for good? Anthony Olejniczak sticks up for stats

Classic Kit

Martin's columns

If you can think and not make thoughts your aim

Organic Matter

Psylloborine A

Late stage dimerisation is a tantalisingly elegant but risky strategy for total synthesis, says BRSM

Critical Point

The creative stimulus

Innovative thinking may be difficult to turn on at will, but there are many ways to prepare for inspiration, says Mark Peplow


July 2014

Size of research groups - is bigger better? Takeover bids and spontaneous combustion


A professional makeover for the old reaction scheme

21 August 2014

A professional makeover for the old reaction scheme

Academic family: Sir William Ramsay

14 August 2014

Academic family: Sir William Ramsay