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Chemistry in its Element: Series one

The Elements

Listen to the whole series at the Visual Elements Periodic Table.

Chemistry in its Element: Series two

The Compounds

A leading scientist or author tells the story behind a different compound or molecule.
Latest: Acrolein

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Recent podcasts


9 February 2016 Podcast | Compounds

news image

Michael Freemantle relates the history arolein, a poor tear gas with unexpected benefits


3 February 2016 Podcast | Compounds

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Raychelle Burks explains how the scent of cedar wood can be used to destroy pests

Ethidium bromide

27 January 2016 Podcast | Compounds

news image

Kat Arney shines a light on the fluorescent DNA marker

Calcium carbide  

Michael Freemantle tells us of discovery that lit the homes and put the food on the table ...


Martha Henriques explains how compounds developed to keep parasites at bay may be protecti...

Chemistry World Book Club podcast – Thing explainer  

Our book club podcast considers simple language in science as we discuss Randall Munroe's ...

Taq Polymerase  

Kat Arney reveals how high temperature bacteria provide us with the molecule that speeds u...

Chemistry World podcast – December 2015  

This month, we learn how to leave the calories out of fine chocolate, and discover the ear...

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