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Latest: Picric acid

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Recent podcasts

Picric acid

20 July 2016 Podcast | Compounds

news image

A yellow dress, of the type worn by Jane Austen, sets Michael Freemantle exploring the chemistry of picric acid


14 July 2016 Podcast | Compounds

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It's the active molecule in the plant known as electric daisies or the toothache plant but it might also make your skin smoot...


6 July 2016 Podcast | Compounds

news image

Kat Arney introduces the organomercury preservative associated with the current controversy around vaccines

Ammonium carbonate  

Ever taken a whiff of smelling salts? For many years, the compound that contributed the pu...

Chemistry World Book Club podcast – Sorting the beef from the bull  

This month we discuss the ubiquitous nature of food fraud and its detection


With a name that literally means rotten resin, asafoetida is a surprising food additive an...

Methyl isocyanate  

The 1984 accident at Bhopal, India, was the worst in the history of industrial chemistry. ...

Shikimic acid  

Kat Arney introduces a biologically ubiquitous compound, important in beating both infecti...

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