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Latest: Chemistry World podcast - February 2015

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Latest: Barbituric acid

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Recent podcasts

Barbituric acid

4 March 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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It may have been largely superceded in the clinic but Phil Robinson discovers there is no rest yet for barbituric acid


25 February 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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RNA may be less famous than it's more stable cousin, but is central to cellular function

Hydrofluoric acid

18 February 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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Breaking Bad may have exaggerated its body-dissolving effects, but Katrina Krämer finds the truth about hydrofluoric acid is...


From lemon-fresh detergent to home made silly putty, Jenna Bilbrey expounds the virtues of...

Chemistry World podcast - February 2015  

Cannabis, peanuts and explosive investigations – all in the February 2015 Chemistry Worl...


Brian Clegg introduces the 'ogres' that make up transparent electronics

Grubbs catalyst  

Nina Notman describes the dance of olefin metathesis, and how the tempo is set by Grubbs' ...

Titanium nitride  

Brian Clegg explains how titanium nitride could protect artificial joints and pimp out you...

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