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Latest: Cadmium telluride

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Recent podcasts

Cadmium telluride

27 April 2016 Podcast | Compounds

news image

It may not be the best material for solar cells but it has some distinct advantages


20 April 2016 Podcast | Compounds

news image

Rowena Fletcher-Wood on the simple compound that links spandex, automobile safety and space exploration: Hydrazine

Chemistry World Book Club podcast – Why science is sexist

18 April 2016 Podcast | Monthly

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This month we discuss unconscious bias and other reasons why science is sexist


Does burnt toast cause cancer? Martha Henriques explores this complex question

Uranium dioxide  

This week's compound has had a glowing career in the arts and a runaway success in the ene...


Michael Freemantle with a colourful account of the birth of synthetic organic chemistry


Emma Stoye on citronellol - her constant companion when faced with biting bugs


Kat Arney discovers the compound that first coloured the Chicago river green for St Patric...

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