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24 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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Tempted by a tipple of home-brewed moonshine? Andrew Turley examines the risks associated with drinking methanol.

Cortisol & Hydrocortisone

16 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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Brian Clegg investigates a compound that calms inflamed joints and excites the stressed brain: Cortisol


10 June 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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Ben Valsler examines the chemicals at the heart of one of the latest cosmetic & food additive scare stories: Parabens


Matt Gunther investigates a clear, colourless gas responsible for thousands of deaths in t...

Calcium hydroxide  

It rendered walls of pyramids and helps remove unwanted hair - Brian Clegg introduces a co...


From a glamorous necklace to cutting edge body armour - Helen Scales investigates the prop...

Hyaluronic acid  

Brian Clegg smooths out the wrinkles over the darling of the cosmetic industry, hyaluronic...

Mussel adhesive proteins  

How do mussels stick tight and weather the constant ocean waves? Helen Scales discovers mu...

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