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A leading scientist or author tells the story behind a different compound or molecule.
Latest: Manganese dioxide

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Recent podcasts

Manganese dioxide

25 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

news image

Brian Clegg paints a picture of a compound found in ancient cave paintings and top-of-the-range electronics: Manganese dioxid...

Mercury fulminate, Hg(CNO)2

18 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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Michael Freemantle examines the explosive history and chemistry of mercury fulminate

Zirconium tungstate

11 November 2015 Podcast | Compounds

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Generally, things get bigger as they get hotter. Neil Withers examines one of the exceptions – zirconium tungstate

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We probe the nature of scientific language with Michael Gordin's bestseller, Scientific Ba...


There's more to toluene than TNT, as Brian Clegg reveals

Guncotton or nitrocellulose  

From an apron aflame to a popular propellant, Michael Freemantle tracks the history of gun...

Thiamine or vitamin B  

Brian Clegg introduces an essential nutrient, and the first to hold the name 'vitamin': Th...

Chemistry World podcast – October 2015  

This month, we chart a course through chemical space and discover the potential problems o...

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