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Latest: Tributyltin

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16 July 2014 Podcast | Compounds

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Helen Scales investigates tributyltin, banned from use as anti-fouling paint for causing 'imposex' in marine life


9 July 2014 Podcast | Compounds

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From potential painkiller to kitchen-cooked heroin replacement, Nate Adams tracks the history of desomorphine

Chemistry World podcast - July 2014

2 July 2014 Podcast | Monthly

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We speak to artist Briony Marshall and art detective Warren Warren about the more artistic sides of chemistry


It helps keep sharks afloat, but may be partly responsible for their declining numbers: He...


Nathan Adams introduces a confusingly-named protein that's essential for keeping blood flo...


Neil Withers finds out how vermilion has been keeping human civilisation looking bright an...


Brian Clegg holds his nose to examine one of the real workhorses of the organic chemistry ...

Cytochrome P450  

Nathan Adams investigates some of the most important molecular machines within our cells, ...

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