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Latest: Chemistry World podcast - August 2014

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Latest: Osmium tetraoxide

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Recent podcasts

Osmium tetraoxide

20 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

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It's highly toxic but essential for studying detailed structures of cells. Brian Clegg introduces osmium tetraoxide

Magnesium oxide

13 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

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You may have created it in a fiery flash or taken it to soothe a burning stomach. Simon Cotton on magnesium oxide

Antifreeze glycoproteins

6 August 2014 Podcast | Compounds

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Why don't fish freeze in sub-zero seas? Helen Scales introduces the compounds that protect them - antifreeze glycoproteins

Chemistry World podcast - August 2014  

This month, how artificial comets may explain the origins of asymmetry in life. Plus, we s...

Isoamyl acetate  

It makes a sweet banana-flavoured treat, but can ruin home brewed beer; Jenna Bilbrey intr...

Bisphenol A  

The science is far from settled, but this week's compound – bisphenol A – is facing ba...


Helen Scales investigates tributyltin, banned from use as anti-fouling paint for causing '...


From potential painkiller to kitchen-cooked heroin replacement, Nate Adams tracks the hist...

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