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Promising compound offers single dose knock-out for malaria

17 June 2015  Research

Candidate antimalarial drug halt parasite protein synthesis and will enter human trials in a year

Collaboration, not competition

29 June 2015 Research

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Organic chemist E J Corey talks to Phillip Broadwith about awards, ambition and academic freedom

Water-efficient crops offer solution to food versus fuel debate

29 June 2015 Research

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A previously overlooked group of plants could be important for producing sustainable bioenergy

Single catalyst simplifies water splitting

26 June 2015 Research

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Nickel phosphide could power up sustainable fuel production by generating both hydrogen and oxygen from water

Graphene oxide 'teabags' make a mercury-free brew  

Porous carbon structure can remove 96% of mercury from water in a day

Z machine puts the squeeze on metallic deuterium  

Pressures similar to those at centre of the Earth forge metallic deuterium in step toward ...

Confronting the crystalline sponge  

Scientists tackle concerns over debated technique

Fruity alternative to toxic insecticides  

Compound used as food additive found to repel damaging fruit fly pest

Ultra-bright x-rays film molecular reaction  

'Molecular movie' provides new insight into classic ring-opening reaction

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