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Maths model could help put organs on ice

30 November 2015  Research

Minimising damage from toxic levels of cryoprotectant could allow long-term storage of transplant tissues

20 carat gold foam lighter than a feather

30 November 2015 Research

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Gold nanoparticle aerogel is a thousand times lighter than solid gold

Racing tyre analysis shows 'undetectable' treatments the chequered flag

27 November 2015 Research

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Cheating drivers tread carefully as analytical method stalls illegal softening treatment use

Root and branch reform of roses show off organic electronics

27 November 2015 Research

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Wires, simple displays and logic circuits demonstrated in living roses

Saving water increases health risks in green buildings  

Study shows that sustainable plumbing systems may lower drinking water quality and help ba...

‘Superballs’ can block infection by Ebola virus  

Globular glycofullerene molecules prevent virus from evading immune system and entering ce...

Detecting leaks in gastrointestinal plumbing  

Low-cost capsule can detect bleeding in the stomach in real time

Chlorinated compounds form in tea and coffee  

Treated water reacts with organics to form disinfection byproducts

Capturing infrared to give solar cells a lift  

Quantum dots could help solar devices break efficiency limit

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