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Sun rises on new solar route to hydrogen

27 February 2015  Research

Photocatalyst has solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency of 2% and points way to cheap production of the gas

Spicing up MOFs

2 March 2015 Research

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Framework based on the turmeric pigment curcumin delivers two drugs for the price of one

Chemists zinc up ‘aromatic’ metal cubes

2 March 2015 Research

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Metal-organic clusters share electrons between eight covalently linked metal atoms

Petrified beetles

27 February 2015 Research

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Carbonisation provides path for microstructure preservation in biological specimens

Engineered bacteria synthesise palladium biosorbent  

Biomolecule to help decontaminate water by recovering palladium that has escaped from cata...

Computational tool leaves electrides with nowhere to hide  

Electride criteria pave way for new research into these fascinating materials

Ring closing highlights hydrogen bonding  

Hydrogen bonding environment visualised with fluorescent probe

Google Glass to monitor plant health  

Researchers measure plant chlorophyll using leaf images

Pattern reactions driven by DNA strands  

Waves of self-catalysing chemical reactions can be controlled using short strands of DNA

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