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IBM-led team aims molecular antivirus at buildings and people

25 May 2016  Research

Polymers initially targeting cleaning wipes stop 11 different viruses entering cells

Polymeric pod promotes virus’s pesticidal powers

24 May 2016 Research

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Dendrimer DNA carriers broaden range of virus targets

Crawling chemical system acts as if it’s alive

24 May 2016 Research

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Intriguing globule that moves, eats and defecates

AFM maps bacteria on skin

20 May 2016 Research

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Scientists measure binding forces between bacteria and skin cells for better vaccines and skin treatments

Rare mixed-valent Si2H radical isolated  

N-heterocyclic carbenes used to trap subvalent disilicon hydride species

Water gets the mille-feuille treatment  

Puff pastry-style filter paper is crème de la crème of virus filtration

Spreading palladium thinly delivers exceptional catalytic activity  

Dispersing individual palladium atoms in titania nanosheet boosts activity 55-fold over co...

Lead isotopes track Roman Empire’s water supplies  

Analysis reveals damage to the water network after the eruption of Vesuvius and its subseq...

Lone atoms reveal van der Waals attraction for the first time  

The force between isolated atoms is stronger than expected due to other interactions

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