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Tiny volcanic cracks ‘incubated’ ancient DNA

28 January 2015  Research

Rock pores may provide answer to mystery of how longer and longer DNA strands arose on the ancient Earth

Thin film approach to biocatalysis

30 January 2015 Research

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Researchers say consider enzymes from the start to broaden industrial applications of nature's catalysts

A sticky way to inspect self-cleaning glass

30 January 2015 Research

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Reusable colour-changing label checks if photocatalytic self-cleaning glass is working

Graphene looks to doped superbenzene to overcome electronic hurdles

29 January 2015 Research

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Carefully designed jigsaw pieces may provide solution to graphene bandgap difficulties

Live insects pictured with electron microscope  

A protective ‘nano-suit’ made from a common detergent protects specimens in a vacuum

Plant plaster protects wine from vine decline  

Fungal infection threatening to devastate vineyards could be halted by eco-friendly nanofi...

Straightening out capacitance measurements  

Inexpensive circuit improves accuracy of electrochemical tests in the search for new super...

Alkali metal explosion explained  

High-speed cameras help re-examine the chemistry behind a classic classroom demonstration

Blue LEDs may be caught in a trap  

Manufacturing difficulties could be down to nitrogen vacancies

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