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Isotope effect produces new type of chemical bond

22 October 2014  Research

Evidence emerges for vibrational bond first proposed 30 years ago

Firing up battery safety

21 October 2014 Research

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Smart battery provides early warning to prevent overheating hazard

Making light of food allergies

20 October 2014 Research

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Pulsed light treatment improves protein digestibility whilst retaining functionality

Hungary’s rivers in recovery after red mud disaster

17 October 2014 Research

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Long term contamination of river system after industrial spill successfully prevented by extensive remediation efforts

New test accelerates herpes detection  

Peptide-coated superparamagnetic beads latch onto herpes simplex virus-1 in rapid diagnost...

Helium happily shares electrons to create dianions  

Fullerene dianions created in nanodroplets of helium opening up new ways of creating exoti...

Liming Dai: Integrating nanochemistry into the macroscopic world  

The director of Case4Carbon talks to Chemistry World about advanced carbon nanomate...

Fluorescent DNA becomes versatile metal detector  

Colour changes of oligodeoxyfluorosides produces unique 'fingerprints' to distinguish up t...

Through the looking glass with switchable mirrors  

Electrochemical mirror remains reflective without external electrical power

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