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Kamikaze bacteria travel deep inside tumours to deliver deadly cargo

21 July 2016  Research

Engineered bacteria in tandem with chemotherapy show promise in mouse model of cancer

Pink paper probe exposes formaldehyde

21 July 2016 Research

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Simple test can find carcinogenic pollutant in liquids, air and even living cells

Superhydrophobic coating repels blood cell damage

20 July 2016 Research

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Coating dialysis tubes with a water-repellent material leaves red blood cells unscathed

Basically record breaking

19 July 2016 Research

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Ortho-diethynylbenzene dianion is the strongest base ever made

Atomic memory holds 500 times more data per square inch than ordinary hard drives  

Rewritable system moves atomic-scale data storage closer to commercial reality

Shape-shifting hydrogel can heal itself  

New material returns to its original shape even when cut into pieces

Nanogenerator helps turn the tide on ‘blue’ energy  

Atom thick molybdenum disulfide sheets can generate electricity where salt and fresh water...

Honeycomb spheres trap harmful iodine gas  

Specially designed polymers could help clean up radioactive iodine

Turbocharged synthesis makes antiviral Tamiflu in an hour  

Production process showcases how organocatalysis can combine reactions in a single pot

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