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Painkiller found in plants may not be natural after all

18 September 2014  Research

Cow pats from cattle fed tramadol could explain how the drug came to be in an African herb

Quintuple bond activates small stable molecules

19 September 2014 Research

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Exotic complexes suggest route to synthetic feedstock

Dragonfly crystals on a silicon wafer

19 September 2014 Research

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Electron microscope captures dragonfly-shaped film growth on silicon surface

A chemical time capsule

15 September 2014 Research

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Tree rings inspire a non-electrical, self-powered device for recording chemical events

Oxide armour offers Kevlar better stab resistance  

Multi-threat protection in the making

Germanium enters 2D scene  

Meet germanene, the latest addition to the family of elements that have a two-dimensional ...

Poplar biofuel has potential to offer substantial environmental savings  

New study seeks to alleviate controversies regarding the global adoption of bioethanol

Debate over microwave boost to reactions rumbles on  

New research claims microwave-specific heating effect is real and down to localised heatin...

Antimalarial flow synthesis closer to commercialisation  

Scientists in Germany hope their continuous flow method will boost accessibility of artemi...

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