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Chemical camouflage helps fish hide from predators

17 December 2014  Research

First time a vertebrate has been seen to evade predators by smelling like its habitat

From nutshell to supercapattery

15 December 2014 Research

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Hybrid sodium ion capacitor that costs peanuts rivals lithium ion equivalent

Smart skin for prosthetic limbs senses heat and touch

12 December 2014 Research

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Ultra-thin plastic skin can bend and flex without affecting the skin's ability to detect stimuli

Sunlight activates radical approach to dengue eradication

11 December 2014 Research

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Mosquito larvae degraded by iron oxide catalysts supported on floating blocks

σ meets π for a hole lot of bonding  

Co-operating holes provide unique interaction opportunities

Quick and cheap test to detect horse meat  

Scientists develop test for meat authentification using a benchtop NMR machine

Cutting edge chemistry in 2014  

We take a look back at the year's most interesting chemical science stories

Plastic bottles recycled into cigarette filters  

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Chemistry performs better on gender balance in US than other physical science  

Representation of women among US chemistry doctoral recipients is nearly 40%

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