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DNA-coated nanoparticles take crystal engineering into the diamond league

5 February 2016  Research

Self-assembling superlattices built with DNA could usher in era of materials on demand

Maintaining marble monuments

5 February 2016 Research

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Oxamate salts add to the permanency of ‘set in stone’

Sprucing up biofuel with renewable antioxidants

5 February 2016 Research

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Coniferous bio-oil found to be an effective biodiesel stabiliser

Milk could aid fight against malnutrition

4 February 2016 Research

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New animal model shows milk proteins can repair intestinal damage

Boost for non-animal toxicology testing  

Thousands of compounds have been screened in a bid to develop in vitro toxicity tests

Pocket production of graphene for electronics  

New method can produce bilayer graphene with potential applications in optics

Alcoholic liver disease on a chip  

Microfluidic simulation provides new platform for drug tests

Group 6 diatomic bonding is all relative  

Relativistic effects may help to explain break from periodicity

Researchers raise a flag for high altitude sensors  

Electric generator flaps in the wind and may usher in self-powered stratospheric sensors

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