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Starfish glue secrets under the microscope

16 April 2014  Research

Temporary adhesive holds promise for surgery and tissue engineering applications

How to print a crystal in 3D

17 April 2014 Research

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Rather than looking at a crystal on a screen, print it out and hold it in your hand

DNA cube programmed for an exclusive reveal

16 April 2014 Research

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Hydrogen bonds keeping the cube’s shape only unzip in the presence of a very specific trigger

Toilet flushes could help power homes

15 April 2014 Research

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Transducer converts water motion into energy

Raman bites into tooth decay  

Mineral distribution signals help discriminate healthy enamel from cavities

Nanotubes zip into bundle of solar energy  

Closely packing photoisomerisable groups together boosts energy storage density of versati...

Redefining moisturiser  

The secret to soft skin is not necessarily increasing its water content but retaining mole...

Nanocrystalline copper turns CO into fuel  

New electrode converts carbon monoxide into alcohols and may be a route to storing renewab...

Pumping gone soft  

Combustion drives silicone device with heart-like chambers

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