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Magnetic resonance taken to the limit

21 November 2014  Research

Technique can read the spin of a single nucleus opening up a new way to investigate proteins and complex molecules

A year of water splitting from one device

21 November 2014 Research

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Coating protects electrodes from corrosion to keep photoelectrochemical cell running

Globetrotting carbon dioxide modelled by Nasa

19 November 2014 Research

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Nasa's new climate models visualise the movement of the greenhouse gas

Philae detects organics on comet's surface

19 November 2014 Research

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Scientists get first measurements from historic comet landing

A greener recipe for copper nanowires  

Applying food chemistry to the synthesis of copper nanowires gives better control over the...

Hollow oxide can take the heat  

Aluminium-based coating could protect metal components from heat, oxidation

New silicon allotrope could revolutionise solar cells  

Orthorhombic structure should be able absorb light much more efficiently than ordinary sil...

Beetle behind breath test for bank notes  

Photonic crystal inks inspired by longhorn beetle could help to fight counterfeiting

Will it crystallise?  

Machine learning approach predicts crystallinity

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