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Bubble wrap could send lab costs packing

23 July 2014  Research

Potential bubbles up across wide range of uses as storage and test vessels, especially for poor countries

Uranium complexes unlock feedstock potential of carbon dioxide

25 July 2014 Research

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Carbon dioxide and depleted uranium both put to good use

Magnetic nanocubes self-assemble into spirals

25 July 2014 Research

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Tiny cubes of magnetite form superstructures under a magnetic field

Recycled fish bones offer five star sun protection

24 July 2014 Research

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Slip-slap-slop with biocompatible material derived from waste cod bones

Polymer changes colour in the heat of the moment  

Stabilising thermochromic polymers with peptides significantly increases their responsiven...

Aaron Wheeler: Algae-on-a-chip  

Aaron Wheeler talks to Harriet Brewerton about bringing the energy and microfluidics commu...

Coffee cup confusion  

Scientists call for better labelling after research highlights inconsistencies in the chem...

Soft matter goes digital  

Colloids find a new use as information storage devices

Molecular computer calculates Ebola diagnosis  

A prototype device displays a fluorescent ‘E’ in the presence of DNA found in Ebola vi...

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