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Miniature carbon bottles hold promise as nano-reactors

23 June 2016  Research

Nanobubbles with hydrophobic interiors also have potential as drug delivery agents

Drawing designer COFs

24 June 2016 Research

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Microfluidics pave way for making unique covalent organic framework materials

Millions of metal nanoparticles hot off the printing press

23 June 2016 Research

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Polymer ink printing opens up vast library of alloy nanoparticles

Electric choc treatment promises lower fat chocolate

22 June 2016 Research

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Problem of reduced fat chocolate gumming up factories’ pipelines overcome

Computer program pins down carbon capturing ionic liquids  

Simulations take guesswork out of finding optimal conditions for CO2 capture

Carbon dioxide reduction put under the spotlight  

Rhenium catalyst that responds to visible light can effectively reduce carbon dioxide

Nanoprobes to guide cancer radiotherapy dosing  

Real-time SERS monitoring of radiation treatment in a 3D prostate cancer model

Single-molecule switch flipped on and off by light  

A light-controlled electrical switch has been made from a single photosensitive molecule

First detection of chiral molecule in space  

Radio telescope detects propylene oxide in a star-forming region of outer space

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