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Bees 'prefer' neonicotinoid-laced nectar

22 April 2015  Research

Studies debunk the notion that wild bees avoid feeding from pesticide-treated plants

Disrupting graphene

24 April 2015 Research

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Scientists hope their comprehensive roadmap will help tease out graphene’s potential

SiRNA treatment cures Ebola in monkeys

23 April 2015 Research

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Researchers perform the first successful trial for a drug against the current strain of Ebola

Carbon nanotube-based sensor detects meat spoilage

23 April 2015 Research

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Electron density of cobalt porphyrin complexes key to meat freshness sensor

Photoacoustic nanoparticles highlight uranium in the body  

A study that will likely gather the interest from defence agencies around the world

Plant-inspired plastics take shape  

Polymer that responds to multiple stimuli could bring shape-shifting plastics a step close...

Ultrasound test echoes with battery charge  

Acoustic technique that measures physical changes could simplify battery tests

Longer-lived oxides offer silicon synthesis boost  

Touted as ‘soluble sand’, stabilised small silicon oxides present new synthetic worlds

Membrane-less electrolyser set to disrupt water splitting  

Device that exploits fluid mechanic forces has potential to significantly cut cost of hydr...

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