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Social media: practical tools for business to business marketing

9 March 2016  Webinars

Learn how your business can use social media to generate leads, stay closer to your customers, and promote your business

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EU funding: how to make a successful application

29 January 2016 Webinars

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This webinar will introduce EU funding available to SMEs through Horizon2020, the SME instrument, and Eurostars

Chemistry analysis and dashboards for interactive data access in TIBCO Spotfire

8 December 2015 Webinars

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See how you can quickly analyse your chemistry data and associate structures with biological information

Biocidal Products Regulation: supply chain obligations

3 December 2015 Webinars

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A brief introduction to the BPR regulations for companies that supply and market biocidal products and treated articles.

REACH Registration: Are you ready for 2018?  

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New and expectant mothers: assessing the risk  

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Mind the gap: essential tools for chemical development innovation  

What challenges impede scientific innovation and what technologies will help your lab take...

A beginner’s guide to creating a winning company website  

A beginner’s guide to developing a purposeful, coherent website for your business, this ...

Ensuring compliance with the GHS CLP chemical regulation  

Changes to the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures regulatio...

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