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Develop your GCMS sampling methods the Smart way

22 October 2014 Webinars

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Find out more about Smart Features and techniques that help maximise laboratory capacity

Driving profit through smart procurement

23 October 2014 Webinars

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How effective are your purchasing habits? Learn about cost-saving approaches that could support your company

COSHH for chemists

26 November 2014 Webinars

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Understand the principles of COSHH without over-complicating the process

Past webinars

Elements – a new school approach to collaborative science

21 October 2014 Webinars

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An introduction to how Elements from PerkinElmer can help record, share, and manage research easily and securely

Go Lower! How carryover impacts your LCMS

9 September 2014 Webinars

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Learn how to unlock the lower limits of your LCMS by using UHPLC with superb carryover performance

Searching scientific literature directly with ChemDraw v14

29 July 2014 Webinars

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Spend less time at the computer, and more time at the bench. Join the experts at PerkinElmer as they showcase ChemDraw v14.

Laboratory health & safety and the law  

Find out more about the practical side of health and safety law

Key ingredients in a successful marketing mix  

Join us to explore the key marketing issues faced by small scientific companies

Bring the power of portable mass detection to your lab  

Find out how a simple-to-operate miniaturised mass detector and sample interface unit can ...

Structure-activity data analysis and visualisation  

Find out how interactive visualizations and data analysis can help chemists to get the mos...

Horizon 2020 - New European funding for research and innovation  

Find out how you can engage with the Horizon 2020 European funding programme

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