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The Coatings Training Institute, brought to you by the British Coatings Federation is suitable for anyone who needs to know more about coatings technology.
This exciting programme of study is primarily aimed at laboratory staff but also provides a study pathway for anyone who needs to develop an understanding of the technology of surface coatings.

Level 3 covers the following topics:
Types and Manufacture of Pigments
Properties of Pigments
Media – Thermoplastics Powders
Media – Thermosetting Powders
Testing – Solvents and Resins
The Testing of Pigments
Manufacture – Paint
Manufacture – Ink
Manufacture – Powder Coatings
Evaluation of Paints – Physical Properties
Evaluation of Paints – Chemical and Environmental Properties
Evaluation of Coating Powders
The Evaluation of Colour
Paint Application – Spraying
Paint Application – Non-Spraying
Ink Application Technology
Application Equipment for the Application of Powder Coatings
Theory of Application of Powder Coatings
Application – Metallic Substrates
Application - Non-Metallic Substrates
The Curing of Coatings
Coatings – Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects

Students work through modules by downloading the course work material from our study portal. Students also complete on-line assessments and written tests at the end of modules which are marked by a Coatings Training Institute tutor, who is appointed when studies commence. Total study time per module is approximately 10 hours. All instructions and learning plans are contained at the beginning of the module. Each student is given a personal web page, where they can track their progress.


None. However, Level 3 = Intermediate Level equivalent to A Level

Additional info

A Certificate is presented on completion of the Course' However, Certificates are also presented if the student only takes one (or any other number) of modules.

Teaching method



10 hours


£375.00 GBP (plus VAT)

Training provider

British Coatings Federation Ltd (Trading as the Coatings Institute (CTI))



01372 365989

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