Dual personality of light caught on camera

11 May 2015 Premium contentSoundbite

Is it a wave or is it a particle? We might know the answer, (Spoiler alert: it’s both!) but it is reassuring nonetheless to see the pictures that prove it, says Nina Notman

A comet starts to tell its watery tale

9 March 2015  Soundbite

Nina Notman probes what measurements taken onboard the Rosetta spacecraft mean for our understanding of the origin of water on Earth

Scrubbing-up ancient skeletons

6 January 2015 Premium contentSoundbite

How chemistry keeps museum exhibits frozen in time

Cartoon depicting doping with noble gases

Faster, higher, stronger ... fairly

20 November 2014  Soundbite

Nina Notman investigates the recent ban on athletes inhaling noble gases

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